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On The Road in Seattle

FAMILY MEAL TIME--Seattle, Washington

Lisa Wallace and Judy Schwan are a daughter-mother entrepreneur team whose goal in life is to restore the family meal time for busy, working families. Through their business Ideal Meals, together they visit clients' kitchens for a day, and cook, package and layout for them dinners for a month. Their service has proven not only time-effective, but cost-effective for families who before resorted to take out and fast food drive-thru. The service, clients say, cuts down the number of "cereal nights" they used to have and frees up time and energy from cooking and cleaning to put it where it really counts--sharing with their kids the day's events and happenings.

"People tell us all the time we are saving them money," says Lisa, who has ambitions to expand Ideal Meals to handle the volume of interest they've received, but have had to turn down with their limited resources. Will Livelyhood host Will Durst be making a sudden career shift from in front of the camera to behind the stove?

Livelyhood's second one-hour special, "Working Family Values," aired on PBS in May 1998. For information on how to order the show, call 510-268-WORK.


These images captured by the Apple QuickTake 200 digital camera.

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