Pavel Gavrylovich Orel & Lidia Petrivna Protsenko

Pavel and Lidia grew up in rural Ukraine and live in an apartment in a comfortable section of Kyiv. Pavel fought in World War II and still wears the stripes to signify his rank. They are childhood sweethearts and have been married for 57 years.

Pavel: "The whole government is run by oligarchs. They ruined everything. Yushchenko put his friends and family in power. He needs professionals in his government."

He was partly referring to criticism levied at Yushchenko for appointing Oxana Bilozir, a singer and godmother to his children, to the post of Minister for Culture and Tourism.

"Once in our history we asked Sweden for a king; maybe we should ask Sweden again for a leader. Life was better in Soviet times. We traded order and stability for freedom of speech. We now have freedom of speech, but so what? You use it and you get beheaded."

Pavel was referring to the fact that the body of journalist Georgy Gongadze was found beheaded.

Like many of the older generation in Ukraine, Pavel and Lidia were nostalgic for what they remember as the simpler times of Soviet rule.

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