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A NOW with Bill Moyers co-production
Privatization sparks a deadly protest in the town of Cochabamba when the Bolivian government sells off its water system to a private, multi-national consortium Aguas del Tunari. New Yorker writer William Finnegan travels to Cochabamba to learn why people took to the streets and what happens next. read more

What's In Your Water Bottle

Police officer with protester"Leasing the Rain" by William Finnegan
"The world is running out of fresh water, and the fight to control it has begun." In this excerpt from a recent article in The New Yorker, William Finnegan recounts his effort to understand Bolivia's -- and the world's -- water woes.

Timeline: Cochabamba Water Revolt
In April of 2000, a battle for control of Cochabamba's water system left six dead and dozens wounded. Read the chronology of events leading up to and following the sale of Bolivia's utilities to a private, multi-national water consortium, Aguas del Tunari, and the subsequent clash between the people of Cochabamba and the government.