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#403 - Landscape Remodel - Part I

Featured Tool - Tube Cutter, Tube Bender

While copper tubing is most often used for a variety of plumbing projects, from hooking up your icemaker, to connecting your dishwasher, we used it in a more unique decorative way. As part of our landscape remodel project, we used the copper tubing to make a trellis for a plant to grow over, and also used it to help assemble our outdoor fountain.

Copper tubing comes in different sizes including diameter and thickness of the walls. What makes copper tubing so great is its flexibility and its' ability to be run around obstacles without connections or cuts.

In order to manipulate the copper tubing to your needs you'll require a couple of basic tools such as a tube cutter and a tube bender:

Tube Cutter

You could cut a copper pipe/tube with a regular hacksaw but we recommend a tube cutter because while both will make a sufficient cut, the tub cutter ensures a square cut every time. To operate the cutter, tighten the knob on the top and turn. Continue tightening and turning until the tube is cut. After the cut is made, you can remove any burrs from inside the pipe with a half-round file.

Tube Bender

This is a great tool to help straighten out your copper tubing with out crimping it or bend it into a specific configuration. We used it to help make the straight arm of our fountain and bend the end into a "hook" that the wind chime would dangle from. It looks like a long coil and what you do is feed the copper tubing into the tube bender and then slowly use the bender to straighten out or bend the tubing.

Both of these tools allow you to adapt copper tubing to your specific needs.

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