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INDIA, Starring Osama Bin Laden, June 2003

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India is the world's most populous democracy and second only to China in population. There are 18 official languages in a nominally secular political system dominated by the Hindu majority.

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Learn more about India's economy, Indian theater, and the cultural capital of Calcutta, the "City of Joy." read more

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Video Length: 15:49

On a journey to India, a FRONTLINE/World crew comes across Osama bin Laden -- not the terrorist mastermind, but rather an actor starring in a popular community theater production torn from the headlines. Days later, after a four-hour-long portrayal of bin Laden before an enthusiastic, packed house in Calcutta, the actor turns to ask our reporter: "What did you think of my performance?"
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Interview with Arun Rath: Confronting New Myths

reporter Arun Rath, an Indian-American journalist, was in New York during the 2001 terrorist attacks and he directed special coverage of the aftermath for National Public Radio. As he set off to his father's home country on a through-the-looking-glass journey, Rath felt "alien and familiar at the same time."

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