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Family Stories

Alice Williams
Alice Williams >

Alice found fulfillment after retiring by going back to work, but her encore career is more than just a job. It feeds her spirit and gives back to her community.

Audio Slideshow – Bill Kurtis
Audio Slideshow – Bill Kurtis >

Bill Kurtis, investigative reporter and serial entrepreneur, has found both a new career and a new passion raising cattle in Kansas.

Gary and Diane Shelton
Gary and Diane Shelton >

The Sheltons were just starting to build their lives together when they were forced to confront a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Mary Slattery
Mary Slattery >

This shrewd senior found a way to increase her Social Security payments by $500 a month.

Audio Slideshow – Tim Moffatt
Audio Slideshow – Tim Moffatt >

Before he retired, Tim Moffatt was a librarian and journalist.┬áNow he calls himself a “yachtsman.” Moffatt moved onto a small sailboat in Olympia, Washington to make ends meet.

Dimitri Tretiakoff
Dimitri Tretiakoff >

As more men step into the role of primary caregiver, they are finding that the job requires far more than home health skills.

Michele Piastro
Michele Piastro >

Michele sees recycling and gardening as an important part of her environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Allen and Muriel Watts
Allen and Muriel Watts >

This senior couple relies on gardening to maintain healthy minds, bodies, and a strong bottom line.

Audio Slideshow – Larry Engles
Audio Slideshow – Larry Engles >

Larry Engles started tinkering with tools when he was a little boy. Now in his 70s, he makes his living as handyman Dr. Fix All.

Audio Slideshow – Will Allen
Audio Slideshow – Will Allen >

Wisconsin farmer Will Allen has found a career that will take him well into retirement. Allen nurtures aspiring urban farmers through his organization Growing Power.

Ajmal Khan
Ajmal Khan >

A new exercise trend, Cane Fu, a martial arts program, is inspiring seniors to get fit and fight back.

Paradigm Dancers
Paradigm Dancers >

Carmen de Lavallade and Gus Solomons, Jr., co-founders of Paradigm, a vibrant ensemble of mature modern dancers.

Audio Slideshow – The Barbershop
Audio Slideshow – The Barbershop >

Lee Pollock, Freddie Lambert, and Wallace Smith find time in retirement to play checkers and swap stories at their local barbershop in Durham, North Carolina.

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