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Asia and Africa: Living on the Edge. For the last year and a half, reporter and producer Martin Smith has been investigating global climate change for Heat, a two-hour FRONTLINE broadcast to air this fall. In Living on the Edge, Smith travels to the foothills of the Himalayas, to parched areas of Eastern Africa and to the Namibian coast to share some devastating field notes from this looming environmental catastrophe.

What is the latest science, and what’s the international policy response? A series of multimedia reports shows how water stress across the horn of Africa is fueling conflict and threatening ancient ways of life. Economist Jeffrey Sachs and other experts discuss the current climate crisis and what it will take to reverse the trend. More on glacier melts, Asia's growing water needs, and alternative energy solutions.
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Visit the preview site for Heat, where you can watch a clip from the two-hour FRONTLINE special airing this fall on PBS.