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The Legacy of Harry T. Moore
Teacher's Guide
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Classroom Activities

  1. Ask students to compose a letter that Harry T. Moore might have written to the governor to protest the Groveland riots. [Groveland]

  2. Ask students to compose a letter that Moore might have written to African Americans about the importance of blacks registering to vote and casting their votes in the Democratic Party primary. [Harry T. Moore Bio, Selected Letters]

  3. Have students write a diary entry that Evangeline Moore might have composed as a young woman, after her parents' murders, talking about her loss and the injustice of those murders going unsolved. [Harry T. Moore's Bio, Who Killed Harry T. Moore]

Extended Activities or Adaptations from the Lesson

  1. If students wish to pursue the topic of voter registration, have them get copies of the voter registration application for their county. Ask them to research the requirements for registration, and for voting by absentee ballot.

  2. Building on the Moore story, ask students to research more recent hate crimes, particularly in their own state or region. Ask them to research hate crime legislation in their state, and at the national level.

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