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Encore Careers

Alice Williams tutors students at John H. Finley School in New York City.Millions of people have lost their jobs and many others are retiring of their own volition.  Some find “encore careers” because they want to give back to their communities, while others re-tool and retrain themselves for new jobs that earn income.  On the second time around the career track, many people are focused on finding meaningful work that provides a sense of fulfillment.  Meet a retiree who finds satisfaction helping a younger generation achieve, and a journalist whose encore career combines his investigative techniques with running his cattle ranch.

Encore Careers

Family Stories

Alice Williams

Alice Williams

Alice found fulfillment after retiring by going back to work, but her encore career is more than just a job. It feeds her spirit and gives back to her community.

Audio Slideshow – Bill Kurtis

Audio Slideshow - Bill Kurtis

Bill Kurtis, investigative reporter and serial entrepreneur, has found both a new career and a new passion raising cattle in Kansas.


Rick Bayless, Chef, Frontera Grill

Rick Bayless

The Chef at Frontera Grill discusses his involvement in urban agriculture.

Bill Kurtis, Journalist and Serial Entrepreneur

Bill Kurtis

The journalist and cattle rancher says retirement is an obsolete term.


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