Best Documentary of 1999   

New York Film Critics Circle
Los Angeles Critics Association
National Board of Review of Motion Pictures
European Film Academy
German Film Awards
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (nominated)


The Press (Selected)

Sullivan, James (1999, May 3)
"Wenders Documents Buena Vista Social Club." San Francisco Chronicle

Marine, Craig (1999, May 6)
"Social Club Reunited." San Francisco Examiner

Lacher, Irene ( 1999, June 1)
"First Comes the Juggling Act, Then the Benefit." Los Angeles Times

Lechner, Ernesto (1999, June 1)
"Ferrer and Cooder Create Some Magic." Los Angeles Times

Muñoz, Lorenza (1999, June 1)
"Buena Vista Explorers Club." Los Angeles Times

Valdes-Rodriguez, Alisa (1999, June 1)
"He’s Found It’s Never Too Late to Grab the Brass Ring." Los Angeles Times

Nelson, Steffie (1999, June 3-10)
"Buena's Dias: Wim Wenders and Ry Cooder Capture the Sights and Sounds of Cuba's Buena Vista Social Club." Time Out New York

Dreher, Rod (1999, June 4)
"Buena Vista Offers Good View of Cuban Musicians." New York Post

Holden, Stephen (1999, June 4).
"A Cuban Band's Testament To the Powers of Music." New York Times

Matthews, Jack (1999, June 4)
"New Movie Digest." Daily News

Morgenstern, Joe (1999, June 4).
"Music as the Food of Life." The Wall Street Journal

Ruiz, Albor (1999, June 4)
"Hot New Fame for an old Cuban Singer." Daily News

Watrous, Peter (1999, June 6).
"Capturing a Cuban Sound Before It Could Die Out." New York Times

Watrous, Peter (1999, June 6)
"Four Successful Spinoffs From a Grammy-Winning Album." New York Times

Smith, Ethan (1999, June 7).
"Opening: Hasta la Vista." New York

M.J. (1999, June 7)
"The Buena Vista Gang Stays Social." Newsweek

Gehr, Richard (1999, June 8)
"Havana Great Time." Village Voice

Morales, Ed (1999, June 8)
"Dreaming in Cuba." Village Voice

T.G., (1999, June 14)
"Buena Vista Social Club." People (Vol. 51 No. 22)

Kapitanoff, Nancy (1999, June)
"Bay of Gigs: Wim Wenders invades Cuba's Buena Vista Social Club" PULSE! (93-97)

Wade, Major (1999, June)
"Buena Vista Social Club." BOX OFFICE

Wilkinson, Alec (1999, June)
"Who Put The Honky Tonk In 'Honky Tonk Women'? : And other tales from the untold life of Ry Cooder, American Genius." Esquire (100-103; 144)

Ali, Lorraine (1999, July)
"Make Way for the Forgotten." GQ (53-54)

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