Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
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Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers

Read Together
Visit with Norman Bridwell, the creator of Clifford, the big red dog, featured in 80 bestselling books.

Literacy Launchers
It doesn't take much to make a big impact. Volunteer to tutor or read to a child, or listen to a child read to you.

About the Host
Annette Bening

Annette Bening, the host of the second program in this Reading Rockets series, is an award-winning actress and mother of four children.

Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers
Sounds and Symbols
Roots of Reading Roots of Reading
Sounds and Symbols Sounds and Symbols
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Read Together
Literacy Launchers
Helpful Articles
Meet the Experts
Fluent Reading Fluent Reading
Writing and Spelling Writing and Spelling
Reading for Meaning Reading for Meaning
Reading Rocks!
Empowering Parents
Becoming Bilingual
Reading and the Brain
A Chance to Read
Toddling Toward Reading Toddling Toward Reading
Breaking the Code
It seems a miracle that any child can learn to read. We ask kids as young as five to understand that what look like scribbles on a page are really symbols and that these stand for sounds, which correspond to letters, which make up words, which combine to form sentences. "It's amazing that they can figure that out," says teacher Gail Fischbach.
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Child Reading

Reading aloud is probably the single best activity for putting a child on the road to becoming a reader. But parents can do even more to ensure a good start – you can help kids crack the code of letters and sounds.

Helpful Articles
Want to know more? These articles show how to build a child's basic reading skills.
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Meet the Experts
Read and watch our interviews with some of the nation's top reading experts.
bullet Marilyn Adams>>
bullet Ed Kame'enui>>

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