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August 1, 2008

The tale told in "Capitol Crimes" is by nature complex and convoluted — and still evolving. We have provided updates on some of the players in the drama, as well as on changes in Congress, the Marianas Islands and on K Street. But that's just the beginning. Below you'll find a wealth of resources to delve further into the case and tools to track the flow of money in politics during the 2008 political season.

GLOSSARY: From ARMPAC to the Tigua Tribe — the Abramoff scandal and the money and politics in America.

BIOGRAPHIES: From Jack Abramoff to Willie Tan. Also, get updates on the fates of those implicated in the scandal.

Read the emailsTHE EMAIL TRAIL: View some of the emails featured in the Congressional hearings into the Abramoff case.

  • 11/12/1998: Ralph Reed to Jack Abramoff. ...I need to start humping in corporate accounts!
  • 04/06/1999: Jack Abramoff to Ralph Reed. ...Get me invoices as soon as possible...
  • 04/09/1999: Ralph Reed to Jack Abramoff. We have fronted $100K, which is a lot for us.
  • 04/22/1999: Jack Abramoff to Ralph Reed. Yeaaaa baaabbyy!! How the money movedHOW THE MONEY MOVED: View just one of the many ways that Jack Abramoff used intermediaries, non-profits and front organizations to funnel cash and obfuscate its origins. In this scheme, Abramoff's casino clients paid Reed millions to mobilize Christian opposition to competing gambling interests in Texas and Alabama.

    TIMELINE: From the College Republicans to the guilty pleas — the Abramoff timeline.

    DOCUMENTS: Read more from the government investigations including "Gimme Five" "Investigation of Tribal Lobbying Matters" and even the full plea deals. Also included, many multi-media efforts at untangling the Abramoff web from THE WASHINGTON POST, VANITY FAIR, NPR and others.

    SITES AND STATS: Find out who's funding your representatives. Web sites providing more information on Congressional ethics, lobbying, campaign reform ideas and Indian gaming.

    There's no doubt that the numbers are big. The number of registered lobbyists in Washington has doubled to more than 34,750 since 2000. Total lobbying spending in 2005 was 2.2 billion in 1998 1.44 billion. At least 850 trips with a total cost well over $4 million were paid for by non-profit organizations with one or more registered lobbyists on their boards. And it's not just the system at the federal level there were an average of five lobbyists and $130,000 in expenditures per state legislator in 2004.

    There is no question that the 2008 presidential campaign will be the most expensive in history. Take a look at some of the names who funded the parties in 2004 — Goldman Sachs and Wal-Mart. Want to find out who is funding the parties and the candidates this round? Click "Follow the Money Yourself."

    Published August 1, 2008

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    Go inside the world of Washington lobbying and the Abramoff case — follow the money; read the emails; investigate the legal documents and listen to Congressional hearings.

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