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Originally produced as a short piece to accompany a 1999 Hofmann exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Hans Hofmann: Artist/Teacher, Teacher/Artist developed into an hour-long documentary by popular demand. New York-based executive producer Madeline Amgott explains:

“The film and the exhibition were so enthusiastically received that I decided to create an hour about him to bring more attention to his work. Hofmann is often overlooked because he taught for so many years.”

Amgott (pictured above with artist Red Grooms) spent five years researching Hofmann’s life and work: Traveling as nearby as West 49th Street and as far away as Munich, Barcelona and London, Amgott interviewed scores of the artist’s students, mentees, friends and experts. Finally, a year was spent carefully cutting hundreds of hours of footage down to one to bring the Hofmann’s story vividly to life. (continued)

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