Yusupov, 28, Boxer

Yusupov is from Chechnya and works as a professional boxer. He left his country at age 18 and now lives with his wife and two sons in Kyiv.

As a fighter, Yusupov is paid the equivalent of US$600 per month and an additional US$1,200 for each fight. This is considered a good wage in Ukraine.

"I was there in Independence Square during the Orange Revolution, and I support Yushchenko. He was right to fire Yulia Tymoshenko. The same thing happened in Chechnya before the war -- officials got fired and became the opposition.

"Yushchenko is not doing anything for the Chechnyans. They are treated badly in Ukraine. Everything bad about this country comes from Russia. Putin does anything he wants.

"My soul is in Chechnya, and only my body is here. But there is no government in Chechnya, only betrayers who don't mind genocide. In Chechnya, we think the war is God's punishment for something we did."

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