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Rick Bayless, Chef, Frontera Grill

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How can I get a copy of the tortilla and cheese recipes? Please email me them. Thank you.


I saw a portion of Rick Bayless about Mexico: One Plate at a Time, this Saturday, Jan 30th and I would like to get some of those Sevche Recipies he showed on the show. Is it possible?


Roy S. Walser


i miss rick bayless in loma linda .when is he on tv and what channel .my favorite saturday show. please give me info.


Last Saturday, April 3, there was a recipe(s) for chariso with red onions for tortilla filling. May I get those recipies? Thank you, h


Last night’s episode (4/29) had a shrimp and cheese Chile Rejeno recipe I tried to access on his website, but my browser said “No go”. Any help?


For questions regarding Rick Bayless and “Mexico – One Plate at a Time,” please see Rick Bayless’s Web site, where you will find recipes and a list of episodes:


please send recepie for shrimp salad or shrimp filling for toastados seen on the program viewed Sat. morning 5/15/10 in san francisco–I need the dressing recepie thank you


Is Rick Bayless still on PBS Create if so what night and time. I really enjoyed watching him.


I miss Rick Bayless I have been trying to find out the times & chanell of his new episode but difficult. Now I see just above this “comment” that I can log into his web.
Thank you. I think his show was wonderful going to places in Mexico to get original recipes. I LOVED IT.


I live in phx. az. and I can’t figure out when ricks show is on. please help me. thank you


go to his web site rick bayless


How can I find the full menu for dinner prepared by Rick Bayless for 24 diners? It was broadcast Jnuary 8, 2011 on KERA in Dallas, Texas. He served Lacquered Chicken, Mexican rice with fried plantains and others. I would like to purchase a DVD of the episode. Please reply.


Is there a way to get instructions w/ materials needed for the self watering garden systems used on your rooftop garden in Chicago?

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