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#413 - Basement Makeover

Featured Tool - Power Nail Gun

On this week's show, we gave a typical basement a major facelift. We framed out the walls, put up drywall, and installed wood planks, referred to as car-siding, on the bottom half of our new wall, a suspended ceiling and flooring. Whew, lots of projects going on, but ones that you too can tackle if you just have the right tools, time and patience. These projects all went along much easier and faster because of the power tools we used - cordless power drills, saws and nailer. You've seen us use cordless power drills and saws often, however on today's show we used a cordless power finish nailer when we installed the wood planks. With all the nailing we had to do, our arms would have been sore for weeks if we had used an ordinary hammer!

Professionals typically use power nailers in new construction and remodeling projects. They can be expensive, although, over the years the price has become more reasonable. If you have a project that would benefit from a power nailer, consider renting one or check them out in the hardware stores and home centers. If you are like us, you'll agree that the time and effort saved far outweighs the rental cost of such a tool.

Power nailers are powered by a compressor, electric cord or battery. The one we used is actually powered by battery and a fuel cell. Basically, a nailer thrusts a nail into the material(s) being used, and quickly reloads for the next. Most nail guns use springs to generate the hammering force. There are basically two types of nail guns - framing for rough carpentry and finish nailer. You can use a variety of nail sizes in a gun to meet the needs of a given project. The nails are usually glued together in a long strip and loaded into the barrel of the gun. Then it works similarly to a stapler gun - depress the safety tip against surface, pull the trigger and shoot out the fastener; it will then automatically reload.

Next time you're doing a project that requires a lot of nailing, look into renting a power nailer to make the job easier on yourself.

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