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Program #223 Electricity: It doesn't Have to be Shocking


A trip to Underwriters Laboratories highlights this edition of HandyMa'amŽ. Beverly tours the facilities to witness a variety of electrical tests on home appliances, from TV tube implosions to microwave oven fires. She also demonstrates how to install a GFCI outlet and replace a broken light switch. Also, Beverly creates beautiful lamp shades.

Home Improvement - Install GFCI

  • Workmate: Black & Decker,
  • GFCI: Ace Hardware,
  • Screwdrivers: Stanley, 860-225-5111
  • Electrical Tester: GB - Gardner Bender,
  • Wire Cutters: Stanley, 860-225-5111
  • Sink & Toilet: Kohler,

Simple Solution - Store Extension Cords

Home Maintenance - Install a Dimmer Switch on a Cord

  • Lamp Cord Style Dimmer: Ace Hardware,
  • Scissors: Fiskars,

Simple Solution - Label Outlets / Switches with circuit #'s

Decorating/Crafts - Cover a Lampshade with Handmade Paper

  • Handmade Papers: The Write Stock (Division of the Paper Co.)
  • Scissors: Fiskars,
  • Spray Adhesive: Krylon,
  • Handyman's Choice Glue: Loctite,
  • Paint Brush: EZ Paintr,
  • Awl: Buck Brothers
  • Bias Tape: Wrights,
  • Masking Tape: Manco,
  • Sharpie Marker: Sanford,



John Drengenberg, Manager of Consumer Affairs
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

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