Y2K: The Winter of Our Disconnect?
Millennial Mania

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Fifty years ago, when your grandfather's car broke down, a mechanic could usually fix it on the spot. (modern car motor)Today, it's hard to identify all the engine parts and monitoring systems under the hood, let alone fix the thing. Mechanics need to connect diagnostic computers to other tiny computers inside the car to find the problem. Modern automobiles are amazing pieces of equipment. They run better and last longer, but the days of working on your own car are history.

Much of modern life is possible only because of the computer. However, most of us don't understand how these amazing machines actually work. Some self-appointed Y2K experts are taking advantage of this lack of understanding and fueling the public's fear. The most extreme alarmists predict that the Y2K problem will be the worst thing to happen to us in our entire history.

It's unlikely we'll roll into 2000 without a scratch, but the more extreme predictions are mostly fantasy. Adding more confusion, the more dangerous doomsday predictions have just enough truth to make them believable.

Let's dissect some of the more popular predictions:

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