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Rough Cut: Ecuador: Flower Power
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Learn more about how fair trade practices are changing the flower industry and what to look for when you buy.

Related Links


Ecuador's cut-flower industry supplies roughly one-third of America's roses.

Fair Trade Certified Flowers
Learn more about what the fair trade label represents and where you can buy fair trade flowers.

To Pull a Thorn from the Side of the Planet
This New York Times article discusses the many factors that make flowers "green," both domestically and abroad.

Audubon Magazine
Read about the pitfalls still present in Ecuador's flower industry. Learn how former flower worker Cesar Estacio has started a workers' rights advocacy group in Cayambe, Ecuador, to make farms more accountable.

International Labor Rights Forum: Creating a Sweat-Free World
The International Labor Rights Forum's "Fairness in Flowers Campaign" has been monitoring workers' conditions and advocating for change since 2003. This site provides information about the movement and ways to get involved.

Flower Label Program
The Flower Label Program (FLP) is a German certifying agency that has been active for more than 10 years. The demand from European consumers has created widespread reform in Ecuador's flower industry.

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As a worldwide glut of coffee beans forces Central American farmers and their families off their land, FRONTLINE/World's Sam Quinones follows a group of gourmet coffee importers who advocate "fair trade" as a partial solution to the crisis. He meets tasters, buyers and indigenous farmers in remote coffee-growing regions.

Ecuador's Bittersweet Pill
In this FRONTLINE/World dispatch from October 2006, reporter Rick Young writes about his return to Ecuador after 22 years and the mixed blessing of the country's decision to adopt the U.S. dollar as its currency six years ago.

Ecuador: Country Doctors
Frustrated by his country's lack of healthcare for the poor, especially those in rural areas, Dr. Edgar Rodas started an organization of volunteer Ecuadorian doctors who trek high into the Andes and deep into the Amazon, performing surgeries on a hospital truck and boat. In this FRONTLINE/World Rough Cut from June 2007, watch these dedicated doctors in action.