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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I find detailed directions for the projects shown in the programs on the Web Site?

For the first and second series no project directions were created. For the third season only one project, "the project of the week," received full description on the site. The fourth season features complete directions for almost all projects. Our web site features evolved in response to viewers' requests and comments.

How can I find the products used in the programs?

A complete list of every product used on each program can be found in the Program Information section of this Web Site. Just click on Episode Information on the home page, and select Product Information from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to the episode number you need and click again to find the archives. The information lists the brand and manufacturer information, usually with phone number and web site.

Can I get help and/or advice from the HandyMa'ams for projects I'm working on at home?

Beverly, Chris and Angel have very busy schedules. Although they'd like to help out their viewers, they simply do not have enough time to give answers to all the requests that come in. They try to answer as much as they can, but we can't promise that you'll get an answer right away.

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