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It seems like phone jacks are always in the wrong place in our homes. Existing phone jacks almost predetermine where our furniture will be placed in order to work around its location, or there are long wires running under and behind furniture. You don't have to continue letting the phone jack design your room set-up. Instead, run an extension to another part of the room.

Telephone wiring is a simple do-it-yourself project. It has a low electrical current as opposed to electrical wiring which is intimidating to most people. Phone wiring isn't a likely cause of harm. However to be on the safe side don't work with an active phone line.

One reason why telephone wiring is so simple is because of today's technology: MODULAR WIRING. There are plastic clips on the end of wires that plug into special jacks. There is no soldering required and in most cases there is no wire stripping or splicing required. For an additional phone jack in a room, or to install a jack in another room, all you need is a screwdriver, a pair of scissors and a modular extension kit.

Extension kits are available at phone centers, electronic stores and most home centers. Most kits contain modular parts, hardware, fasteners, installation tool and an instruction sheet. Some kits contain 2 or 3 modular outlets. So, for only $10 - $20 and a little time you can add or relocate a couple phone jacks.

  • Plug end of (modular) wire into existing jack.
  • The phone wire from the kit has adhesive on the back with a protective covering - remove the protective film as you run the wire down the wall to the base molding, pressing it in place.
  • The kits come with 90 degree elbows that also have self-adhesive backs and covers that snap closed. Adhere the elbow to the wall at the baseboard. Place wire into elbow, and snap shut. (To completely camoflauge the telephone wire, you can also run it between the carpet and base molding.
  • Run wire strip along wall to desired location.
  • If you want the phone jack to be higher than the baseboard, secure another elbow and place the wire in it and snap cover closed.
  • Decide where the new jack is to be located and cut the wire to that length.
  • Insert cut end of wire into new jack from kit.
  • Close cover of new jack, crimping wire into place.
  • Screw new jack to wall, using plastic anchor if necessary.

That's all there is to placing a phone jack wherever you want in a room. However a word of warning , Usually homes are only supplied with enough power to ring a certain number of phones (approximately 5 per household). If you have an extraordinary number of phones, then they might not all ring.

Also, if your home's telephone wiring has not been updated into a modular system (many systems are pre-1974), there are adapters available to easily convert it. Hard wiring a new modular phone jack can be as easy as matching colors - the wires are all color coded. Conect red to red, yellow to yellow, black to black and green to green.

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