Egypt's Golden Empire
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  Statue of Hatshepsut

A colossal statue of Hatshepsut outside her tomb at Deir el-Bahari

1479 BC - Hatshepsut seizes power
Tuthmosis II's young and only surviving son becomes pharaoh. But in 1473 BC, his stepmother and co-regent, Queen Hatshepsut, takes the throne.

Ca 1479-1458 BC - Hatshepsut's trip to Punt
Hapshepsut organizes a hugely successful trade trip to Punt. A vast collection of exotica is brought back.

Ca 1479-1458 BC - Monuments created
Hatshepsut orders the carving of obelisks, the defining monument of the New Kingdom. She also orders the construction of a mortuary temple in Deir el-Bahari.
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Egypt's Golden Empire Timeline