Vitaliy, 24, Olecsy, 24, and Natascha, 19

Vitaliy, Olecsy and Natascha sit on a bench near a statue of Lenin in a Kyiv park, drinking cognac and grape juice from a cardboard container.

Vitaliy: "I didn't believe in the revolution from the beginning. It was a performance."

Olecsy: "The revolution was OK, but it failed. Yushchenko and Tymoshenko were meant to be together. But it is a sign of democracy that she is now in the opposition.

Vitaliy: "Yulia [Tymoshenko] is funny. She calls black white and white black. She's not real, and her braid is not real."

Natascha: "None of what these two say is true. Since we've gotten independence, we've gotten corrupt. We've gotten more and more corrupt since 1991, and we can't get rid of it. It's everywhere in the country."

All three agreed that the Yushchenko-Yanukovich stalemate was exactly the same as the Bush-Gore stalemate in the United States, except "Yushchenko was much stronger than Gore."

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