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In an increasingly fractured America, the family photo album is bringing us together.

Family Pictures USA is a documentary-style magazine show, filmed before a live studio audience, that journeys through a rapidly changing landscape where the foundations of a familiar and idealized “AMERICA” are being transformed. As ordinary Americans begin to discover their hidden family histories, stashed in boxes in dusty attics or on old floppy disks and new smartphones, they will unpack more than artifacts and ephemera. They will re-meet their relatives and old friends —fascinating characters, brought back to life by images and stories —giving them a new home in our collective consciousness, and introducing us to a more nuanced and diverse story of our common history, shared present and evolving future. Family Pictures USA will mine this rich treasure trove of personal narratives to reveal roots, connections, and provocative parallels that will surprise us and illuminate the path toward a new America for a 21st Century.

To date, we have held over 47 live events, in over 35 cities, partnering with local community organizations, including universities, libraries, historical societies, public housing authorities, social service organizations and museums.

Family Pictures USA will be broadcast nationally. Each episode will illuminate connections among and between individual family narratives to create an inclusive new Digital American Family Album, exposing threads of history that enrich and enlarge our understanding of our nation and its diverse people and expanding our ideas of who we are as a people. It continues the work of the series’ award-winning Executive Producer, Thomas Allen Harris, to bridge intergenerational and cross-cultural differences and bring communities closer together by transforming strangers into family.

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Family Pictures USA is a co-production of Digital Diaspora Family Reunion, LLC and
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Family Pictures USA wants to revitalize and highlight the rich history through the help of local families and the community. Share your photographs and the stories behind them with us to be part of a bigger narrative building an inclusive national Family Album.
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