Y2K: The Winter of Our Disconnect?


The Red Cross advises people to prepare for Y2K as they would for a big storm.

with Bob Cringely
Survivalists and Social Security

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So what should we expect when we wake up in the year 2000? It's doubtful a noisy apocalypse will disturb our slumber, but we may encounter some inconveniences over the following months.

The credit card machine at your local grocery may refuse to clear your purchase, but the clerk will still take a check. You may receive some duplicate bills from your cable company, but electricity will still light your house. Expect some mistakes, but stay calm. Bad things turn worse when everybody panics.

The best advice I can give you is this:

1. If you are accustomed to buying your essentials (groceries, gas, medication) with a credit card, bring your checkbook to the store, just to be safe.

2. Use Y2K as an opportunity to bring some discipline in your life. Perhaps it can help you manage your financial records better. That would make it easier at tax time, too. Update your estate information. Get your will in order. It would be wise to do this every year.

Another Web site for good advice on preparing for Y2K is PBS's other program on the topic, "Getting on Target with Y2K."

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