Using This Guide

The Marine Fisheries Series project is delighted to offer an online activity guide to help you dive deeper into the topics covered in the documentary series. The guide includes six activities and represents the best materials available, selected by an exhaustive search through hundreds of possibilities. Each activity has been peer reviewed by our Advisory Board and correlated to national science and social studies education standards.

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We have edited a special, low-cost, 30-minute version of the Marine Fisheries Series to accompany the activity guide. The guide also links with each of the hour-long documentaries, Empty Oceans, Empty Nets and Farming the Seas. Please check your local listings for PBS broadcast times or visit to purchase either the educational version or the full-length films.

The Marine Fisheries Series Activity Guide is designed for students in the middle to high school range (12 to 18 years old), though activities may be adapted to suit other audiences at your discretion. These activities work well in classrooms as well as non-traditional educational settings such as nature or science centers, aquariums and zoos.