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Program #219 Wallcovering: Decorating Your Walls


This week HandyMa'amŽ covers walls. Beverly visits an artist who makes beautiful hand-painted wallcovering, takes you through the basics of hanging wallpaper, AND shows you how to take it down to prepare for painting. Plus, decoupage-- using wallpaper to decorate furniture!

Home Improvement - Hang Wallpaper

  • Wallpaper , Coordinating Fabrics: Thibaut (an RPM Co.) , 800-223-0704
  • Tape Measure : Vermont American,
  • Paint tray, Roller & Roller Frame: EZ Paintr,
  • Wallpaper Smoothing Brush, Wallpaper Tray, Seam Rollers: Hyde Manufacturing Co. ,
  • Ready Mix Adhesive: Golden Harvest
  • Scissors: Fiskars,
  • Smoothing Tool: Warner Manufacturing Co.,
  • Utility Knife: Olfa Products Corp., 800-962-6532
  • Primer Sealer (Shieldz): William Zinsser Co.,
  • Level: Stanley, 860-225-5111
  • Bucket, Workbench Cart: Rubbermaid,

Simple Solution - Cover Over Lightswitch

  • Wallpaper - Thibaut (an RPM Co.), 800-223-0704
  • Wallpaper Adhesive - Henkel,
  • Screwdriver: Bestway Tools, 516-586-4704
  • Smoothing Tool: Warner Manufacturing Co.,
  • Scissors: Fiskars,

Home Maintenance - Remove Wallpaper

  • Masking Tape & Plastic : Manco,
  • Scoring Tool, Paper Scraper, BIN Primer Sealer, DIF Gel & Liquid Wallpaper Stripper: William Zinsser Co, Inc.,
  • Paint Tray, Paint Brushes, Trim Tool, Twist & Reach Extension Pole: EZ Paintr,
  • Bucket: Rubbermaid,
  • Ladder: Cosco Inc., 812-372-0141

Simple Solution - Protect Wallcovered Corners

Decorating/Crafts - Decoupage

  • Straight Pins, Magnetic Holder: Prym Dritz Corp.,
  • Handyman Choice Glue, Metylan Wallpaper Adhesive: Loctite,
  • Artist paint brush, Sponge Brush: EZ Paintr,
  • Seam Roller: Hyde Manufacturing Co.,
  • Mod Podge: Plaid,
  • Triple Thick Crystal Clear Glaze: Krylon,



Dennis Callahan
Joyce and Tomson
P.O. Box 477029
Chicago, IL 60647

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