Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
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Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers

Read Together
Meet poet Nikki Giovanni and illustrator Bryan Collier in a segment about their new book, Rosa, a loving portrait of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

About the Host
Henry Winkler

Actor Henry Winkler, the host of this Launching Young Readers program, has had his own struggles with reading.

Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
Reading and the Brain
Roots of Reading Roots of Reading
Sounds and Symbols
Fluent Reading
Writing and Spelling
Reading for Meaning
Reading Rocks!
Empowering Parents
Becoming Bilingual
Reading and the Brain
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Read Together
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A Chance to Read
Toddling Toward Reading Toddling Toward Reading
What Happens When Neuroscience Meets Dr. Seuss?
Exciting new technologies are allowing us to learn on a child's first day of life whether or not he'll have a hard time learning to read down the line. Find out how brain scientists in Houston, Chicago, Louisville, Washington, D.C., and Toronto are working to solve the puzzle of why some children struggle to read and others don't. Startling new research shows the answer may lie in how a child's brain is wired from birth.
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A baby with electrodes

Having dyslexia is like trying to paint with your toes, rather than with your fingers.

Helpful Articles
Want to know more? These articles show how parents & teachers can help struggling readers.
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