Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
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Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers

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Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
Parent Tips
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Roots of Reading Roots of Reading
Sounds and Symbols
Fluent Reading
Writing and Spelling
Reading for Meaning
Reading Rocks!
Empowering Parents
Becoming Bilingual
Reading and the Brain
A Chance to Read
Toddling Toward Reading

Dear Parent,

A child's success as a reader begins much earlier than the first day of school. Reading, and a love for reading, begins at home.

We know how busy parents are! That's why we've put together five sets of tips that offer easy ways for parents to help kids become successful readers. To see the tips, just click on one of the photos below.

Or take a look at our one-page handouts, which contain shortened versions of the tips. (You'll need the free Acrobat Reader available at to view and print this PDF file). You are welcome to photocopy the handouts and pass them out if you wish. Or click here to send a friend an e-mail version of any of the tips.

Parent Tips 1 - The Roots of Reading
Parent Tips 2 - Sounds and Symbols
Parent Tips 3 - Fluent Reading
Parent Tips 4 - Writing and Spelling
Parent Tips 5 - Reading for Meaning

We've divided the tips into five sets, but many of them can be used with children of any age. We encourage you to read all of the tips and choose the ones that work best for your child.

This section of the Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers website is called "Parent Tips," but the tips are actually for anyone who cares about kids – grandparents, aunts, uncles, caregivers, neighbors, and friends. So print out the tips and hang them on your refrigerator. Try a new one each week. Or even pass them along to your child's teacher to give to other parents.

It may surprise you how easy some of these are to do. Especially with young children, the main goal is to develop a lifelong love of learning, reading, and books. You could think of your home as a launch pad for young readers and these tips as the fuel to send them off into a bright future!


The Reading Rockets Team

We gratefully acknowledge Dr. Louise Spear-Swerling of Southern Connecticut State University for providing the original text for these tips.

Reading and literacy are important issues for public television. More information about reading is available at the new PBS Parents website. Or check the main Reading Rockets website at

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