Y2K: The Winter of Our Disconnect?

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Y2K - The Winter of Our Disconnect? is scheduled to air nationally on PBS this October 22nd at 8pm.


Robert X. Cringely

Produced and Directed by
Mike McLeod

Written by
Robert X. Cringely and Mike McLeod

Photography by
Brett Wood

Field Audio Engineer
Gene Koon

Edited by
Bruce Barrow

Music and Sound Design
George Hood

Graphic Design and Animation
Martha Cansler

Associate Producer
Crystal S. Miyake

Archive Researcher
Catherine Wilson

Production Scheduling
Bill Dubey

Assistant Editors
Nick Fisher and Todd Sonflieth

Sound Mixer
Michael Carter, Digital One

Additional Field Production
Beth Dulik
Nick Ludlow
Simon Maddox

Additional Editing
Howard Beckerman

Graphics Operators
Neil Blume
Bill Dubey

Archive Material
The Computer Museum History Center
Xerox Corporation
The Boeing Company
National Archives

Special Thanks
The Boeing Corporation
Bonneville Power Administration
Brownie's Automotive
Chrysler Plymouth - Dick Hannah Dealership
City of St. Helens
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Movie Madness
Nike Missle Site
Pacific Rail Society
Red Apple Market
Sgt. Gator's Post Exchange

Director, Production Engineering
Larry Bentley

Manager, Production Services
Milt Ritter

Director, Production Services
Meighan Maloney

Executive Producer
Janet Tobias

Executive in Charge of Production
Daryl Karp

Sr. Vice President
National/International Production

John Lindsay

Copyright 1999 Oregon Public Broadcasting

In order of appearance

Brian Little
St. Helens City Administrator

Rich Seidner
Co-Author "Playing for Profit"

Dale Way
Y2K Committee Chairman, IEEE

Walter Eisenman
Locomotive Engineer

John Panchery
Securities Industry Association VP, Year 2000 Project Manager

Bill Joy
Co-founder, Sun Microsystems

John Koskinen
President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion

Michael Dowd
Portland Metro Citizen Y2K Taskforce

Joe Ahrend

Keith Locke
Owner, St. Helens Computer Center

James Sullivan
Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Chevron Corporation

Andy Kyte
Research Director, Gartner Group

Kaye Friday
Owner, Second Time Around Phase II

John Pasqua
Y2K Program Vice President, AT&T

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