About The Marine Fisheries Series

Most marine scientists agree that over-fishing and other unsustainable fishing practices are the greatest threat to the health of the oceans. Staggering amounts of by-catch, the effects of destructive fishing gear, and impacts of certain types of industrial aquaculture are contributing to a global marine crisis.

The Race To Save Our Marine Fisheries

“Empty Oceans, Empty Nets” is a documentary exploring the marine fisheries crisis and the pioneering efforts of fishermen, scientists and communities to sustain and restore these fisheries and our oceans. An ongoing international debate surrounds the complex problems and how best to solve them. Understanding why some fisheries are thriving while most are in serious decline may be the key to creating a sustainable system. More background

Is Aquaculture really the hope for restoring our oceans?

“Farming the Seas” is the natural sequel to Empty Oceans and continues the investigation with a vivid look at the problems and potential of marine aquaculture, a fast-growing industry embroiled in considerable controversy. Fish farming has become the fastest-growing food-production industry in the world and several approaches are being developed. To many scientists it seems the industry is going in two, almost opposite directions. Some operations raise carnivorous fish (species of fish that require fish flesh and fish oil in their diets), and others raise herbivorous species that require mostly plant-based feeds. This second broad category also includes farms raising shellfish, the filter-feeding mollusks and bivalves that obtain their nutrients from seawater. More background

Educational Version

We have edited a low-cost, 30-minute educational version of these films that is specially designed to provide the context for the Activity Guide. The film offers an incisive overview of marine fishery and aquaculture issues and examines current efforts being made to protect our oceans. The educational version can be purchased at www.habitatmedia.org