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you are here Web Resources Costa Rica is a terrific resource, especially when it comes to its section on Costa Rica. Resource information includes a basic introduction to the country, the land, the people, the economy, government and social conditions, cultural life, and history.

CIA World Factbook: Costa Rica
To get quick facts about Costa Rica, visit the CIA's Factbook page on the Central American nation. It includes data about geography, people, the economy, government, communications, transportation, the military, and transnational issues, as well as a handy-dandy country map.

Costa Rica Handbook
Written by Christopher Baker, this handbook includes introductory material on the history, politics, and ecosystems of Costa Rica (more or less what you see above), practical general-purpose tips, region-by-region coverage, maps and containing accurate phone numbers for just about every organization or business you'd ever want to call.

Costa Rica's National Parks
Looking for more information about Costa Rica's acclaimed national parks? Look no further than the web site of Richard Garrulies, a Costa Rican native who can tell you more about Costa Rica's natural wonders than any guidebook on the market.

Douglas Robinson Marine Turtle Research Center
The Douglas Robinson Marine Turtle Research Center was created in order to supply researchers and students with housing and research facilities from which to conduct their activities. All studies undertaken at the center aid in the management process that will ensure the survival of the Olive Ridley turtle population.

HEART: Help Endangered Animals -- Ridley Turtles
According to the web site, "HEART (Help Endangered Animals-Ridley Turtles) was organized in 1982 to save the Kemp's ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys kempi) from extinction by educating the public and supporting conservation laws that protect sea turtles. HEART serves as an educational referral source for teachers and students seeking information about the Kemp's ridleys and all sea turtles."

The Monteverde Butterfly Garden
The description on the Monteverde Butterfly Garden reads, "The Monteverde Butterfly Garden is located in the scenic Tilaran Mountains of Costa Rica, with incredible views of the cloud forest and the Gulf of Nicoya. It was founded in 1991 by biologist Jim Wolfe and his wife Marta Iris Salazar. The focus of the project is environmental education, and thousands of butterfly enthusiasts each year visit our Nature Center and four enclosed butterfly gardens."

Mt. Arenal Observatory Lodge
Arenal Observatory Lodge sits on 870 acres of land adjacent to the Arenal Volcano National Park. The site contains 270 acres of primary rain forest with well-marked trails, 400 acres of reforestation projects, and 200 acres of working farm lands. Located just 1.8 kilometers from the active crater of Arenal Volcano, the lodge is separated from it by a deep river valley. The location was chosen by scientists from the Smithsonian Institute, who needed a close but safe vantage point from which to study the volcano.

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