Manor House Mister Jonathan
"This is a great opportunity to get away from the temptations of television, email and the telephone." Mister Jonathan
Mister Jonathan
Mister Jonathan

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Jonty: On Entering the House

Mister Jonathan's Day

As the eldest son of the family, Mister Jonathan has few responsibilities
As the eldest son of the family, Mister Jonathan has few responsibilities

Edwardian Life

A Typical Day in the House

How to Treat your Servants

The People: Jonty Olliff-Cooper

Edwardian Role: Mister Jonathan (eldest son)
Age: 18
Home: New Forest
Occupation: Anna Olliff-Cooper's eldest son

Life before Manor House
Jonty has just finished A' levels at Winchester College and leaves the house early to read history at Magdalen College, Oxford; the same college, incidentally that his grand-father attended in the 1900s. He enjoys athletics and rowing, and has a particular fascination in late Victorian and Edwardian social and political history.

Jonty is using this opportunity to escape the temptations of television, e-mail and the telephone. He is the family philosopher and is hoping the Country House experience will bring the family closer together.

"The chance to actually live in the style of a world that no longer exists is what I really look forward to."

Life in Manor House
In the house, Mister Jonathan probably has the most freedom and the least responsibility. As the eldest son, he is very much free to do as he wishes - within the bounds of etiquette, of course.

The rules state "As the Eldest Son, you should look up to the Master of the House and follow his example. You should respect his word as final and endeavour to enhance the position and good name of your Family. After all, your Family are new to this part of the country and it is in your interests to see that they establish a good reputation and position within society."


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