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#404 - Landscape Remodel - Part II

Featured Tool - Garden Shovel

A shovel is probably one of the most important gardener's "tool" when taking on any type of landscape project.

There are two basic shovel blade types:
    Rounded blade that comes to a slight point: Most commonly used for heavy-duty digging - for example removing sod and soil for a walkway or digging for a pond.

    Straight blade with squared off corners. Used more for scooping materials such as sand and loose soil, rather than for digging.
Dave Van Zelst, our consultant for the landscape remodel project, gave us a great tip: he said to keep the blades on your shovels sharp. It's like the difference of cutting steak with a butter knife as opposed to a sharp steak knife. His crew sharpens the blades of their shovels often, helps to make the work easier and faster.

Besides keeping the blade sharp, a rolled or turned foot pedal on top of the blade makes pushing the blade into the ground much easier - less likely that your foot will slip off the blade when applying pressure.

There are two basic shovel handle types - long and straight or shorter with a "D" shaped handle. We usually use the longer handle when digging and the shorter "D" shaped handle when scooping and moving material from one place to another.

Work smart when shoveling lift with your legs, not your back!!

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