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#409 - Bathroom Projects

Featured Tool - Basin Wrench

Use the right tool for the job - don't make a tool do something it wasn't meant to do. This is especially true with plumbing.

Removing an old faucet and installing a new one is next to impossible with out a basin wrench (also referred to as a faucet wrench). In order to remove/install a faucet on a working sink it's necessary to loosen/tighten locknuts that are located underneath and behind the sink bowl. Not only is it necessary to twist your body into a small space, you are laying on your back and there's only about three inches of working space around these locking nuts. You will probably only use the basin wrench for this project. However, the investment will save you a lot of time (not to mention it will save you from using language that would get "bleeped" if said on TV!)

This tool has a long steel shaft with a bar handle at one end and a pivoting notched claw at the other. The claw can be flipped from one side to the other - depending on whether you are tightening or loosening the lock nuts. The long shaft on the basin wrench and the fact that the claw end can form a 90-degree angle - makes it easy to reach underneath and behind the sink bowl to complete the necessary work.

Since we replaced an existing sink in Angel's bathroom, we were able to install the faucet before putting the sink in place, giving us easy access to the underside of the sink. If you plan on replacing a faucet you probably don't want to remove the sink to do it - do yourself a favor and invest in this special tool.

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