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Meet the Students - Americans

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Janelle, 16 years oldWatch a video.

Janelle, 16 years old, Native American (Minneapolis, Minnesota)---Janelle is Native American from the Navajo Nation. She has been very involved in educational issues and programs concerning Native Americans. The second oldest of a family of seven children, Janelle is also a peer leader and counselor for younger girls and teens at youth leadership camps. She has graduated high school and plans on attending the University of Minnesota.

Jonathan, 18 years oldWatch a video. 56k video clip DSL, Cable video clip Get the real video plug-in.

Jonathan, 18 years old, Jewish (Manlius, New York)---In the documentary, Jonathan was a senior in high school in upstate New York. He was a member of the orchestra and choir, the Model United National Club and the National Honor Society. Jonathan is interested in politics, government and music. Now a sophomore at Brown University in Rhode Island, Jonathan spent the summer working on Hillary Clinton’s senate campaign in New York.

Stephanie, 17 years old

Stephanie, 17 years old, Haitian Emigrate (Chicago, Illinois)---Stephanie emigrated from Haiti to the United States and has a unique perspective on race and race relations. "Racism is new to me. In Haiti everyone is black. Automatically everyone acts differently to me at school (here in America) because of the way I talk. I feel I'm not a part of them. It has changed the way I think. I thought racism was about only white fighting against black, but it is more than that." Since the trip to Goree, Stephanie has graduated from High School and joined the United States Army and is currently stationed in Germany.


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