Y2K: The Winter of Our Disconnect?


Ironically, some of the least developed countries have little to worry about - they don't depend as much on computers.

with Bob Cringely
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*A) The government is posting blue road signs along our highways to direct UN troops when they inevitably come to our country to impose martial law.

B) Smoke detectors will spontaneously turn on during the first 10 weeks of 2000, and can only be reset by replacing the batteries.

Someone may have predicted choice B, but choice A is a popular rumor assisted along by Gary North. Some people are always worried that the UN and the "New World Order" will place the United States under martial law, and the year 2000 provides a convenient date for this invasion.

While the United States may be susceptible to computer-based Y2K problems, other countries will have their own problems to worry about. In fact, the developing countries may have more to worry about than we do.

While answer B isn't something to worry about, it's always wise to check your smoke detectors and replace the batteries periodically.

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