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Thriving In Tough Times

Allen Watts on his farm on Vashon Island, Washington.What happens to a consumer society when people have less money?  They do what their grandparents did: plant a garden, do their own household repairs, cut their own families’ hair, learn to sew, cut out coupons, figure out ways to save a little money here and there.  Discover practical advice on how to stretch a buck and stay healthy and vigorous at the same time.


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I keep trying to find out what time this will play on regular tv, no cable, tuesday night

Thriving in Tough Times

Family Stories

Michele Piastro

Michele Piastro

Michele sees recycling and gardening as an important part of her environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Allen and Muriel Watts

Allen & Muriel Watts

This senior couple relies on gardening to maintain healthy minds, bodies, and a strong bottom line.

Audio Slideshow – Larry Engles

Audio Slideshow - Larry Engles

Larry Engles started tinkering with tools when he was a little boy. Now in his 70s, he makes his living as handyman Dr. Fix All.

Audio Slideshow – Will Allen

Audio Slideshow - Will Allen

Wisconsin farmer Will Allen has found a career that will take him well into retirement. Allen nurtures aspiring urban farmers through his organization Growing Power.

Expert Interviews

Henry Hebeler, President,

Henry “Bud” Hebeler

Hebeler, a personal finance expert and former president of The Boeing Company, gives solid advice for shaky financial times.

Teri Gault, Author, “Shop Smart, Save More”

Teri Gault

Gault, the coupon-clipping millionaire, says if you know how to use a pair of scissors, you can save more than $500 a month. Here she shares her proven methods for turning grocery coupons into cash.


Teri Gault, Author, “Shop Smart, Save More”

Teri Gault

How does sticking to your shopping list cost you money?

Bud Hebeler, President,

Bud Hebeler

Should savings patterns change during inflationary times?


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