Activity Sources

We reviewed a wide range of curricula in search of engaging educational activities that would enrich the Marine Fisheries Series. The exceptional activities we chose to include in this activity guide come from the sources listed below. Each includes additional outstanding resources that relate to the Marine Fisheries Series.

All PDF files require Adobe Acrobat 5 or above. For additional classroom content, please visit PBS TeacherSource.

  • “Salmon Scavenger Hunt” and “Sharks in Decline” are reprinted (with permission) from “Activity Name,” an activity in Oceans of Life: An Educator's Guide to Exploring Marine Biodiversity ©2001, published by World Wildlife Fund as part of Windows on the Wild, an international biodiversity education program. Visit for more information.
  • “Net Results” was created by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation as part of its Chesapeake Choices and Challenges Curriculum. For additional information and resources, visit
  • “Do You Know the Fish You're Eating?” was created by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science as part of its Fish Trouble Teaching Guide. For additional information and resources, visit

  • “Fishing for the Future” was created by Facing the Future - People and the Planet, which develops young people's capacity and commitment to create thriving, sustainable, and peaceful local and global communities. For additional information and resources, visit
  • “To Culture or Not to Culture: The Controversy Continues” was adapted from the Aquaculture in Maine Curriculum Guide, produced by the Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center and Office of Maine Sea Grant. For additional information and resources, visit