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John Leland, Reporter, New York Times

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My wife has Alzheimers and I am her caregiver. I am seeing doctors and I get all medications, but whats missing that nobody realy explains how to coupe with situations when my wife is walking out of house to look foe her perents, and they died 50 years ago, and I am walking behind her to avoid any other conflikts. How to calm the situations. Thanks for listening. Dzidris Pilsetnieks

Respite for Caregivers

Family Stories

Dimitri Tretiakoff

Dimitri Tretiakoff

As more men step into the role of primary caregiver, they are finding that the job requires far more than home health skills.

Expert Interviews

Kathleen Kelly, Executive Director, Family Caregiver Alliance

Kathleen Kelly

Kelly, Executive Director of the Family Caregiver Alliance, lays out the cost of caregiving, the importance of respite, and how caregiving relationships are changing.

John Leland, Reporter, <em>New York Times</em>

John Leland

Leland, a New York Times reporter who covers issues and trends in aging, talks about men joining the ranks of caregivers, the challenges and joys of caregiving, and offers a new definition for the boomerang generation.


Alexis Abramson, Ph.D., Gerontologist

Dr. Alexis Abramson

Why is respite so important for caregivers?

Stephanie Coontz, Professor, Evergreen State College, Director of Research at the Council on Contemporary Families

Stephanie Coontz

Do male caregivers get enough social interaction?

Kathleen Kelly, Executive Director, Family Caregiver Alliance

Kathleen Kelly

Will Medicare cover long term care?


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