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Holly Sklar on Wages and Work
Worker on money
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June 13, 2008

Are we living the American Dream in reverse? Study after study has shown that rather than leading the world in economic mobility — the United States has become the most unequal nation in the western world. According to a new study reported in THE NEW YORK TIMES, "The chance that children of the poor or middle class will climb up the income ladder, has not changed significantly over the last three decades."

But it's not just a matter of joining the ranks of the wealthy. THE ECONOMIST put the matter starkly: "After you adjust for inflation, the wages of the typical American worker — the one at the very middle of the income distribution — have risen less than 1% since 2000. In the previous five years, they rose over 6%." Writer and activist Holly Sklar joins Bill Moyers to talk about the battle for "a living wage."

Holly Sklar

Holly Sklar is a nationally syndicated columnist, author, policy analyst and strategist. Her op-eds for McClatchy-Tribune News Service (formerly Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service) and Minuteman Media have appeared in hundreds of newspapers and online outlets. Sklar is the co-author of RAISE THE FLOOR: WAGES AND POLICIES THAT WORK FOR ALL OF US, which showed that raising the minimum wage to a living wage is necessary for workers and good for business and the economy. She is writing a book about revitalizing the American Dream.

Sklar is Director of Business for Shared Prosperity (BSP), a new national network of business owners and executives "committed to building enduring economic progress on a strong foundation of opportunity, equity and innovation." BSP is mobilizing business support for a higher minimum wage, guaranteed affordable healthcare and other policies.

Sklar is also senior policy advisor to the Let Justice Roll Living Wage Campaign, a leading faith, community, labor coalition working to raise the minimum wage to a living wage at the state and federal level ( Let Justice Roll has helped raise state minimum wages in 17 states, and played a key role in raising the federal minimum wage in 2007 for the first time in a decade. Sklar's other books include STREETS OF HOPE: THE FALL AND RISE OF AN URBAN NEIGHBORHOOD, the widely taught story of how the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative is rebuilding a long impoverished Boston community as a dynamic urban village. She is the author of CHAOS OR COMMUNITY? SEEKING SOLUTIONS, NOT SCAPEGOATS FOR BAD ECONOMICS and many other books and reports on domestic and international issues.

Published on June 13, 2008.

Guest photo by Robin Holland

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