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Asia and Africa: Living on the Edge. For the last year and a half, reporter and producer Martin Smith has been investigating global climate change for Heat, a two-hour FRONTLINE broadcast to air this fall. In Living on the Edge, Smith travels to the foothills of the Himalayas, to parched areas of Eastern Africa and to the Namibian coast to share some devastating field notes from this looming environmental catastrophe.

In this photo diary, reporter Singeli Agnew and producer Charlotte Buchen explore the architectural traditions of southeastern India.Explore some of the designs and buildings of the humanitarian movement. The cofounders of Architecture for Humanity explain the goals of their organization and the international scope of their work.A brief history of humanitarian design and its early pioneers; plus links to architectural design contests and innovations.
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India: Design Like You Give a Damn is made possible by the Skoll Foundation through a grant to the PBS Foundation.

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