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On The Road in Danville


LABOR OF LOVE--Danville, California

In this segment of "Working Family Values," we meet working couple Rosie and Michael Marchiano at one of the most vulnerable moments of their lives--one month from their first born's due date. Our relationship with the first time parents continues over the ensuing four months to watch the joys and hardships the new family encounters both in the home and on the job. Does Rosie, with a 17-year career as a fashion buyer for a well known clothes/accessories designer, return to work three months after Justin is born, as she anticipated when pregnant? Will her employer hold her job as promised? Can Michael, a doctor, adjust to the sleepless nights and still start his early days with a heavy patient load? Do the two ever find a moment of peace?

As the Livelyhood crew observed firsthand, Rosie literally juggles work and parenting. Ah, modern life!

Livelyhood's second one-hour special, "Working Family Values," aired on PBS in May 1998. For information on how to order the show, call 510-268-WORK.


These images captured by the Apple QuickTake 200 digital camera.

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