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"Working Family Values"

How do American families balance work and home in this era of the rapidly changing workplace? In this show, Livelyhood looks at the impact of work on our families and vice-versa. For more on Working Family Values go on the road with the Livelyhood crew to:

Brooklyn, New York , where a mutually supportive community of senior citizens was forged by an innovative HMO called Elderplan.

Danville, California, home of Rosie and Michael Marchiano, who are expecting their first child when we meet them and later must decide how to balance new parenthood with their careers.

Denver, Colorado, where one dad has turned his home into Davey Bear's Day Care in order to spend more time with his kids.

Seattle, Washington, and meet a mother-daughter entrepreneurial team known as Ideal Meals dedicated to reviving family mealtime in this fast-paced age.

For more background on work and families, get a life here.

Trends affecting working families, including senior, working moms, the living wage, and more.

Glossary of the terms every working family should have at its fingertips ("Daddy, what is breakfast?")

Resources, including organizations, websites, and publications providing support, guidance and ideas for working families.

Livelyhood links to a range of websites from the silly to the substantive dealing with the changing nature of work in America today.

Bring Livelyhood to your town! How do you balance work and family? The Working Family Values project can help.

What People Are Saying About Working Family Values

For information on ordering a copy of "Working Family Values," contact The Working Group at 510-268-WORK or


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