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Use It Or Lose It

A new exercise trend, Cane Fu, is inspiring seniors to get fit and fight back.Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy old age. Numerous research studies show that an appropriate exercise program can bring big benefits – even for people with chronic illnesses. And older Americans are hearing the message. They’re out walking in malls, line dancing in retirement communities, jogging, swimming, and pushing, pulling, and stretching with their home exercise equipment. Find out how training your body and exercising your mind can build brain cells. Meet a group of older dancers who continue to perform with passion, and a senior citizen who is building strength and confidence through an unusual method of self-defense.


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I loved this entire program. I think you would have more viewers if you would air more topics such as this instead of ALL those goofy cooking programs….. if people want cooking tips they watch the FOOD channel. Especially on our local channel 13 they are always cooking shows what is up with that? It at one time was also a good channel… now it is all cooking give me a break.

Use it or Lose it

Family Stories

Ajmal Khan

Ajmal Khan

A new exercise trend, Cane Fu, a martial arts program, is inspiring seniors to get fit and fight back.

Paradigm Dancers

Carmen de Lavallade and Gus Solomons, Jr.

Carmen de Lavallade and Gus Solomons, Jr., co-founders of Paradigm, a vibrant ensemble of mature modern dancers.

Audio Slideshow – The Barbershop

Audio Slideshow - The Barbershop

Lee Pollock, Freddie Lambert, and Wallace Smith find time in retirement to play checkers and swap stories at their local barbershop in Durham, North Carolina.


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