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Mountaintop Ministry

Allen Johnson co-founded and heads the advocacy group, Christians for the Mountains, an organization that summons Christians to help protect the environment, paying particular attention to the southern Appalachian Mountains region.

Since this segment originally aired in October 2006, Christians for the Mountains has joined up with other denominations in making mountaintop removal mining an issue of urgency among the creation care leaders nationwide. In May 2007, Allen and Roman Catholic priest Father John Rausch hosted religious leaders for a two-day tour of mountaintop removal sites, and at the end of the tour, the two dozen religious leaders signed a joint statement against mountaintop removal practices.

For first-hand insight into the mountaintop removal fight here is a brief essay from Allen Johnson:


On August 22, The New York Times published an article that began, “The Bush administration is set to issue a regulation on Friday [August 24] that would enshrine the coal mining practice of mountaintop removal.”

Enshrine. An oddly appropriate word, I thought. A biblical word, even. A place where dwell the gods. Like the gods of money, comfort, and power.

For over 2 years I have been involved with a network organization, Christians For The Mountains, to engage Christians and their churches to take on the moral question of mountaintop removal. The massive scale of beheading coal-bearing mountains, obliterating headwater streams, and building multi-billion gallon toxic slurry impoundments begs biblical and theological activity.

It is now clear the coal industry and their regulatory and political sidekicks care only about the dollar. An honest debate on the ethics and morality of mountaintop removal has not occurred. Like wolves salivating their chops over a field of lambs, the coal industry and their lapdogs in government now look upon coal-to-liquid technology as a new source of meat to feast their jaws. “Coal will bring prosperity to the state,” they trumpet; yet after more than a century of economic and political domination by the coal industry, West Virginia has one of the highest poverty rates in the country, especially in the southern coalfields. So much for prosperity.

Ok, churches, let’s have it. Is “it right by God” to permanently destroy the mountains, valleys, forests, streams, rich diversity of animals and plants, and local culture, to provide a few jobs, a tidy corporate profit, and a cheap light bill? For a couple of generations at most? Through exploiting an economically desperate, vulnerable, defenseless population?

We think not. “The earth is the Lord’s, and all it contains” is from the 24th Psalm that launched Christians For The Mountains two years ago at a gathering in Charleston, West Virginia. Simply put, this answered for us a decisive question: “Is nature our property to do with as we like? Or do we as humans have responsibility that corresponds to our privilege of living and gaining our sustenance within God’s creation?”

The majority of U.S. citizens identify with Christian faith. Christians have influence. Are you listening? Do you care? We implore your biblical, theological, and ethical thought and consequent faithful action.

And we’d like to hear from non-Christians, too. Do you think we Christians are measuring up to our standard?


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As much as we railed at George W. Bush's issue of more mountaintop removal permits we forgot the power of the coal-electric generation industry. Obama continues to issue the same kind of permits and to give lip service to a myth called "clean coal." Look at coal: It is carbon and hydrogen: How do you remove all the carbon (becomes CO2 with burning) from something made almost entirely of carbon and still produce energy. Even if the alchemy worked there is no place to dump or store the resulting CO2. It's just like nuclear. High grade uranium sources are nearly exhausted and it takes almost more energy to refine it (250 cycles) than it produces. Then you have the waste problem. Energy from nuclear waste is a toxic dead end too. Why are we storing French nuclear dregs from breeder reactors at Savannah River?

It's just like health care. The simple elegant solutions cut out capitalist profits. It proves how money trumps democracy under capitalism. We'll have solar when wealthy capitalists can meter the Sun. Remember, Obama needs the same criticisms as Bush on energy. He's controlled by the same interests. (Two parties: one elite constituency.)

Like many others who have written in, WE WANT AN EMAIL ADDRESS/name of org or somebody TO WRITE to effectively express our opposition to recent BUSH edict that restrictions be removed from coal companies doing mountain top mining. Should we just contact our Senate & House representatives? Is NRDC working on this? I want legal action and interdiction, not just empty promises.
Your as always wonderful show told us to come to this site to do something but there is nothing here.
thank you.

how can we express our opposition to recent BUSH edict that restrictions be removed from coal companies doing mountain top mining?

John & Dee Nasto

What happens in the mountains doesn't stay in the mountains. Admittedly, it is bad enough that a natural treasure and several watersheds are being sacrificed for profit, but it doesn't stop there. My local paper (Gaston Gazette of N.C.)recently reported emissions here were some of the highest and dirtiest in the state and nation. Duke Energy's coal fired plants provide electricity for the Charlotte region using that mountain top coal. (Our nuclear plants here are old and corroded, filled with used rods, and down for repairs or lack of river water most of the time.)The paper concluded with a press release from the generator saying their smoke was "not dangerous."
This paper never heard of mercury or other dangerous toxic emissions, I guess.

My little town is split by tracks where the coal cars deliver to those "Steam plants." The railroad recently mandated that the town suspend speed limits for its trains. They feel safety is overridden by the urgency of these deliveries. As my wife and I walked for exercise today I noticed one storefront had caution tape over its entrance. My career was in building inspection, and as we proceeded, I noticed that many structures near the tracks had undermined facades with masonry cracks, slipping lintels and broken glass from stress. I couldn't help but assume that it came from the faster and heavier gondolas carrying the coal. Our homes are probably affected too.

There is so little heavy manufacturing or non-retail commerce around here that many railroad tracks have been or are being pulled up and sold for scrap. I see this everywhere I travel in our country. Railroads are far cheaper than trucks for bulk delivery, and for passenger travel. There has been talk for many decades now but upgraded railroads and mass transportation (except for model projects to boost certain contractors and real estate speculators) have been slow to materialize.

I guess our little town will never get a train to Charlotte, even when the coal runs out. I will probably live to see the rails pulled up and our stores fall into the street. We'll continue eating mercury laden breaded fish fillets at the fish camp with slaw and fries until our livers and kidneys fall out.

People here should have solidarity with you-all in the mountains, but our preachers don't know about solar, and wind and geothermal and micro-hydro and they think Duke Power is God.

Bravo! It's inspiring to see that more Christians are taking responsibility for environmental problems. For too long, it seems that a majority of Christians have hidden behind various translations of the Bible (notably the Book of Genesis) as an excuse to pillage the world's resources.
But the debate about whether or not the oft cited verses of Genesis are, in fact, the original writings, is, to me, a moot point. A total reading of "The creation" in Genesis, regardless of which translation one reads, clearly states that God created everything, and that his creations (fowl of the sky, beasts of the earth, fish of the sea, etc.) were brought forth "abundantly" and God saw "that it was GOOD!".

So, why is it that so many Christians interpret nature's abundance and diversity "as bad?", when God is said to have felt quite the opposite about his creations?.
Many Christians cite God's mandate for humans "to go forth and multiply". Well, we can scratch that goal off the list; we've done that several billion fold over. Enough is enough! Christians also cite the passage in Genesis that humans are "to subdue" the earth. My recollection of religious studies was that early writings of this passage used a term that more closely meant "to steward" the earth, that is, "to care for it".
Any moron can pick a single phrase or word and twist a meaning to suit their prejudice. But a more complete reading of the Bible paints a picture of a God that created vast diversity in nature that was to be valued and cared for by humans.
Furthermore, it appears in Genesis that God's mandate for humans to utilize God's creations for food, shelter, etc. was limited to those resources made available in the Garden of Eden. I do not recall in the Bible that God gave carte blanc for humans to exploit resources worldwide until there was nothing left to exploit.
One can spend an eternity reading and arguing about scriptures written long ago, but if one believes in a God, it also makes sense to utilize the eyes you have been given to see what is happening in front of your face. Environmental destruction is ugly, painful, and harmful, even to humans. I think God would want people to use the brains they have been given to come up with solutions to bring God's creations back to a state of "abundance" so that God could say, once again, "that is was good!".

As Renaissance scholar Lynn White famously wrote in 1967, “We shall continue to have a worsening ecologic crisis until we reject the Christian axiom that nature has no reason for existence save to serve man.” His words remain true 40 years later, when religious conservatives in the United States view resource extraction as an inalienable right. Our natural resources are under growing threat from a torrent of new laws that encourage mining on federal land, weaken protection for species, habitat and wetlands, accelerate deforestation, and promote drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of earth’s few remaining pristine areas.

For millennia, peoples of nearly all cultures have been taught that humans are special in the eyes of their god or gods, and that the world is made for their benefit and use. This is made clear in Genesis 1:1, which states:

God blessed them and said to them, "Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground."

To further prove our superiority, and denigrate all other living things, God goes on to say:

Of all visible creatures only man is "able to know and love his creator." He is "the only creature on earth that God has willed for its own sake," and he alone is called to share, by knowledge and love, in God's own life. It was for this end that he was created, and this is the fundamental reason for his dignity. (Catechism of the Catholic Church #356)

The bible is extremely clear on the point that the Earth’s resources were put here for our benefit, for us to exploit, for us to use as we wish.

Then there is the Biblical admonition to increase in number to fill the earth. When written, in times when death rates were high, the population small and resources abundant, this mandate was easily justified. With over 6 billion people now calling earth home, the divine mandate to multiply might now be viewed in a different light from when promulgated 2000 years ago. Yet the Church remains unyielding. The official Church position was reaffirmed in 1995 by Pope John Paul II, who condemned all artificial contraception as a “conspiracy against life.” To their credit, 80% of Catholic couples in their reproductive years ignore the Pope on this issue; sex provides a powerful incentive to discount the ramblings of a celibate old man. But the Church’s position has real and tragic consequences, even if the laity rebel.

In Latin America and Africa, Bishops officially object to the use of condoms, instead recommending abstinence to prevent AIDS. The Bishops steadfastly hold this view even in Sub-Saharan Africa, where 26 million people are infected with AIDS, and more than 3 million more new infections occur each year. In Zambia, nearly 20% of the adult population is infected. Still, the Bishops loyally follow the Pope’s mandate.

But a rapidly-spreading AIDS epidemic is certainly not the only consequence of religious morality imposed on the question of family planning. Unwanted pregnancies in poor countries condemn women to an unrelenting cycle of poverty. Only when women gain control over their reproductive destiny and have access to education can the cycle be broken. But the Church, with a concerted campaign against condom distribution, actively seeks to prevent women from gaining such control. This policy contributes directly to the suffering of millions of people relegated to hunger, disease and illiteracy. The war against contraception, without concern for short-term suffering and the long-term consequences for human survival, is another sign that religious morality is deeply and tragically flawed.

This explicit religious mandate to exploit natural resources remains clear and unambiguous, in spite of recent efforts to harmonize religion and environmental sciences by numerous academic and international organizations, including The Forum on Religion and Ecology, the largest international multi-religious project of its kind, and the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, founded in 1936 by the Vatican to promote scientific progress compatible with the Church’s teachings.

The argument used by those seeking reconciliation between religion and environmental protection point to the integrity of all creation, or reverence for all things created by god, insisting that religion and concern for the environment are not only compatible, but have been so all along. Those are welcomed sentiments. In fact, as is frequently the case, the Bible contains contradictory passages about the natural world, reasonably allowing for such an interpretation. Old passages can also simply be reinterpreted to fit the facts or to be compatible with newly adopted ideas. Pope John Paul XXIII said in 1961:

Genesis relates how God gave two commandments to our first parents: to transmit human life—‘Increase and multiply’—and to bring nature into their service—‘Fill the Earth, and subdue it.’ These two commandments are complementary. Nothing is said in the second of these commandments about destroying nature. On the contrary, it must be brought into the services of human life.

But the harsh facts of human history belie this benign revisionist interpretation of the meaning of “subdue,” and the preponderance of unambiguous passages in the Bible giving mankind dominion over nature’s bounty argue against any idea that religion is environmentalism in disguise.

Aloha. Warmest wishes of support to all of you working to stop mountain top removal. I strongly oppose Bush's proposed move to increase mountain top removal. Let's put our energy into developing alternative sources of energy. They're out there in the sun and wind, and our creative people already have the technology.

I'm sorry to say that while still living in WV I voted for Joe for Gov. If I were still there I would be campaigning against him now. How dare he lead the support of mountaintop removal?!!! I never did vote for Bush but he has a heck of a lot of nerve ruining our WV mtns.! How would he like it if the next Pres. made a law ruining his beloved state? I think not!! God created those mtns. & if they are to be destroyed, it is up to God, not man. Well just remember, what goes around comes around & they (mtn. top destroyers) will get theirs in the end.

It's interesting that President Bush, who declares himself a born again Christian, would side with the people destroying God's Country. Why make it easier for coal companies to destroy the lands of these good Christian people? Who's side is the President on? Of course, his YES-MEN would argue this is in the interests of National Security and more coal must be made faster for the "war." And more jobs made faster too. God's Country has been here a lot longer. In serving God (not Mammon) is your real security. All this other is just "National In-security" and knee-jerk fearfullness--not the way of those truly Born Again! STOP THIS NON-SENSE NOW MR. PRESIDENT! Be a good steward of God's Country too!

I noticed that no one mentioned that WV's Governor also promotes coal as an alternative fuel source. WVU and Marshall even play the Friends of Coal Bowl Football Game every year now. A day doesn't go by that there isn't an ad either on TV or the radio about how good coal is. They use state known figures for these ads to make them even better. Don Blankenship runs an ad for Massey Coal that talks about all the good things Massey Energy has done for a coal comunity using the actual coal miners in the ad.
All that aside, other than Blankenship I am not sure I have ever really heard anyone actually promote strip mining (MTR). I do know that it has been going on for most of my life even in the more urban areas of the state. Of course in the urban areas it is masked as economic development, but if you pay attention you will notice that the development doesn't begin until most of the coal is removed. I grew up in what I guess would be the suburbs yet we had a coal tipple up the street from our house and it wasn't unusual to pass several on a way to any day trip we might make.
I remember when John Denver wrote Country Roads, he wrote it after driving through WV and being reminded of his home state of Colorado, but with one difference he said he felt closer to heaven here because the trees seemed to touch the sky. His song Rocky Mountain Sky was about both states when he said tear down a couple mountains to bring in a few more and my favorite part I'd rather be a poorer man than never touch the sky.
If we not careful in WV it won't matter what our Welcome Sign Slogan says because without our mountains we can't be either Wild and Wonderful, Almost Heaven or Open for Business because one of largest businesses is tourism and without the mountains and the natural beauty that they bring there won't be anything Wild and Wonderful about WV anymore.
Two final points: A lot of people believe strip mining is safer because you don't have to go underground. Two, for a lot of people who posted before me thank you for your support of the mountains but if you sign the petition or write to congress please get the name of the state correct THE STORY WAS ABOUT MOUNTAIN TOP REMOVAL IN THE STATE OF WEST VIRGINIA WHICH IS SEPARATE FROM THE STATE OF VIRGINIA AND HAS BEEN SINCE 1863.
Thank you Bill Moyer for doing this story and letting the nation know what is happening in our great state of West Virginia

Permanently destroying the land and polluting water resources to remove coal is insanity. Every citizen needs to speak out against the life-destroying practice of mountain top removal mining.

It enraged me to see people drinking poisonous water, to view the desolation left by coal mining, and to know that the Bush administration welcomes further maiming of the earth. Please let us know how we can fight the government's destruction of earth and people.
From the other segment on your show, I'm sure this email will be monitored by Big Brother Bush.

Comments are all well and good. However, actions speak louder than words. There seems to be a distinct lack of action on these issues. There is no apparent means to bring this will into focus. Time goes by and mountains don't grow on trees.

The response of hundreds of people through this blog and through personal email is most encouraging. Like hundreds of grassroots efforts across the USA seeking to build a more just society, Christians For The Mountains is trying to touch the hearts, minds, and spirit of the majority of Americans (and people across the globe) who have goood will.

We believe that the destruction of God's creation,and the exploitation of economically vulnerable people such as in the coalfield areas of WV and Kentucky, is simply unacceptable to most Americans. Those of us in the struggle to expose the blight of mountaintop removal are encouraged by Bill Moyers Journal bringing further light onto this "secret" and for the tremendous outpouring of viewers willing to "do something" such as write letters and inform their friends.

These most beautiful mountains, and the lovely people who dwell there, do not need to be memories, but rather be a testimony to the American people who rise up to stop an egregious mining process, and instill a fresh vision for this land.

Blessings to all who care!

--Allen Johnson
Christians For The Mountains

I am flabber gasted at the government's lack of positive reinforcement on this issue. Where are all the people that are concerned for the public's welfare?? I can not believe that President Bush is not concerned about this as well as those in Congress.
It should be everyone's right to have clean water and be able to bath without having to fear the consequences of doing so. . This just really disgusts me that coal companies can have a handle on deviating effects to the environment and a community in order to make a buck. I feel for the families have suffered due to the lack of potable water. I also feel for the wild animals that just try to live in harmony and have had their homes destroyed or have been killed from the removal and disposal. The people of the community are doing the right thing. You are all in my prayers and well wishes. I hope the government decides to stop this natural terrorist crime and start appreciating Mother Earth before it’s too late.

Stop the mountaintop mining! No one has the right to destoy our environment for the sake of greed. It is outrageous.

I do however beleive that this is symptomatic of the entire environment worldwide. In my life I have witnessed the decay of lakes, rivers and wooded areas that were a part of my youth as unrestrained development took it's toll. It is not merely evil miners and thoughtless legislators that are to blame. It's all of us.

What has become clear is that there are now too many of us competing for too few resources. They estimate that a sustainable human population is just less that 1 billion people. We past that landmark 150 years ago. When Kennedy was innaugurated in 1960 there were 3 billion people. We are now at almost 6.5 billion. Even with birth rates dropping there is an additional 300,000 humans at the end of each day.

My question is: Can we humans as a species make the hard decisions necessary to control our birth rates in order to avoid our own extinction?

I'm boggled that anyone could would allow this monstrous scale of environmental destruction, and then go one step further to make matters worse.

Clean air to breathe, fresh clean water to drink should be basic rights, to be able to live in an environment that will not endanger your health or the health of generations to come.

Shame on those who would place a priority on wealth of a few for the moment over the long term devastation left in it's wake.

What jobs are worth the knowledge that this once pristine and pure land has been eradicated?

You might think a few narrow minded industrialists for a focus on profit, you might think some faceless corporation.

You might think that those responsible have so far eluded the authorities, you might think that. But to learn that the President of the United States of America, the man charged with the responsibility of caring for the people of this country, of keeping them safe and well - how could that one person even think for one minute that so much polution and poison could be a good thing and change laws to allow it?

It's incredible that one administration could cause so much misery and devastation in such a short time, though I'm not one bit surprised as I was highly suspect of this crew even before they were "elected". It is critical to our survival as a nation that we elect as clean a slate as possible in 2008. Perhaps the Christians who voted for this idiot have finally seen the light. If not, it's to bad because we will deserve what we get.

I wrote to Mr. Dennis Rice ( regarding the proposed regulations and the difficulty of an ordinary citizen understanding it and its impact. He replied with this brief reference to additional interpretive resources:

Dear Mr. Benedict:

Thank you for your inquiry. I’m not sure what you mean by a “layman’s digest” of the proposed rule, but I think the FAQs at this website might prove helpful: They are designed to provide less technical explanations of the proposed rule and its impacts, as well as responses to some of the articles published about the proposed rule.

The draft environmental impact statement (DEIS) for the proposed rule also might be a bit easier to understand, especially with respect to the impacts of the rule, although it is lengthy. The DEIS can be found here:

Hope these help,


I found the FAQ somewhat helpful, but the net result is that the proposed regulation seems to be buried in codependence on Congressional action in 1977 and later. It seems as if the interpretation presented is that the law is the law and regulations cannot exceed the law! So, the plan of citizen action seems to be to push Congress for new, stricter legislation.

I was hoping to find a Bill that would cause MTR to stop and to urge my Reps or Senators to support it. Anyone know of such? Thanks, mary

How in American can we be so environment conscience to destroy/scar forever the land for all purposes, water,soil,and beauty for a greed of the almighty dollar. God Help Us ALL.

Bush's law to continue to allow mountain top removal must be quashed.

I am opposed to the idea that the president has allowed, and made easier, the waste and destruction of our land, wildlife, and water supplies. It has to stop.

I feel for the people of the communities whose livelihoods depend on the mining of coal, but we need to think beyond the immediate needs and into the future and the encompassing effects of our choices. Having money to "feed our families" is meaningless if these same families will die, or be sick, possibly for life (shortened life, at that) because of the environmental damage and pollution caused by the source of that income.

We must look beyond the here and now, beyond the next meal, or utility bill, or mortgage payment, and into the effects of the present on our futures, and the well-being of our children's children, and their children, and so forth.

President Bush needs to change his mind. And we need to help him!

People of all faiths and no faith can recognize this tragedy for what it is, unless their God-given conscience is completely seared. Sadly, we who call ourselves evangelical and who claim to be following Jesus are only now rousing to the call of God to care for his Creation. It is so encouraging to see faithful Christians like Allen Johnson and Father John Rausch raising the alarm about the lives and landscapes being destroyed by reckless mining. God bless you, friends.

As a WV resident, my heart is breaking over this.... MTR is devastating the state that my great-grandfather settled in. There is absolutely NO excuse for this....there are better ways to extract coal that are not so damaging to the landscape. I have contacted my representatives and wrote letters to the President to no avail thus far.

And for the person that mentioned we need to vote Democrat to stop all this.... our state, WV, is RUN by Democrats and their pockets are lined with coal money. This practice has been allowed to go on for almost two decades. This is not a political issue or a coal vs. no-coal issue.

Please contact your representatives and urge them to support The Clean Water Protection Act (H.R.2169)....if this passes, it will hinder MTR greatly. And spread the word so the veil of secrecy on this practice can be lifted and Massey Energy can be held accountable.

We are all responsible for what is happening across the coalfields of Appalachia. It is hard for most people to fathom the intricate relationship between cities and the rural areas whose resources helped build and continue to sustain them on a daily basis. Look at the hysteria a black out in NYC causes. What will it take to wake us up? To understand the stultifying effect our cities cause our country neighbors we must be shocked out of our ease. The carbon replacement movement currently in vogue should specifically address the damage done to rural areas just as any 12 step program addresses those we have wronged. Because the addiction we all share is for cheap electricity. Let us give thought to our own actions and their consequences on down the line.

It is the birthright for every living thing to have the ability to breath clean air and drink clean water.
I am sure G.W. Bush is a believer in clean air and clean water for himself because he eats organic foods. Which are grown in pristine conditions.

Like so many others, I wept to see the short-term greed-driven destruction of so many life forms and the lives of so many people. This administration has let the best of our nation be ransacked by corporate profit takers. How can I convey my comments to the right people during this 60 day period?

I was completely blown away after watching your program yesterday. I'd like to help, speak out all the way from New Jersey.

Unbelievable!! How can this possibly be allowed to happen? Please keep this at the forefront of PBS - I am going to tell everyone I know to watch this program so they can be as outraged I am. Thank you for all you do.

Dear Mr. Moyers,
I have not been able to sleep after seeing your segment on the wanton destruction of so much beauty and natural splendor as was in West Virginia.
Thank you for exposing this viscious and total disregard for anything or anyone in the way of greed.
Please find a space in your future programs to let us all know how we can stop this horror from continuing.
Dawn Gerrity

What in the world is going on? How can Congress let this insanity continue? Have we lost all sense of right and wrong? Why are these victims needing to fight for what most would consider basic safe living conditions? This story exposes yet another sickening way we are not caring for our earth and our fellow Americans! God help us.

This is one of the most beautiful and worthy Christian efforts I have ever heard about. Their fight to pull their region out of what looks much like 3rd world poverty is inspiring. I want to add my voice to theirs in saying that President Bush is wrong in allowing the coal industry to continue mountain top removal.

This is a terrible situation.
These people are being treated like trash for the sake of big business. This is more evidence of capitalism as a sinful activity, which Pope John Paul warned against.

Both of your stories this week point to the same necessary conclusion-- immediately IMPEACH BUSH & CHENEY!!!

The total devastation caused by coal mining in West Virginia should be seen as one of many predictable results of an energy policy that continues to prevent any significant investment in research and development of alternative clean energy resources. The U.S. OPEC conflict of the 1970s illuminated the problem very clearly, but because the U.S. government along with mass media is owned by big business, we invest virtually nothing in seriously developing alternative technologies, while we simultaneously subsidize the fossil fuel industries to the tune of trillions of dollars (calculated by including the costs of maintaining a world wide military apparatus over decades to protect "our" strategic resources).

I rushed to the bottom of this comments page to be sure I actually wrote something. Too many times I have read so many comments on a subject that I felt everything had been said. But that is like thinking, "sure the house across the street is on fire but somebody will call the fire department about it". I believe it's time to realize that quite a lot of things are burning out of control- there is much that we all need to bring water or all will be smoldering ashes. This new "law" that this illicit adminstration proposes now does the same thing to these lovely landscapes as any action this band of criminals has inflicted on our laws, our military, our people and our constitution. The obliterated mountaintop is the crass and craven foreign policy as sure as the choking fouled streams and rivers represent our stifling dangerous loss of liberty and prevasive hatred of freedom. Who hates out freedom? We are told Al Quaeda but the patriot acts and new formulas for corporate ransack with no liability tell us otherwise. We all must pick an issue dear to us and we must realize who the terrorists that directly endanger really are. They wear business suits with flag pins on the lapels. They tell us to kill innocent foreigners while letting the real evildoers flee hide and grow strong. They spend our blood and future in an internatioanl game of chicken- seeking to control the world oil supply and "stay on top". They seek not to rule by best intents of our people but by a raw fearful and cowardly threat of preemptive violence where no horror is too horrible not to be considered. These mountains and the land and the people are just more victims of this serial killing spree. Whatever our interests or our differences we must unite against the all encompassing threat personified by the Bush administration. In the past there has been no american leader so dangerous so unlawful and so willing to bring our very house down around us all.

OMG, does this president have no shame at all? Eternity is a long time for him to pay for all his sins against God's planet.

Yet another example of the incompetency of the Bush Administration and its inability to look forward into the future rather than rub its greedy little hands together and say "gimme". Mountaintop removal is just another one of those ideas you should categorize as "better if it was never thought of". Do not let one man's ignorant idea ruin an entire state's drinking water.

Mr. Moyers:

With regards to the story about the mountains, I see too very hopeful signs:
(1) The fact that you did the story; and
(2) The reaction that the story has been receiving.

After hearing your story, I opened the Bible to where Mosses tells the Lord, "The people cannot come up, because you commanded us to consider the mountain sacred and to mark a boundary around it." (Exodus 19:23)

If God directly commands us to consider His mountains sacred, then we should listen.

I consider the mountains to be the temples that God built for us. Just as we would not allow the Sistine Chapel to be torn down and destroyed, we must not allow the temples that God created to be torn down and destroyed.

According to the Native Americans, "One of the Natural laws is that you've got to keep things pure. Especially the water. Keeping the water pure is one of the first laws of life. If you destroy the water, you destroy life." (Wisdomkeepers by Steve Wall and Harvey Arden)

Virginia Tech is doing research on switch grass as a fuel source particularly suited to growing in Virginia. They are looking for it to produce ethanol. It can also be used as a bio mass fuel to make pellets for pellet stoves or pellet boilers. I read an article that said two acres of switch grass grown in Maine would heat a normal sized home for the winter. If it can be grown in Maine, it should grow in the West Virginia Mountains. Could switch grass and wind farms replace some of the income from coal?

Dont we teach children to clean up a mess that they created? It is as if these hacked up mountains reduced to massive craters filled with black sludge are the spilled milk of some undisciplined child incapable of forward thinking and yet again it is just that spoiled Bush youngster stepping onto the bible to reach the counter and into the cookie jar with both hands.

No doubt at church Bush has endured hearing some of the extolling of the divinty of nature or the warnings of hubris in the lesson of the expulsion from the Garden of Eden.
But it is as if the Divine and complex beauty of the earth, its hills, streams and thoroughly complex ecosystems were just a boring theme park to be whined through by this elected bully until he gets to the glistening $nack stand and gift shop so that a sickening and unabated level of gorging can take place while elected adults who know better just look away.

And so Bush's greedy behaviors toward the enviroment show a stunning inability to reflect on there being enough for everyone on line as if he just simply doesnt have the foresight to see past the sticky sugary counter.

The total area of China is about 9.6 million km2. Among the terrestrial ecosystems, cropland area is about 1.33 billion ha, 78% of which is degraded land; forestland area is about 1.75 billion ha, 72% of which is forest deterioration; grassland area is 3.99 billion ha, 90% of which has already degraded. Derelict mining land area is about 6 million ha, which is increasing by 12,000 ha/year. So far, only 8% of the total derelict mining land area has been reclaimed. A total lake area of 1.3 million ha has been lost since 1950; 50% of the coastal wetlands has been reclaimed. The mangrove area has declined from 40,000 ha in 1957 to 18,841.7 ha in 1986. With a total of 0.18 billion ha of water area, over 50% of it has been polluted to type III–V in terms of the Chinese Water Quality Standard Classification System. Oceanic area is about 4.73 billion ha, over 1.6% of which is also polluted. Environmental pollution is very severe in China, especially the environmental problems in rural and agricultural areas. Water resource is severely lacking and most river ecosystems are facing deterioration. The oceanic environmental problem is still fearful. Water and soil eroded areas have been increasing year after year and have become the most severe environmental issue in China. In addition, land desertification, prairie deterioration, and land salination have been increasing at an accelerating rate. Forest function has weakened and the current environment in derelict mining land areas are headachy. Biodiversity has been destroyed badly. The reasons for the deterioration of China’s environment are diverse, such as the pressure of a large population, industrialization, and its markets. The deterioration of the ecological index has already affected the current economic index and prospective economic growth directly and obviously.

I have family that live in the Smokey Mountains. Hands down, that is probably some of the most amazingly beautiful land on our planet. When you take the top off of a mountain, besides the environmental impact (which is irreversible) it is just hideous! We've already screwed many animals out of their natural habitats and even driven a few to extinction. It could happen to us, too, if we don't take some serious, evasive action, immediately!

How much more do we think our planet can take of all the digging and draining and poisoning, before it reacts? We are a parasite, and not a very good one! At least, a leach will give back to its host! We just take, take, take! Don't people realize that there is only as much air on this planet to breathe as there are trees to make it? If we keep tearing up our forests on this planet, we will wake up one day, gasping for air and unable to quench our thirst with potable, clean water, I promise!

That accidental pepto water color change thing, SHOULD BE AN EYE OPENER FOR US ALL!

THIS PRESIDENT IS OUT OF HIS MIND with his approval of more aggressive coal mining!

I'm glad it's not up to me to forgive that bastard for the sins he has committed against God's creation (the Earth) and its inhabitants.

I honestly don't understand how that man can even look at himself in the mirror and think he's a decent guy... Between the war in Iraq, his insistence on using the "maximum allowable torture" on captives, to all the lies that got us there, and, now, this... (I digress)

My point is, who's going to feed the world, or US, for that matter, after we screw up OUR country? (And, thanks to our President, who on the planet will want to?)

China already gets its food from everywhere but China! Soon, South America will doze all of its trees, and then, what?

Am I the only one here to whom it seems the leaders of the world are all smoking KrAk?

How can one really be surprised any more? Yet another example of Bush's hypocrisy & insatiable greed.

I wonder if Christians not only feel swindled but responsible. After all they voted for Bush (twice). Guess that's what you get when you put someone in the White House who claims that g*d personally talks to him. If you believed him then, why not now? because you're lives have been negatively affected? Well maybe some good could come of this, if as a result Americans stop being programmed sheep and re-learn to question authority.

Now there are Environmental Christians & Mountain Christians, etc. Taking care of our environment is just plain common sense, but unfortunatley that's not good enough for most Christians. Again, they need validation from a "higher power" to justify anything and everything -whether it be good or evil.

This is just another example of the complete disregard this administration has for anything and everybody--unless there's a way for them to profit from it. If they can ignore the Constitution, why should they show any concern for such a minor thing as this? How this disgusting, supposed-Christian could ever have been elected by supposedly intelligent people is beyond me. It's fine to have a religious opinion if you care to--but his election shows what the terrible consequences of blind faith can be. Obviously, his action regarding the authorization of additional devastation in West Virginia should be defeated. And then he, and all his miserable cronies who are directly responsible for so much death and misery in the world, should be impeached and made to face the severe penalties they so richly deserve.

It continues to astound me that the United States, although advanced in many practices, is still so ill versed in the subject of sustainability and the practice of green design. In 2006, I had the opportunity to tour several global corporations headquartered in Germany where green engineering is law. The "green" movement in Germany began in the 1940s timeframe when the Rhine was literally obliterated by pollution. It took the Rhine several decades to return to a "living" body of water where fish, wildlife, and even humans flourish. It pains me to hear that "mountain tops are being blown off" for coal purposes and that the residents surrounding these areas do not have drinkable (potable) water. How many years will it take to make green engineering law in the United States? How long will it take to regain "living" mountain tops and "living" streams? Precious communities and an even more fragile world are at risk. May I recommend to the coal-mining companies that are polluting, depleting, and destroying our natural resources reading a book called "Mid-course Correction" by Ray Anderson, founder, president, and CEO of Interface. The United States of America are the largest users of all natural resources and it needs to be regulated and governed at a much larger scale. Press for green engineering practices to become law in all states for our future's sake.

Dear Mr. Moyers,I too,was moved and horrified by your report on the plight of good people of West Va.Thank you for all you do to keep us informed first of all.Secondly,I will be getting in touch with my local represntative to find out what I can do to stop the devastation of my country by these corporate behemoths.Again,thank you for the wake up call on this important NATIONAL issue.Best Regards,Brad Scharf

Whatever a person's religious convictions are, we believe that it is proper and necessary for that person (and all people) to exercise responsible stewardship of our planet's resources.
As Christians, we are not opposed to the mining of coal, but the destruction of the terrain by "mountain top mining," as practiced in this issue of BMJ, is a travesty of responsibility.
By facilitating this practice, our "Christian" president is ignoring his obvious responsibility to West Virginia, its people, our country, and our world.

Dear Mr. Moyers, Thank you for all yu have been doing over decades (I am even older than you), clarifying, teaching, giving courage, and being honest about our often dwindling hopes.
Mountain top removal is the epitomy of how devoid of real and realistic plans for the county's energy needs this administration is, and how few are those who have the vision and are in a position of power to speak out, speak loudly, telling Americans what each and everyone of us needs to do and live by to save the environment, making clear that there are no islands in the end, where we can hide and our greed will save us.
Johanna Sayre

Mr. Moyer,
Thank you for this informative program. I was horrified to see our beautiful mountains being destroyed by the greed of a few to the cost of so many; the cost being their health, the right to clean water, and the loss of another of God's creation. These big corporations work on the premise that the world is their's to fulfill their need for needless luxuries and shameless wealth, while their fellow man goes without the basic needs for life -- clean air and water. President Bush robs our country of its natural beauty and most of all, robs our U.S. citizens of their health and welfare by backing corporations like Massey, that is enabling them to continue this devastation. He must address this national tradegy and do what he swore to do, "PRESERVE, defend and PROTECT our nation". I believe that covers helping the people of Virginia and all American citizens facing these same injustices.


I must say that after seeing your segment on the coal industry in West Virginia, I was sickened and degusted. Sir, I don't think of myself as a religiously oriented and certainly I would never deny a person their right to practice their faith...But Sir, being just a human, a child of this grand Universe...But for those would do practice a religion all they would have to ask themselves is..."Is this what my God would want me to do"? Christians ask this how Jesus would treat this great gift from God we call Earth? Any for those who do not consider themselves religious… What sense does it make to destroy this grand host on which your very survival depends???

I see people in this great land and all around the world that struggle everyday to just live...How can we as Americans justify how we have allowed this administration to treat us, destroy our Constitution and pollute this great Earth on which we live...How if a 100 years from now man is still alive, will our children think about this critical point in time...Is the answer so obvious, yet we are we so blind...will they look back and wonder how it is that we never saw what was coming...

Kevin Dadian
Garrison, NY

Wind farms would look great on the top of those mountains. They would not pollute the water and the air.

Blasting the mountains in poor rural areas of West Virginia appears to be another chapter in America's "war on the poor" for the benefit of the wealthy. We disregard the value of a life if it is poor with broken teeth, and with poorly educated slang. We treat the rural people as expendable for the comfort of the wealthy. This attitude so often seen in our "foriegn policy" is also local. New Orleanians, the Appalachian, ...we should hang our heads in shame, not just for the disregard of our land and environment, but for our greedy disregard of human life.

The destruction of the West Virginia Mountains is an abomination. Every right thinking elected official should be voting against its continuance. This is just another example of this admininstrations destruction of the world as we knew it.

Thank you for your show tonight. We need to know this and I will be in touch with my ELECTED representatives.

I urge the Bush Adminisatration to stop destroying West Virginia and help these people get clean water. The American people are tired of
being held hostage for the sake of big business and the land being destroyed by short-sighted businessmen like Blakenship.

Mountain top removal too costly for the affects upon human life and the environment there for should not be done.

Mr. Moyers;

I was horrified by the images on West Virginia's Mountaintop Removal. My fervent congratulations, this is first-class television, and I am surprized you dare air it. The Coal Barons must hate your guts to the bottom of their darkest souls.

This is just one very minor aspect of what is wrong in this country: your Constitution. It does not limit financial contributions to political parties or individuals, and specify that election costs are to be borne by the Taxpayer only (We, the People), not by Special Interests. Politicians are being bribed by Big Business to the point that the FDA and FTC are run by the Food and Pharmaceutical Giants, who want everyone in this country to be sick, so they can sell more drugs, or poison more foods to get more people to eat more, and make more money. It's all about the bottom line, and if people get sick or killed in the process, they couldn't care less. How unamerican! Look at Vioxx by Merck. Unfortunately, the Media do not expose these excesses, as they are too afraid of losing advertizing revenue. I happen to be aware of legislation in other European countries. Over there, the following is absolutely illegal:

-Fluoride in City water,
-Hormones or steroids in cattle,
-Make donations over, say, $ 3,000,00 per annum, per political beneficiary,
-Adding cancer-causing preservatives and colorings in foods, such as sodium nitrates, sodium nitrites, you name it.
-Medical Advertizing over TV to a medically unqualified public. Apart from NZ, the US is the only country in the world to use that public brainwashing technique.

With all the excesses of American Big Business at the expense of the American Population, I expect this country to self-destruct and sadly become a second or third rate Nation, which I do not wish upon it. Think about it, Medical Schools are not allowed to teach MD's about the benefits of Holistic Sciences, Plant Medicine,Nutrition, Prevention, Acupuncture, Osteopathic Techniques, you name it, As a result, an MD only knows about surgery and Chemical/Synthetic Medicine, to the point that I don't consider MD's qualified to practice Medicine and I have personal experience on that point. Present-day Western medicine has existed for only a mere hundred years, whilst many proven cures have been around for several thousand years, but are discredited by fake bribed scientific research paid for by... you guessed it! Example: Gangrene. Cured by topical application of raw honey, as described on the walls of the tombs of the Pharaos. They still use it in Mexico (they probably got it from the Aztecs, Maya or Olmecs), but over here they prefer chopping off a leg, as surgery is way more profitable than a $10.00 jar of honey. Besides, Business Interests want you to think there is no cure for cancer: nothing is further from the truth, just look for cures on the Internet, and ignore Quackwatch's website. He was sued in Court and had to admit under oath that his website is funded by the Pharmaceutical Industry! Talk of a deflating balloon! If I had been able to get to the late Peter Jennings, he would still be around today. I call Business Interests the Holocaust of the American People. And sadly, West Virginia is just one underlying symptom of the American Malaise, constituted by the everlasting greed of the Multi-Nationals to increase their bottom line regardless of consequences to the American People.
You can always e-mail me if you need advice, as I've done all the research, and you probably don't have the time anyway. By the way, I am motivated, so I don't charge a fee either. I just report what I see on the Internet. I think that is still protected under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

We must not let this change go through. We are squandering precious resources for the sake of our insatiable desire for energy. We must unite to fight the coal industry and the Bush Administration's efforts to plunder our national heritage for a fast buck.

I'm sure that everyone in their right mind will agree that the love of money is the root of all evil. Therefore, the destruction of our country's resources, the despoiling of the land for profit is immoral. As a Chritian, I deplore this, and have a hard time with my Methodist President allowing this. It is not God's Will, not why He gave us this beautiful country. Despoiling things of beauty for profit is a sin.

I am deeply conflicted by my dependence upon this industry for everthing from powering my house to keeping keeping batteries in my flashlight. But there has to be a better way to do this than destroying our natural treasures. We must as a nation make using clean energy a priority, reverse Bush's directive and stand up for the future of our land. I will definitely be visiting

While we can hound the Administration to rescind the recent bill to ease restrictions on the coal mining industry - as we should - coal workers need to be presented with immediate employment alternatives. They can't possibly be supportive of a what would be understood as a reduction in their work.

So, let's go, Wind Turbine Manufacturers! Head to WV to train the locals on new wind turbine technology and installation.

And maybe the local coal company there can reverse the PR effects of Bill Moyer's excellent reporting: employ its workers to somehow mitigate its environmental disaster! The project would appear to require decades of both engineering and pure labor. That would be the right thing to do.

(let me be deluded for just a while longer please).

It is indescribable to see mountains that are millions of years old savagely torn apart and destroyed forever! This should be covered by every possible form of media in this country and beyond. We MUST elect people as leaders who have a vision for the future that will diminish the footprints we all leave on the earth and that will legislate and regulate accordingly! The greed and short term profits of this type of venture are absolutely despicable and revolting.

These are the same evangelical Christians who put the current president in office. They were interested at the time in stepping on the constitutional rights of others in the name of "faith".
No, I don't like to see the beautiful state of West Virginia destroyed nor the lives of these recently awakened citizens.
Where is Robert Byrd in all this? or is there any point in asking.

No industry should have the right to continue operating at the expense of the communities surrounding it. When it comes to polluting and destroying, we are ALL downstream from the coal industry. I stand behind the efforts of Christians for the Mountains.

Martin Luther King said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter". It's time to take action. We can not rebuild mountains and reconstruct nature. Why aren't we rioting in the streets about this? Unbelievable!

This is an environmental human rights issue. People have the inalienable right to live without being poisoned. It is murderous negligence to destroy the environment in a way that routinely poisons people.
America is an industrial democracy, not a collage of feudal states.

Believers and non-believers have this in common: we all breathe the Earth's air, we all need the Earth's water, we all require an ecology that is clean, diverse, and sustainable in order to live. I do not live near the source of such degradation of the Earth, but I weep for those subjected to the damaging effects of the money-grubbing conglomerates. And I will fight for their rights with my vote and my dollars. Alone we may struggle. United we may stand and win.

I do not understand the logic behind ruining this beautiful land. Our strength is our land. We can not take back the harm that has been done but we must insist on stopping the raping and pillaging of Mother Earth! The Mountains have been beheaded, stop digging and build wind turbines and/ or solar panels. We can feed our need for energy, create new jobs and slowly heal the scars both human and natural.
By the way, I am not religious, I do believe firmly in takeing care of our home, whether it be the four walls that protect us or the land we walk on.
May Love and Intelligence be with you!

At, you can sign a petition and write your representative about the Clean Water Protection Act, HR 2169, which will help to stop mountaintop removal. When you sign up, you can spread the word to your friends. If they did not get a chance to see the Moyers special, they can watch videos and read articles about specific communties and people on the website, as well as use Google Earth to view mountaintop removal sites.

This is the biggest environmental & human rights tragedies occurring in America today! Please do all you can to help!

"Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God."

During viewing of the mountain top coal mining activities tonight, we were extremely disgusted with the tragic scenes of what should be considered criminal activity. And now the master terrorist of the world has given permission for additional and even more destructive rape of the Appalachian mountains and other regions. This will ensure even more destruction and exploitation of our natural resources for the enrichment of the already richest segment of United States and foreign destroyers of our environment. As a nation we should all be ashamed of these illegal actions and take steps to punish those who perpetrate them on our country. We owe allegiance to our country not to a rouge administration that admittedly boasts that it has the power to do what it can conjure up and chooses in their secret poisonous exchanges amongst their inner circle

Shocking. Outrageous. This must stop!

It is good to know that Christians are overcoming their conservative selfishness and taking an interest in doing God's will. We were placed on the earth to be caretakers not destroy the earth and kill each other.

Bill Moyers a breath of fresh us a little respite from the constant daily feelings of synicism and delusion created by the shocking depletion of any confidence in the doings of and the growing ignorance of our administration and the congress. I am so grateful for and pray for just a little of this courage that Bill demonsrates. The power that the executive branch now wields should make all of us encircle the white house and demand that the emperor sit down and be quiet for he is drunk and we are all enablers! Usually I am quiet and choose not to express such feelings....and with the direction of the current patriot's act, it is quite possible I could now be blacklisted for is just a small cry in the direction of my outrage! The images of what is being done to the mountains of West Virginia are beyond heart breaking and effects ALL life. We are ALL being asked to wake up and sign the petition:

I was just on the website for environmental action. There is a letter you can sign there about this mining practice.

I was very moved by the West Virginia story. As a teacher of young children, a parent, and a woman that loves the earth, I would like President Bush to know that we depend on him to make better choices and decisions because so very much is at stake and he holds such sway. Please reconsider and seek better advise...people with vested financial interests aren't going to give you reliable advise that goes against their personal, immediate interests. We are the sentinels that must protect this fragile planet for our children...Please, please, the right thing.

I am a California born son of two native West Virginians, and that story was heartbreaking. I did what was recommended and have contacted the Federal Government to request an OSM hearing to stop Surface Mining in West Virginia. And I contacted my local Congressman and requested that he sign HR2169 - The Clean Water Protection Act. *Thank you Bill Moyers and PBS for bringing this autrocity to our attention. And God bless The Christians for the Mountains. >

As a native West Virginian I am appalled and grieving over the destruction of my beautiful state. West Virginia’s mountains are (or were) her crowning glory, and I wonder how Senators Byrd and Rockefeller can stand by and do nothing? Of course George Bush would applaud and encourage the dismantling of Nature’s handiwork if it means riches to corporations, and to hell with the people who must bear the consequences of this atrocity. At least he is consistently outrageous.

Thanks for the information about mountaintop removal mining. Special thanks to Vernon Haltom for the very specific ways to take action, which I intend to do right now.

The President, George Bush, continues to disappoint me and millions of others. I would think he would like the good will of the people of West Virginia but there must be too few to be of use to him. Let them endure black water and dead fish in their streams, seems to be his wish for those unfortuntate people.

I am deeply disturbed by President Bush's recent comments that the American people have to accept this horrible coal mining and destruction of the mountain tops because the energy is necessary for the country to function. Mr. Bush has made a tragic mistake in easing the restrictions for coal mining and once again shows his complete disregard for all our beautiful natural resources and for the earth that God has given us. The new law must be rescinded at once.

You don't have to be a Christian to realize the shameful actions taken by our inept President have yet again helped big money; in this case, coal mining interests. Once more, Bush proves he has no concern for the viability of our environment, nor for the generations to come who are now forced to suffer through his legacy of poor decisions and self-interests.

It's disgraceful all those people living in the communities below mountaintop removal mining have had to live with unsafe water for so many years. I commend those activists who began their crusade believing they had no power to affect change. It is my hope more people, ordinary citizens, will realize they actually do have a voice and mobilize to stop this irresponsible fool.

I was born in 1941 in the mountains of Ky. My uncle was a coal miner,and later owned mines. I know the value of coal to the mountain economy. But the pollution of the water and the destruction of the land is too high a price to pay. President Bush has once again allies himself with industry and the wealthy while he ignores the land and the people.

Charles May

We are all human. There is only one Earth for us to share until the end of time. When will we make these corporations pay for their misuse of lands and the injuries they inflict on innocent people? I'm glad to hear that the government laid pipe for their clean water. Now they need to make the coal companies clean up the slurry so the ground water doesn't get polluted. President Bush, please do not allow this to continue anywhere in our country. We disagree with President Bush for signing that these coal companies could increase production. This should not be allowed anywhere.

IF you want to help stop Mountaintop Removal / Valley Fill coal mining, make sure your U.S. representative has signed on to HR2169, the Clean Water Protection Act (CWPA).

As a journalist, I've been writing about mining in southern West Virginia for a decade. My first story was the first national article on mountaintop removal in 1997 in U.S. News & World Report. My recently released book, Moving Mountains, traces the past decade of both citizen struggle and the lawsuits over the buffer zone and valley fills. Most of all, it's a heroic story about Patricia Bragg, the lead plaintiff of the landmark lawsuit, and inspirational personal triumphs, as well as victories against coal companies. She is very Christian, and hopes her story inspires other Appalachians to fight for a better life in the coalfields.

Dear Mr. Moyers,
Thank you for presenting your program about the desecration of the earth that is occuring in West Virginia. We the people of this beautiful country need to know what is happening here. No one has the right to destroy the earth and the water as is being done in that state. Where is our "compassionate" government in this situation? Congress - please do something to stop this atrocity.

Dear Mr. Moyers,

Thank you so much for presenting this issue on your Journal. If part of the penalties for the environmental destruction could be channeled into creating alternative energy sources, the Massey owner could potentially re-create himself as a hero rather than a villain. This story has the potential of leading to the development of Massey fuel alternatives and those with the finances and research experience coming in to guide the owner towards a better compromise between profits and stewardship of the earth. This story has the potential of becoming an example for other leaders needing transitional guidance from coal and the rape of the earth to environmentally friendly fuel technologies. Hoping there will be a Part II that presents sustainable, clean solutions that lead to greater harmony between heaven and earth.

Thank you for bringing this environmental tragedy to light. It is not just happening to West Virginia. This raping of the land is effecting us all.

Not a surprise that President Bush is again on the wrong side when it involves the environment.

We all need to lobby for stronger environmental laws.

Thank-you for choosing this as one of your PBS specials, Mr. Moyers. The part of your show that sticks in my mind is the 1984 film clip of the CEO of the coal mining company, admonishing us that, like it or not, we'd all better get used to the fact that ours is a capitalist society and the survival of the most profitable business is how things are. His comments sent chills up and down my spine. It's good to see people with faith getting on to this. That CEO, in essence, told those people in his own community that they'd all just have to put up with the depletion of their resources and the destruction of their environment, because his company's profit-grabbing push supercedes humanity's responsibility to care for the earth and maintain our world for future generations, and places the health of god's people beneath the profits of our corporations.

This whole religion/anti-gay stance of the Fox Republicans is really disturbing.

To the Fox Republicans who think that their party is not bigoted:

We have Senator Craig caught redhanded in fashioning a statement concerning his future plans that is a blatant lie. On the voicemail he mistakenly left on a stranger's answering machine, the Senator told his lawyer to say that it was his intent to resign. He said, however, that Senator Specter supported him not resigning and indicated he hoped to stay in office. Craig's statement that he intends to resign was far less honest than "I did not have sex with that woman" (in case you forget, Clinton's famous line). It's really hard to prove what someone's intent was - you know, what was in his or her heart of hearts. This fool Craig managed to record an admission directing his lawyer to lie for the world to hear. Somehow you don't seem to have any problem with this. I really don't understand how.

Also, the Fox Republican officials and politicians deep sixed Craig shortly after this scandal involving homosexuality emerged. In contrast, they are still huddling around Senator Vitter, a guy who didn't just get caught soliciting, but in fact did the dirty deed on his wife and family countless times, after he pontificated to us about the importance of family values and his wife chastised Hillary saying if she were Hillary she would have cut Bill's thingie off no less.

So let's review. Let's lay it out there for everyone. On the one hand we have Senator A caught soliciting one time. On the other hand we have a Senator B caught using a prostitute countless times. Both Senator A and B deny their actions and still get caught. What happens to Senator A who was merely soliciting sex once, when the sex was homosexual? Trashed and out. Adios bandejo. What happens to Senator B who is busted having sex all over the place with women prostitutes and more women prostitutes? Still there. No problemo.

Please tell me that after this blatantly prejudiced treatment of Senator A and all the anti-gay marriage, anti-gays in the military, tossing officials out of leadership positions when they come out of the closet (e.g. ex-Republican Party Chair Ken Mehlman) and all the other Fox Republican homophobic rhetoric, that the frops don't have a serious problem with homophobia. If somehow you don't think that, again I really don't understand how.

Thank you, Bill Moyer, for bringing this tragedy to light. And thank you people of Appalachia for using your minds, hearts, and faith in helping to stop the destruction of the beautiful region you live in.

We have thought for a long time that President Bush is we know he is evil.
How can this desicration of the planet be stopped?
How much more damage will he in in his last 400+ days as President?
God help us...

I grew up in the Appalachia Mountains of Kentucky when coal companies were allowed to buy up the mineral rights on any property whether they owned it or not and devastated Eastern Kentucky with stripmining. Hazard, Jenkins and Jackson Kentucky all show the scars of what stripmining does to a community before and after it leaves town.
Growing up in the Mountains where one could watch God's breath rise above the trees after a heavy storm or smell the clean air in the fall and wade in creeks that were as clear as glass. This is no longer. Coal companies are polluting our atmosphere, our water, our climate, adding to global warming, causing disease and poverty everywhere they go. There has been very little outcry from Ky, WVA or Tennessee congressman to stop such a practice because they have long taken their money and live someplace else. Also absent are the songwriters and countrymusicians who sing of their roots, promote their wares of cornbread and chicken, but none have stepped up to say stop ruining our culture, our past, our future. The Appalachian Mountains are full of civil war history that is also being buried under the sludge, full of Native American gravesites and trails of history of American life, washed away by the Peabody's and the Massey's who have "as Tennessee Earnie Ford would have song" sold their soul to the company store!" When power companies talk of coal as the only reliable source of power, one needs to ask where the power comes from, who is suffering from extracting it, who is dying because of it so we can have power in Florida or Georgia or Illinois.
Thank you for running this episode, everyone should stand up before this comes to their backdoors, water runs downstream and air flows towards every corner of the earth. One letter, one email, one blog, is another clog in the wheel.
Letha Marshall

This has been going on for decades, with less oversight, less accountability, and more ecological destruction each year with the enabling by this Administration to the mining industry - under the guise of our so-called energy crisis. Just check out the credentials of the heads of our Dept. of Interior and the of the Minerals Mangement Agency. Industry/lobbyist appointees all.

Environmental groups have been fighting tooth and nail to have this issue brought to the forefront.
But King Coal has a deep pocket and a very strong arm. Tell people they have to have coal or they won't be able to heat their homes or have jobs and people immediately dump their concerns and sign on for more - thinking they have no alternatives. We do have viable alternatives. Lets put wind turbines and solar panels on top of those mountains. Let us practice energy conservation.

Mountain top removal coal mining is clearly an evil act. It destroys irreplacable habitat that is necessary for clean water, air and a viable ecosystems. This type of environmental destruction doesn't just affect the small communities who live in and around the mining, it affects us all eventually. We all live downhill.

An Native American Elder once told me that the coal in the mountains are the Earth's lungs. We all know activated charcoal is one of the best filtration substances there is. What will we do when all that pure mountain water isn't all that pure anymore - or even there? We can't eat and drink coal or the slurry that is left behind, yet that is what the coal companies would have us do.

I tried to submit a comment on this proposed rule change, but the web site refuses to find the proper docket # and allow me to comment online. Isn't that typical. I have found that this type of "electronic glitch" happens quite often on federal web site's comment pages.

Thanks for the wonderful segment on this terrible issue.

This has been going on for decades, with less oversight, less accountability, and more ecological destruction each year with the enabling by this Administration to the mining industry - under the guise of our so-called energy crisis. Just check out the credentials of the heads of our Dept. of Interior and the of the Minerals Mangement Agency. Industry/lobbyist appointees all.

Environmental groups have been fighting tooth and nail to have this issue brought to the forefront.
But King Coal has a deep pocket and a very strong arm. Tell people they have to have coal or they won't be able to heat their homes or have jobs and people immediately dump their concerns and sign on for more - thinking they have no alternatives. We do have viable alternatives. Lets put wind turbines and solar panels on top of those mountains. Let us practice energy conservation.

Mountain top removal coal mining is clearly an evil act. It destroys irreplacable habitat that is necessary for clean water, air and a viable ecosystems. This type of environmental destruction doesn't just affect the small communities who live in and around the mining, it affects us all eventually. We all live downhill.

An Native American Elder once told me that the coal in the mountains are the Earth's lungs. We all know activated charcoal is one of the best filtration substances there is. What will we do when all that pure mountain water isn't all that pure anymore - or even there? We can't eat and drink coal or the slurry that is left behind, yet that is what the coal companies would have us do.

I tried to submit a comment on this proposed rule change, but the web site refuses to find the proper docket # and allow me to comment online. Isn't that typical. I have found that this type of "electronic glitch" happens quite often on federal web site's comment pages.

Thanks for the wonderful segment on this terrible issue.

Destroying our mountains?? I could hardly believe my eyes when I watched the show - ghastly! You know, we're at a time in history where we have the means and capacity to utilize more energy efficient technology that protects the planet. Frankly it's time to redistribute the wealth to further those means. Let's be logical & sensible about procuring a positive outcome for our future.

Since when did environmental decisions become a matter for Presidential Orders? Who is G.W.B. to decree such a catastrophic rearranging of the West Virginia's ecological landscape without even bothering to have a public debate or proper scientific analysis? I'm terrified that so many fundamental decisions about our world are being decided by men behind closed doors.

Only 60 days of public debate for mountain top removal? That is such blatant nonsense. Debate should take as long as the PUBLIC needs to decide an issue and not be subject to a clock in the White House.

What I would like the Government and the Coal mining corporations to awnser is this: Can you extract coal without destoying the environment, ruining people's health, flaunting security protocols or killing miners? Because if they can't, then I don't really need 60 days to decide, I don't need 60 minutes or 60 seconds, my response would be an unambigious, enphatic NO! This is not the 19th century, where economic barons worshipped at the feet of unregulated and unfettered capitalism. In the 21st century we've come to realize that there are several issues that can and should mitigate capitalist endeavors: labor rights, safety, environmental impact, social and local concerns. There must be respect and there must be responsability in the pursuit of profit.

Both the government and the corporations should be reminded of that.

I do not think there is anything in the bible or in what the teacher Jesus preached that says we should blow up mountains and endanger people's lives; I believe it says we are to take care of the earth and its people. So how come our self-named born again president feels free to allow the coal companies to continue their destructive and endangering practices, especially when one of the main groups protesting this and having to live with the toxic waste call themselves Christians for the Mountains? My thought is if you're a Christian and therefore believe in the teachings how can this president indulge in such non-Christian behavior (his non-Christian behavior across the board must have Bush's Jesus and all the saints spinning in their heaven). I am not a Christian but I believe we are all held accountable for our actions somehow and somewhere and I don't think Bush's St. Peter is going to deal very kindly with him when he gets to that great oval office in the sky.

I was shocked at the article about West Virginia and the coal minds. Where are our elected officials? Why are the politicians in Washington able to get away with the demise of our environment. We are not good stewards ofo our environment. We need to start teaching good health and good environmental health.
Thank you for working to get the voice heard.

This story is further evidence that the main stream environmental movement has long since sold out to the capitalist juggernaut that continues to roll over human kind in the name of increased shareholder value and profit.

A discussion of alternative sources of energy in this country is only allowed to continue as long as it doesn’t wander outside the realm of fantasy. The energy department’s website ( has a list of energy follies supported by an administration that is firmly in bed with the oil and coal industries. Solar, wind, and alcohol proposals have been around for decades and have yet to provide a reasonable alternative, or even a workable supplemental alternative, to petroleum or coal. No doubt this is by political design and not from the lack of technical ability !

Meanwhile, mainstream environmental organizations have been well funded and very successful at blocking the implementation of clean and safe nuclear power using scare tactics and decades old scientific data that has long since been discredited. Until recently, this fear mongering coalition of energy industry sellouts had shut down the implementation of nuclear power in this country with the last plant designed in the early 1970s. Ironically, U.S. Corporations like GE and Westinghouse have Nuclear Energy subsidiaries that are attempting to break through the lies and half truths to rekindle the nuclear debate in this country.

The Bush administration seems to have developed a totally different philosophy about the use of nuclear power by foreign countries such as India. A country that has developed the technical expertise and conducted the research to bring workable safe Nuclear reactor designs out of the laboratory. Meanwhile, all of our nuclear design and engineering expertise has departed our country to pursue their careers in countries where science is still a valued commodity and a tool to a brighter future for their people.

For those not living in WV you may have missed the onslaught of TV ads being run here by the coal industry, telling us how wonderful coal is and how we need it for national security. You will hear the argument that alternatives are not ready or viable. That is not true. I have compiled a short list of what is out there NOW and the surprising part is that much of the information comes from our own government.

Devastating !...the mountain blasting coal
mining in W. Virginia.
What can we do to get Congress and
Senate to stop it ? We must change -
force corporations to invest in renewable
energy sources that don't destroy the
environment and damage human lives.
How can they allow the coal mining industry to do this ?
You said on last night's Journal there was
time to send be sent to ?
to stop this coal mining . This is mine.
Please send it to the appropriate government agency.
Bill Moyers - Thank heavens for you !
For your Journal bringing all these critical issues to the fore for us our voices can be heard.

Surely there must be something that can be done to put a stop to the horrors that are affecting the lives of those poor people in West Virginia. Actually, the raping of these mountains is affecting the entire nation, if not the world. You can only destroy a thing that will not rejuvinate itself but one time and then it is gone forever. We need not worry about terrorists from "axis of evil" destroying this country with an atomic holocaust, we are doing it ourselves, one piece at a time. We need more protection from big business in this country than we do from terrorists.
If Al Gore had been elected president, as he rightfully should have been, in 2000, do you think this would be happening to our environment today?
It is far more important to resolve the evils that are visible than to worry about those that are simply envisioned.

Firstly, THANK YOU Bill Moyers for the critically important work you are doing in bringing such reporting to the people.

Secondly, I have so far been unable to find the place on the net where one can comment on this new expansion of the mining companies' ability to legally engage in mountaintop removal mining techniques. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE POST A LINK?

Thirdly, I would like to post the words to the song "Paradise" written by John Prine and ask for particular attention to the third verse:

When I was a child my family would travel
Down to Western Kentucky where my parents were born
And there's a backwards old town that's often remembered
So many times that my memories are worn.

And daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County
Down by the Green River where Paradise lay
Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking
Mister Peabody's coal train has hauled it away

Well, sometimes we'd travel right down the Green River
To the abandoned old prison down by Airdrie Hill
Where the air smelled like snakes and we'd shoot with our pistols
But empty pop bottles was all we would kill.

Repeat Chorus:

Then the coal company came with the world's largest shovel
And they tortured the timber and stripped all the land
Well, they dug for their coal till the land was forsaken
Then they wrote it all down as the progress of man.

Repeat Chorus:

When I die let my ashes float down the Green River
Let my soul roll on up to the Rochester dam
I'll be halfway to Heaven with Paradise waitin'
Just five miles away from wherever I am.

Repeat Chorus:

A few folks asked what they can do/where to send comments. Here's an easy, low-effort beginning anyone can (and I hope everyone does) do from their living room:

1. Demand the OSM grant hearings in the coal-producing regions:
To ask for a formal hearing in the coalfields Submit your request before 4:30 eastern time on September 24, 2007 to Dennis G. Rice, Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, US Dept. of Interior, 1951 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20240, Telephone: 202-208-2829; email

2. Demand that the OSM pull the rule change, enforce the existing law, and grant a 90-day extension of the comment period.
Send written comments by October 23, 2007 to:

 Identify communication by Docket number 1029-AC04.
 You can use the federal rule-making portal at The rule is listed under the agency name of OSM
 By mail/hand delivery or courier: OSMRE, Administrative Record, Room 252 SIB, 1951 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington DC 20240. Please identify comments by RIN 1029-AC04.

3. Call your US representatives and senators and ask them to
demand the OSM pull the rule change, enforce the law, and grant a 90-day comment period extension.

4. Write your US representatives and senators and ask them to co-sponsor the Clean Water Protection Act. In the House this year it is HR 2169; hasn't been introduced in the Senate yet.

5. Write letters to editors.

6. Learn more about the issue and what you can do at,,,, or Sign up for action alerts.

7. Turn off some lights, hug your spouse and kids, and Pray.

That's a start. It gets harder--consider holding a sign, speaking out, and standing up or sitting down for justice.

The blind willingness of many so-called christians during the Bush administration to accept this horrible man's actions--all aimed at destroying the earth--has caused me to examine and re-examine my beliefs. I have all but lost them during this terrible time, and those Christian ideals that I still cling to have nothing in common with the self-proclaimed "christians" who elected this administration.

Look around--what have Bush and his ilk done except to destroy? What have they built? What have they made beautiful? Are we, then, really surprised at the plight of the people in West Virginia?

I applaud the efforts of the Christians for the mountains, but hold out little hope for success in their efforts. They really don't get it that their president is not really Christian--he's just another greedy SOB who has sold his soul to money and power. West Virginia is just another money pit--literally--for Bush and his cronies.

Good luck to you.

I'll be interested to see if he actually leaves office at the end of his term.............

Congrats to Bill Moyers, Allen Johnson, Judy Bonds and everyone else fighting to stop uncontrolled mountaintop removal mining. If the coal companies had considered the residents when they began mining in Appalachia 150 years ago, the world would be a different place. Now it is time to stop uncontrolled MTR, serving as an example to stop uncontrolled destruction of our entire environment.

It seems the president isn't satisfied with sending American men and women to their deaths in Iraq. Now he wants to poison them in their homes by allowing the coal miners to taint their water with sludge and slurry.

I am in full support of the W Virginians' fight to stop the blasting and always have been.

However I am beginning to see a disturbing link between all of the latest environmental disasters which WE humans have done to this earth in just the last century (or maybe even half century): there is an obvious disconnect between these environmental dilemmas and the apparent cost of them in our daily lives. We are the ones who are demanding affordable fuel (coal, oil, gasoline), clothing, and food; if we had to pay the true costs of these things no one would tolerate it (or perhaps even be able to, in my case). And so we continue to support giant mining corporations, perhaps unknowingly, by using this coal, albeit indirectly, that continue to use the very practices we despise.

The same can be said for corporate farms that mass produce acres and acres of food using all sorts of chemicals (because this sort of agriculture is not naturally sustainable), which runoff into our streams, or of damming the Mississippi to keep areas safe in southern LA at the expense of killing the Wetlands there at the rate of something like a football field a day. Even, as a previous commenter has noted, like the factories in our cities which have polluted the air and caused thousands of inner city children to be asthmatic. These are the direct results of our consumerist society. Look at China and their environmental disasters now. But every time we get excited because we find "a steal" at Walmart or some other mega-store, we have put another nail in the coffin of the environment where that particular item came from. It may seem like we're keeping things affordable for everyone, but it's actually at price which is killing all of us. I believe the coal mining corporations knew that by running a pipeline of fresh water to those poor people in WV, things would simmer down, because people don't have time to fight about where their water is coming from as long as they're getting it and it's safe to drink. But what happens when we actually do run out of potable water? or oil? Then perhaps the gloves will come off, at last.

It is unfortunate that electronic petitions such as the one at Care2 are not usually excepted by our government. After 9/11 the President claimed enormous power. Just as many kings of old, robbed the peasants to line his own pockets, so has King George! King George is on his way out and he plans to rape, loot and plunder as much as he can, before leaving office!
Is it any wonder why other countries think of us as greedy Americans. The majority of us just want the American Dream a safe house, school and neighborhood. Enough money to send our children to college, keep them healthy, maybe take a vacation once in a while and live comfortably when we retire. OH and how about some clean drinking water!
King George was elected to a second term out of fear and he has used that fear to line his and his buddies pockets! Why is anyone surprised at the awful things this administration is let happen to the mountain tops of Virginia? You have only to look at New Orleans to see that it doesn't care about the little people! Few of your average citizens have been able to return and if the have it was little thanks to any help from K.G. it was help from private organizations and average people that are there, living in tents, getting up at dawn and wearing masks and gloves to haul pieces of peoples lives to the curb. They tear houses down to the bare bones and scrub the boards of mold and fungus.
We the American people have brought New Orleans back! We the American people must take up the cause of S.W. Virginia! Not the Al Gore's of the world that use more electricity in a day than we do in 1 week or more fuel in 1 private plane ride than we do, going to work in 1 month!
Thank you Bill Moyer for bringing this story to us! I applaud the Christian Ministry for the stand that they are making for God and future generations. They are what makes America great and we have no king, but God!

the real problem is that the people of those communities are letting this happen !

I know you need the good jobs, but at what cost ,..stand up!
the church will help you stand up when you've lost your job,.. at least that is what it should do !

Come together people and protect America from weak thinking

God bless America

Is it surprising at all that this administration has sided with big mining companies? This 'blowing the top' off mountains has gone on long enough leaving destruction and misery in its wake. It has happened for years in our Appalachian Mountains and in the western mountains, too. I applaud the Christian groups trying to stop this man-made catastrophe and taking a stand against this administration. Plus, this would be an excellent opportunity for the Democratic Party to stand up and fight for Americans. And, thanks to NOW for alerting us and giving us the opportunity to speak out.

This rural struggle that revolves around fundamental civil rights parallels on every point the struggle of urban populations who suffer similar catastrophic environmental setbacks from asthma and lead poisoning. Most of this population is registered as economically disadvantaged regardless of race and I do believe that the violation of fundamental rights ensured by the Constitution of United States of America applies in text and intent to the heinous destruction occurring in West Virginia
Every American should should know about this story. I am very angry that this irresponsible practice of mining continues. Using the mantle of capitalism as an excuse for it such as the president stated in the 1980's uncovers the world view of a weakling for all to see.

I am so dismayed with the environmental policies of our president!! I am a person who believes in God, but am not a cross carrying Christian...still why would any sane person OK the devistation of God's beautiful earth?? Please Mr. President, stop NOW!

Let the COUP begin, rather.

Drive what you will to get there. (Should probably not be coal powered, though?! ;)'%C3%A9tat

Ironic that the "Christians" might well be credited for putting this horrific administration in power . . . twice?! It feels like I've been angry and ashamed to be american for a very long time. Since the 2000 election to be exact. Seeing the destruction of these mountains just one more reason for outrage. I call my 2 (R) senator's offices often although I don't see that it does any good. Will add my voice against this latest outrage for all the good it will do.


Perhaps Air Force 1 could fly low enough over West Virginia so the decider can look out the window at his destruction. Not much hope he'll land and look into the eyes of his latest victims. Perhaps a congressional delegation back from Iraq will take a look? Exhibit a little photo-op outrage on their constituents behalf.


Iam not a Christian, but I do believe this is the only world God gave us and we have to take care of it. Mr. Bush does not live in West Virginia and should have NO right to decide what the people there should do with their natural resources. If he wants to blow the top off of something, let him start with that dust bowl he is always clearing brush from. I don't know why we are so nice to our politians at the local, state and federal levels, when they don't care about their own constituents, but do bend over backwards for big business. You can make all the money you want but if you destroy the food, water and air to get it how will you live to spend it or leave it to your children. The GREED in this country will eventually lead to another revolution, if the apathy doesn't kill us first. By the way I am a republican. But this is just one more example of why I never voted for Bush. He has completed the "Dumbing down of America". We need the real America back. Vote your conscience not your party and maybe this kind of thing will not keep happening.

For years I have been very concerned about the clear cutting of the Rain Forest in South America. Didn't dream something as destructive as this was happening in this country! IT'S SHEER EVIL!
Please STOP this madness. Man kind has accomplished so much in the last 100 years, (what genius) Can we not come up with new ideas on how to reduce our consumption of coal and gasoline that wouldn't be destructive to our enviroment? Maybe there has been, only to be shot down by these powerful industries, as it would put them out of business?

As a resident of Southern WV I would like to ask if anyone has taken the time to look at the positive outcomes concerning Strip Mining. Please take the time to investigate the number of uses for the land that has come about. Now I agree that there has to be responsible land management to minumize the impact,but wthout change there can be no improvements to our infrastructure. If you want to talk about pollution,we still have human wayste piped into the creeks. How do we stop that pollution of our creeks and environment without the revenue not only from the coal companies but the taxes on food personal property and real estate. If there are no jobs there is no money.What about the schools and homes that were developed on former strip mine property? What about the two lane road built to access the mine that now services an entire mountain top community? I love these mountains, I live here. Please don't make a judgement about strip mining from the comfort of your car as you pass through on the interstate. The state of West Virginia has strugled with the stigma of being poor and uneducated but please don't assume that we need you to think for us. We have to continue to use our resources wisely and after the coal is extracted and the land is reclaimed the land becomes a valuable resource to build schools,airports, communities,and even wildlife management areas. God makes a way for us to help ourselves. It is how we use what he gives us that is the true test of our obedience.I trust that God knew what we needed when he designed the earth and called it good.

As a resident of Southern WV I would like to ask if anyone has taken the time to look at the positive outcomes concerning Strip Mining. Please take the time to investigate the number of uses for the land that has come about. Now I agree that there has to be responsible land management to minumize the impact,but wthout change there can be no improvements to our infrastructure. If you want to talk about pollution,we still have human wayste piped into the creeks. How do we stop that pollution of our creeks and environment without the revenue not only from the coal companies but the taxes on food personal property and real estate. If there are no jobs there is no money.What about the schools and homes that were developed on former strip mine property? What about the two lane road built to access the mine that now services an entire mountain top community? I love these mountains, I live here. Please don't make a judgement about strip mining from the comfort of your car as you pass through on the interstate. The state of West Virginia has strugled with the stigma of being poor and uneducated but please don't assume that we need you to think for us. We have to continue to use our resources wisely and after the coal is extracted and the land is reclaimed the land becomes a valuable resource to build schools,airports, communities,and even wildlife management areas. God makes a way for us to help ourselves. It is how we use what he gives us that is the true test of our obedience.I trust that God knew what we needed when he designed the earth and called it good.

When the Office of Surface Mining announced on 24 August a proposed new rule that would essentially void the stream buffer zone of the Clean Water Act it exposed the Bush Administration yet again as completely on the side of greedy corporate interests (in this case the mining industry) and with no regard for the safety of the American public. This rule would expedite the process of mountaintop removal, polluting more streams and rivers, destroying local ecosystems and would directly harm the health of nearby populations. The shameless greed and intimidation that drives the coal mining industry to rape our land and poison our people must stop now. Let it begin with overwhelming public opposition to this proposal.

What a difficult and disturbing story this is! Thank you for telling it anyway. My one disappointment with the story is in the closing comments about the Bush administration's easing of contraints on mountain top removal to mine the coal, you do not specifically name this act and give us the opportunity to more accurately comment to the White House.

Dan Benedict
Waialua HI

Congratulations to Bob Marshall and Allen Johnson for the establishment of Christians for the Mountains. Their work is a vital one, not only because of the good work that they are doing by standing up for the people and land of West Virginia, but because of the activist example that they are setting for Christians and all people of faith.

Christian religion is not only about belief. More fundamentally it is about action in accord with Jesus Christ and in defense of all that is good, holy and true. And Christianity is about healing. In fact where there is healing, there is a manifestation of true religion. With organizations such as Christians for the Mountains healing is not so much for the sickness of an individual, but for the sickness of a society that destroys the land on which it depends.

From this perspective Christians for the Mountains is more than a gathering of activists in West Virginia. It is a catalyst for the encouragement of a mass movement of people of faith to stand up for the goodness of creation. This often means cutting through the hubris and commercialism that grips our era and that has the egotism to presume that our economic system is the best of all possible systems. What sheer nonsense!

Economic systems need to be tested to discern their effectiveness. The tests are simple. We must discern whether or not it raises the quality of life for those who function within it; whether or not it provides justice and sustenance for its workers; whether or not it addresses the needs of the future as well as those in the present; and whether or not it raises the quality of its surroundings so that the creation itself benefits from its functioning. Sadly when we look at the ruthless capitalism that corporations cultivate, we see little of this. As soon as we begin to examine our system, our vision finds serious flaws. We see little honoring of the values that once made America great. We see scant conserving of the integrity of the land – true conservatism – nor any genuine concern for people. We see little respect for God and country. Instead we find crass profiteering, slick spin in service to deceptive public relations, government in service to corporate interests, plus a pandemic of clearcuts, polluted streams, toxic chemicals, and perhaps most egregiously mountaintop removal. These conditions speak of a commercialism and consumerism that is leading us into moral, social and perhaps even economic bankruptcy. These conditions cannot continue without bringing us all into a national confrontation with catastrophe.

These social pathologies -- direct consequences of too much corporatism and too little concern for the common good -- show that we are facing a time that cries for deep change in America. The work of groups such as Christians for the Mountains reflects the best in our historic values. Hopefully this provides us an example of individuals willing to stand up and declare local responsibility for regional issues. At least this is a laudable beginning, a ripple of responsibility that needs to be amplified into a mighty wave of compassion, commitment and concern for the preservation of what originally made America great. Thank God for Christians for the Mountains.

Every single day i hear my government harp about the enemy attacking our country and the people of this country, however when i seen the mountain tops of my peoples home for generations being blown up, with no regard for the earth, or the future of generations to come, i began to cry. i have always loved those mountains. and then to hear my own government gave its blessing to these corporations for profit, the go ahead to destroy the land,to rape her with no regards to anything,my heart sank. i was so discussed that i was sick. i fear my own governments distruction of my country with its bombs, and greed and wonder how many deaths and/or illnesses they are causing to their own countymen that they claim to want to protect from some religious zealot on the other side of the world. as far as i'm concerned my countries highest leaders don't care about this country,her land, the constuition,this planet or the humanity of today or tomorrow. just the power and the money they can make while in the process of destroying this earth. shame on you , if there is a hell,i am sure it is made for people like yourselves. i'm sure that you would not give the ok if this was in your backyard, politicans seem to be very big on NIMBY. you apparently own no property in this part of the country. this gives me one more reason to fight for change in my government, for my freedom, for my country,for the people,of now and the generations to come,and for our planet. its time for the people of this counrty to make it great again, and to save her grace from the corruption that is now our government. we have such great power, we have just forgotten how to use it, the time is now for her peoples voice to be heard through out this great and beautiful land or it will die and we will have no one to blame but ourselves..
wendy petrilli

It's deplorable what mining companies have done to the folks of West Virginia in the name of capitalism. Even more shocking is the present administration's continued willingness to sacrifice the health and well-being of Americans when corporate profits are at stake. And how dare they undo the strides that were made in the past -- such as protecting the streams and water ways from mining residue? But we're not going to let them continue down the road to species extinction, are we? I, too, plan to raise my voice in protest of a democracy run amok. Awareness is the first step; activism and action is the next.

I think it is a tremendous mistake to
remove the mountains and upset the
natural order and lives of all living
things. Wanda Owens

We have a congress of cowards that are owned by corporations and do want they are told to get elected. Bush should be impeached and sent to prison for letting corporate America destroy our environment and steal are natural resources for profit. The thief in chief has given away our natural resources to powerful corporations and have let them destroy our planet. People like Blankenship need to be sent to prison for life and their companies need to pay to reclaim the mountains and clean up the pollution. Human life is cheap to people like Bush and Blankenship.

I greatly appreciated your reporting on the mountain top destruction in West Virginia, and the horrible pollution of the residents' water. It is hard to believe that our government would care so little about something so important as the need for these families to have clean water. It is also hard to imagine that anyone that has grown up in the beauty of those mountains or even traveled through them as I have had the pleasure of doing, could believe in any way that the blasting of them was in any way part of God's plan. I saw an area this last trip through the mountains where they appeared to be mining and it was heartbreaking to see the devastation. It seems the people and land our government should be protecting have just been forsaken. I can only say I am so sorry.

Support the new Solar Energy Company's... Let them grow big enough to replace the coal company's.Only business can fight business.

Make the Federal Government accountable to the people by adding the Citizen Amendments to the United States Constitution and make America Free Again.

Get your copy at

Have a good day


100% Citizen of the United States of America

I do believe W Virginia is a red state, is it not?

I hope Bush's base in W Virgina is sorely conflicted over this one. When it comes to adoring this holy Christian-President, surely they must be suffering the worst cognitive dissonance of their lives.

Good! Let them wake up and see that this administration was built upon an unholy alliance between big business interests with big political donations and the Christian Right.

Big business got what they wanted and the Christian Right got nothing! They will continue to get nothing.




I want to express respect for Mr. Bush's God given Spirit, and to say that I believe Mr. Bush is truly acting out of concern and fear for the current political situation in the world.

However, as a Christian he needs to read his bible. In Matthew 12:33, Jesus said, "You will know a tree by the fruit it bears." If any person's actions create misery and illness, if they destroy God's own creation, if they take away our descendants' hope of a future, then the philosophy which motivates those actions is sick at the root.

We Americans, and all people of conscience who share this planet, must not do or condone evil in order to prevent evil from happening. We must be the best, most ethical people we can be, speak the truth and trust the Creator to use us to change the hearts of others. This may take enormous courage and compassion, and it may take longer in some cases, but it is the only philosophy with a real future.

I would like to add my support to the members of the Mountaintop Ministry in their efforts to stop the destruction of the environment by coal mining interests. It is indeed unfortunate that those elected and paid to serve the people seek only personal gain, regardless of the cost. I wish you success in your efforts to save your health, your children, and your beautiful home.

After watching the episode on West Virginia Mountain Blasting, I immediately thought of a similar horrific case brought about by corporate greed and power. The book, "A Civil Action," also deals with polluted water but from tanning factories. It makes one's blood boil as if West Virginian slurry were seeping into all water supplies. The following is a description of the book taken from

"In America, when somebody does you wrong, you take 'em to court. W. R. Grace and Beatrice Foods had been dumping a cancer-causing industrial solvent into the water table of Woburn, Massachusetts, for years; in 1981, the families of eight leukemia victims sued. However, A Civil Action demonstrates powerfully that--even with the families' hotshot lawyers and the evidence on their side--justice is elusive, particularly when it involves malfeasance by megacorporations. Much of the legal infighting can cause the eyes to glaze. But the story is saved by great characters: the flawed, flamboyant Jan Schlichtmann and his group of bulldogs for the prosecution; Jerome Facher, the enigmatic lawyer for Beatrice, who proves to be more than a match; John J. Riley, the duplicitous, porcine tannery owner; and a host of others. It's impossible not to feel the drama of this methodical book, impossible not to grieve for the parents who lost children, and impossible not to share Schlichtmann's desperation as he runs out of money. A Civil Action reads like one long advertisement for a few well-placed Molotov cocktails. (But that wouldn't make for a very long book, now would it?"

I am appalled at the president's decision to allow mining companies to blow up the tops of mountains for coal. How does he have that authority? He professes to be a Christian, but acts speak louder than words. Has he seen those beautiful mountains - and the ones that have been destroyed by coal mining companies? We are supposed to be stewards of our beautiful earth, but George W. Bush is not.

The health of the people living in that area is at risk because of the leaching of chemicals and minerals into the water and the coal dust in the air that those people breathe.

How would the president like it if coal mining were in Crawford, Texas? I think he'd be the first to protest. Call or email the president and your legislators to try to get this stopped!

Thank you, Bill Moyers, for keeping tabs on Bush's evil deed of continuing mountain top removal in West Virginia. Being a liberal, "green" Christian from the state of Washington, I'm relieved that there are conservative Christians who are finally standing up for the planet and its inhabitants. We are all responsible for this earth whether or not we are Christians. Through education and good earth keeping practices, we might be able to save our planet for the future. It is crutial that we work together no matter what our beliefs, religously or politically.

President Bush and those who make the argument that in a time of war we must sacrifice quality of life to extract much needed energy from the earth are missing the point that without the support of the earth's drinkable water and breathable air our country will not need defending; it will not be liveable.

So much has been said by those of you who wrote comments before me, and said so succinctly and poignantly. Mr. Moyers, we are loyal viewers of your programs, covering so many topics into which no one else will delve. I really hope the network will continue to air and repeat these many more times, for as long as it takes.

Thanks to Maryellen Forgione for Mr. Rice's address, and I will be writing him, as will my children. My hope is that all of us who watched the program will direct our comments, feelings, demands regarding this destruction immediately to him, to NRDC (National Resources Defense Council), and the President. Time - past time! - to make some serious noise.

Not to be an expert or anything, what is happening on the tops of those mountains is devastating to say the least. No wonder the water is becoming contaminated, the coal companies blew up all of the trees that help purify it. I feel sorry for those people in West Virginia that are affected by this absurd way to make a dollar. I just wonder if the president and all of his advisor's asked anyone else besides the coal companies what would happen in the future. When dealing with a complex problem there is always a complex answer that most people do not want to hear except for people who care about biodiversity and the state of which the Earth is being taken care of. I personally applaud this religious group for taking a stand. How can I say too little too late. They have supported this lifestyle for way too long and have gotten used to things like acid rain which is a byproduct of the sulfur that is released into the atmosphere so a need for alternative energy is needed desperately in this area. The government should be spending money on alternative renewable sources and how to make them more availiable instead of letting the coal companies go hog wild and destroy West Virginia's forest's how sad. I have said my piece.

I'm not a Christian. Through most of my life (from personal experience as well as the media), I've associated people who openly profess Christianity with hypocrisy and intolerance; some friends of mine who are Christians have taught me, by their examples, that this is not a rule, but it is still a gut reaction I'm trying to set aside. It warms my heart when I see folks like Christians for the Mountains who hold the Sermon on the Mount more dear than hand-picked selections from the book of Leviticus.

From outside the religion, it seems to me that the standard is loving your neighbor, which would imply acceptance of others' differences; the most visible Christians are, sadly, intolerant Bible-thumpers who don't measure up. If more Christians begin speaking out for care of the environment, against torture, for gay marriage (or just getting the government out of defining marriage at all, on First Amendment grounds-- gender-blind civil unions for everyone and leave it up to the churches to define the M-word), and against entangling religion and government, that would make a big difference.

It seems the rule that Mr. Bush puts profit above people and fat business interests above the future of our children. Blasting the tops off West Virginia's mountains for the coal beneath is simply another example of a president that feels the laws of this country don't apply to him or his moneyed friends. It is outrageous, unforgiveable and a warning that the last months of this presidency may produce the most egregious acts of an already disasterous administration.

We cannot sit on the sidelines through the remainder of his term. It's time to act through our elected officials to stop this nonsense.

Thanks again to the Journal for this most important hour of television. I totally agree with the Mountaintop Ministry that the Earth is a sacred trust and is to be preserved and protected. This new edict by our supposed "Christian in Chief" is one more sign that we must stand together to stop him. Impeach him now, while we still have an Earth to stand on!

I guess the thing that appalls me the most, and saddens me deeply, is that while the "hippies, beatniks and tree-huggers" were pleading to be taken seriously, and many environmental groups were desperately trying to educate the public, they were being cursed at by those who willingly wore blinders and earplugs so they wouldn't have to pay attention while they invited the rapacious and death-producing energy demons into their communities for the jobs and commerce they would bring. It is heartening that some of these folks have finally recognized the truth, even if they had to come to the truth via biblical channels - what ever opens their eyes is commendable, as long as it is sincere. To me, a fairly secular Jew, a careful reading of the Bible clearly gives us responsibility to care for the planet and its inhabitants, as guardians - NOT rape, pillage and plunder for personal pleasure, monetary gain and power, which, if we kill the planet, will obviously be fleeting at best, and totally meaningless in the scheme of things. These leaders, despite whatever they profess, must be godless, soul-less... they clearly don't care about the legacy they leave to their children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren - if they survive infancy! If everyone, from every segment of the population, could only join their voices together to be heard en masse, and condemn George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice and all the others in the present administration who have gotten obscenely wealthy from energy and other unholy special interests, I suspect we'd have an enormous majority, and could effect some real changes. What happened to the big marches, petitions, demonstrations, etc? It seems people nowadays are mostly too lazy and self-absorbed to be active for causes they believe in. What is the magic or sinister power that these evil and immoral politicians and corporate big wigs hold, that seems to keep them insulated from the opinions and WILL of the people? And why don't we ask THEM to drink some of the water, wear clothes washed in it, let their children play in it? Like offering Mr. Burns the 3-eyed fish on the Simpsons episode on nuclear waste pollution of their river, putting the offenders on the spot in a public situation with cameras and press around might be a nice kick-off to a really aggressive campaign to reclaim West Virginia before the whole state looks like the moon.

Mountaintop Ministry was an excellent report and touched me as I saw good hearted people make the connection between life on/off the earth today, and how deep of a responsibility Christianity asks of us to keep this as a sacred trust. This I've long believed. This connection is in line with a Christian's responsibility to our children. Water is life. When it is fouled to become poisonous, God knows something is wrong.

I fully support the efforts of the Christian churches to hold the coal companies accountable for their crimes against the local people, the environment and the wildlife. We are all part of the problem and the solution. We cannot continue to allow corporations to extract natural resources in such toxic ways and not be held responsible for cleaning up the devastation. We all need to care and do our part in our communities and elsewhere if possible. Thank you to Bill Moyers for exposing the immoral and illegal actions of yet another of America’s corporate monsters.

AFter watching the program on Virginia's mountain top coal mining travesty, I want to tell someone who cares to STOP! How can we sign up during the 60 day comment period to show our desire to stop the mining? I see no link here, and will probably try Google next. It is business as usual for Bush and his corporate buddies. Unfortunately, my Congressional representatives respond to my complaints with smarmy form letters. Gerald Carpenter

I live in Libby, Montana. The people of Virginia share the same fight as the asbestos issues in Libby. The company who took advantage of hard, loyal working people is W.R. Grace. EPA has been here for over 7 years. Our own EPA is failing the citizens of America. We pay taxes and we die. Some sooner than they are suppose to because of their loyalty to THE company.

Bush states he is pro life and yet he is with and for the big companies killing their workers and their families. Were does life begin and end? Is the quality of life important to him? These are only two question for our president. Is this the United Sates of America or are we becoming a third world nation? I ask this of all of us.

This appalling and utter disregard for natural habitat constitutes a violation of the most basic needs of humans and animals alike. It speaks volumes about the state of our society - especially the supposed people's representatives at the local, state and federal level.

This statement by the Inuit indians captures it perfectly:
"only when the last tree has been removed and the last river polluted and the last fish caught will we then realize we can't eat money"

George W. Bush will go down in history notoriously as the most purposefully destructive human being the Earth has ever produced. His massive efforts of empowering Oil and Coal giants to the Nth degree are totally destroying this planet in doubletime. He and his purely evil and greed-motivated accomplices are worse than any terrorist imaginable as they continue their irreversible devastation of cities'infrastructures such as the pollution induced hurricane of New Orleans, and their wholesale rape of all natural resources, including our air and water, greatly damaging the health of every living and future innocent citizen.

Raping these beautiful and ancient mountains - one more astoundingly horrific chapter in the legacy of a President whom history will judge with disgust. Thank you Mr Moyer & PBS for making it possible for the voices of the people of West Virginia to be heard.

First, my heart goes out to those suffering from the pollution of air, soil, and water in their area. They have great courage to stand up for a livable life. They are also standing up for all life in that area, for it is not only humans that are suffering.

How can a "born again" President ok such a terrible destruction?

West Virginia is a beautiful place. To destroy that "creation" is terrible. And it is destroyed forever.

The ugliness of the destroyed mountaintops, in Virginia, is analogous to the ugliness of corporate greed and the "corporate" friendly executive branch of our government. We Americans cannot stand idly by and watch this absolute destruction of such incredible beauty. We are being ruled by ruthless and arrogant leaders. To think we elected them!

I think our president should go down to West Virginia, with his family on his next vacation. He could fish in some of those black rivers, and maybe take a swim. Then he could go to one of those homes with black water and take a bath. Maybe quench his thirst with a nice glass of fresh water.

I believe that what is happening in West Virginia is symptomatic of what is happening on a global scale. We are like the farmer that is so greedy for golden eggs that we are ripping the head off of the goose to get at those eggs faster. I am so appalled at the abuse of our environment. It has made our government in collusion with the corporations the enemy. Within the next 20 years we won't have to worry about foriegn insurgents attacking us. We will be creating our own grassroots revolution. The environment has rights also not just unborn fetuses!

I remember as a child in Pennsylvania going fishing with my father & uncle in the area northeast of Pittsburgh. When we arrived at the place they had fished at so often in the past we found a running stream of orange water. It was the remnants of strip mining in the area. There was no use fishing as the fish couldn't survive in that polution. It took several decades to cleanup, at taxpayer expense, as the mines had all closed and either took their money and ran or declared bankruptcy to avoid paying damages to the citizenry. That is going to be the legacy for West Virginians if they and the rest of the country don't protest these actions by greedy companies that make their profits and move on to other greener pastures. That was more than fifty years ago and things haven't changed.

How sad to see the tops of those beautiful mountains. This is surely not what God asked of us when He gave us stewardship of the earth. Our government needs to put an end to this practice or minimize the impact to the enviroment.

What an absurdity! Where will we draw the limit on this terrible abuse and disregard for any moral responsibility toward our planet and the lives of its inhabitants. Rescind the Bush administration directive to permit mountaintop removal.

Just got through listening to Bill Moyers on PBS. What the mining companies and George W. Bush are allowing to be done to West Virginia is a travest!

It appears that anything Presidents and Corporations do is OK as long as there is profit to be made. Their motto must be: TO HELL WITH GOOD, HONEST PEOPLE, WE'LL DO AS WE DAMNED WELL PLEASE.

I am sick to my stomach after watching the destrution of the apalachean mountains and destroying our rivers and streams!!! Not to even mention us human beings, with such, out and out no regard for the Earth and it's people.!!! Thank God for the people of W. Virgina banning together with their couragios acts of protest against our President and all his followers of this insanity, for WHAT,??? CORPORATIONS!!!!
We our in desperate, desperate need of divine intervention! Thank you PBS, Bill Moyers and those divine people in Virginia for making us all aware of uniting together to change out world before it's too late!!!!

Blast the mountains, blast the people, blast our future.

Big business runs this coutry at the price of American's health and well being. A disgrace.

Such reckless destruction seems less capitalistic than nihilistic, perhaps even misogynistic. The notion that God wants us to exercise dominion over nature with millions of pounds of dynamite, that somehow we can receive purification through contamination, is perverse and absurd. In a hundred years, long after the coal companies have packed their suitcases of money and abandoned the wasteland that once was West Virginia, those left behind, with jaundiced skin and sunken eyes, will realize that the value of their inheritance was graphed by the leveled mountains. If you can envision your grandchildren skipping kidney stones across lakes of sludge, perhaps it's time to find a new way to make money.

Unfortunately we've surely all witnessed the effects of such a mindset before and much closer to home, within our own communities. Yet also a corollary in people waking up, asking questions and beginning to contemplate a different way of life. Either possible.

No surprise this current administration, yet to a large extent they are a reflection of the common will, and this the result of perception. Such forces will always exist, we only witness now in this age the potential of mankind to destroy himself if wisdom is not gained and applied.

So many of the voices here are heartfelt and yet as lost in the wilderness. Others I've talked with in related matters felt much the same but impotent, as mere individuals facing insurmountable forces. Some would speak out, others not even this out of fear or hopelessness, yet the feeling the same.

But united or not, one true heart will influence another. Even those consumed in greed and ignorance may come to see the world in a different light. All is possible. Death and life forever united, and we on the cusp of either as we choose.

Yours truly,
Thea Bella

Your report of mountaintop coal extraction in West Virginia was superb and must receive a wider viewing by students, healthcare workers, policy makers, environmentalist and others nationwide. Please distribute it widely. The fact that the Bush administration has authorized more such destruction is unforgivable and impeachable. Not part of the discussion this time around was the obvious impact such mining has on CO2 levels and global warming caused in the short term by the loss of trees and other ecological damage and in the long term by burning this dirty coal for heat and electricity. Bill Moyers is a national treasure!

Is this mountaintop removal in order to access coal reserves, another Faith Based Initiative by our fearless leader, President Bush? Not hardly. But, why are we surprised, when the history of this fool, "elected" by the American People -twice, mind you- is fraught with decisions plunging us all, daily, into deeper trouble than we can imagine or have time to think about, in our own struggles to survive. Religious or not, the Golden Rule should rule. President Bush should have to have done to him, what he dictates for the good people of West Virginia. A toast to Lord George's Sermon on the Mount, with a hearty glass of tasty W. Va. mountain water!

I need to add my name to the list of people commenting about the destruction of our country
because of a preceived need
to fuel our needs. When you can't take back the rape of a mountain, when you pollute rivers and streams, when you make human beings sick, then greed is not good..and it must be stopped. Our president who claims to be a Christian hasn't learned that means not doing evil.
To be a human being, that means you don't do evil. To pass a law permitting the topping of mountains is evil. We the people must have a voice, and we must make it clear that we are sick and tired and cannot accept the behavior
of this government.

There has never been a president more reprehensible or less qualified to lead than George W. Bush. If Christians truly respect their faith, then they cannot respect this man and being connected in any way in supporting him should make them feel exceedingly befouled. George W. Bush has no moral core and callously uses Christianity for his own purposes. He is also shallow and totally lacking in any understanding of
this or any other constitutional or democratically based government. He has never cared to know, does not have the intellectual energy to care. He pretends and pompously struts. He may actually think he is a leader. He does not know that he is not because he does not know what one is.
Carelessly giving big coal permission to rip off mountaintops? It is profitable and makes his corporate friends happy. All that stuff about the bad health effects of sludge and slurry and polluted streams and groundwater for the men, women and children of Appalachia is just bad science.
He will be so shocked to learn his Christian friends know better and do not approve. But, then he really does not understand Christianity either.

How are these companies allowed to do this to the environment ? Isnt somebody watching ? This is like the deforestation in Oregon. We will have too little country left if we do not seriously curb these greedy and shortsited companies to do this to our landscape.

Sweet Jesus, Please help our president and his likes follow the True teachings of Our Lord. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I have only to believe these persons doing this are the Anti-Christ. Please set our administration on the Rightous Path of Understanding and Human Compassion. Blessed be the Lord-

Stop mountain top and open pit coal mining now! Coal will be the death of our planet.
The Bush/Cheney administration is deaf and blind to their constituents and to the sickness of our planet. They are willing to make Americans sick, even mortally sick, so that their corporate friends can enrich themselves. Meanwhile, in their denial, the administration forgets that we must change this capitalistic, me first attitude if the planet is to survive global warming.

This administration is as close as this country has ever come to a dictatorship. I'm praying that they will actually yield the white house in 2008. I am horrified by their logic that all civil rights must be suspended in order to keep the country safe.

Impeach and imprison Bush/Cheney!

I sent an email to my Senator and the President - I hope that it will mean someting because it is very concerning to me that President Bush would let regulation on Friday [August 24] that would enshrine the coal mining practice of mountaintop removal in West Virginia. I saw the special on Bill Moyers Journal Mountaintop Ministry and I was appalled. Four years ago I have spent time vacationing in that area – how sad that his administration would think that destroying a beautiful land is ok.

It is truly frightening to see the extent to which G.W. is willing to go to support his idea of what is 'good for the Country'. If being 'Born Again' results in this kind of action, then I sincerely hope we never elect another sleazy reformed alcoholic to the office of the Presidency!!!

Har! Har!
You voted for your national, state and local officers--you made your beds, lie in 'em!

Cry all you want, you caused your own problems; you fix 'em.

It is shocking that citizens of this "great" nation must fight for clean drinking water. After watching this report, it would not surprise me to see a dramatic increase in cancer rates over the next decade or so. I used to always joke that smoking would not kill you as fast as your drinking water probably will. Now it's no joke. How tragic that these good people of West Virgina must suffer at the hands of these merciless warmongers on Capitol Hill. I am a Canadian, and must ask: what makes this country so great if you can't get decent water to drink? Even worse, that the President of this nation supports mountain-top removal, an action that will clearly have detrimental effects on our already fragile environment. He has sentenced this country to death, and will reap what he sows. At this rate, americans should start thinking of an alternate anthem to "America the Beautiful," because when Bush is done with this country, there will be nothing left to sing about.

How utterly repugnant big business has become. To destroy what took millions of years to build in just a few short years, with the complicity of our government - how can any sane person possibly justify this? Mountain top removal should have never been started and should be immediately banned.

I am so grateful to all of you who have signed this, but please, keep using your voices in positive ways. Our country is run by 'we the people'. So until we say to those we have placed in power that they will do what we say, or they will have no jobs, our future will continue to be run by corporate greed.

Use your anger. Make your voice heard in the highest ranks of government. Together, man woman and child, black, white, hispanic, Christian and Jew, or Atheist or Muslim, only WE can take our country back. Demand impeachment, demand accountability for those who so blantantly care nothing for us or our children.

Stop the Bush-Cheney Gestapho from destroying America with their careless disregard for Mother and Human Nature!

It is difficult to watch what is happening to the beautiful hills of West Virginia and to the people who depend on them for their well-being, and not feel hopeless. However, I believe that God exists in those mountains and in the people there, and we must connect to that spirit to help us find a new way of living in harmony with the land and with each other. We can be a positive force for change. Envisioning what we want--clean water and air, unspoiled land, healthy children--and moving towards that is far more powerful than waging a war against the powers that be. In other words, we must move towards what we want rather than against what we don't. Otherwise, the powers that be will only fight back more fiercely. I am not suggesting that we sit back and do nothing about the destruction of our planet. I am not suggesting that we allow the corporations to not take responsibility for their actions. However, I think we should focus most intensely on the power of good in changing the situation. In other words, we must realign our thinking and our emotions towards divinity within ourselves rather than becoming angry, hopeless, and helpless. What do we want? What do we treasure and hold most dear? This gives us power. Now what do we want to accomplish?

Each of us can spend time envisioning a healthy, peaceful world and being open to the inspiration that will guide us towards a better world. That also means not shutting ourselves off from people in those corporations and government officials who are making things worse. They are also people who also have families and who also want to be healthy, though they may be completely disconnected from how their actions are harming others. We can align ourselves with the divinity of all people, whether they are government officials or corporate executives. This requires a philosophical shift in our thinking that will give us more power not less and help us move forward.

We should not give into hopelessness. Our collective, positive vision will help us move towards solutions that are sustainable. In what may seem a dark hour, we in fact have collectively the invincible power of creation that will help us arrive at sustainable solutions.

Thanks for the link to the petition. Here it is again:

Impeach Bush!!!!
Vote all of the spineless congress people out of office! I appreciate the time and effort your program invests in enlightening the public about what is going on in D.C.which ultimately affects us in our backyards. I am angry, frustrated and so sad at what is happening. This directive to destroy WV and any other state must be stopped. Just when I think it cant get any worse, he does the unthinkable, will this country survive until 2008?

Thank God for channel surfing. I came across your program by accident and have nerver been more shocked by what the people of West Virginia are having to deal with. I am however not surprised that our President is still promoting this devistation but the lawmakers in this poor county are allowing it to continue. The question is why? Their own economic survial? How can the Govenor see this and let it continue? Please follow up with this story. Let us know how we can make our voices heard. This cannot continue because of money and greed just so the people with fancy cars and homes can continue with their lifestyle. We are so removed from situations like this we need reminders like your program. Our country and the world is paying the price for this continued disregard for our land.

I add my voice to the cries for sanity. This must stop now!

I watched in horror yet another rape of our land. Another chapter in Georgie B's and his ilk's mentality. Big business as usual. It is time to take our country back. We must look for someone with backbone to stand up to the earth rapists and say enough. Stop spending our tax dollar on lost causes, IRAQ, and put those monies to work on alternative energy, clean water, open space and a healthy environment. George Bush and his big biz partners should be tried and convicted and made to live and drink the water discussed in your presentation.

Energy resources are needed but MUST it be at the cost of lives, environment, and quality of life? I don't think so and the Presidents' decision shows great insensity to all of these things. We must use conservation and new alternative technology to sustain our energy needs.

We the People? What has happened to us as a country and a nation? To inflict injury on another American and their family so I can be cooler in the summer, I think not. We have become so greedy and winy as a nation we are simply destroying our children’s future and ourselves. Stand up for what is right for your neighbor and your family, big business offers us a house of gold and we have become so self centered we jump at it at every opportunity. What ever happened to the American dream a good job, a modest but nice home and time to spend with family and friends? I would like to own a Mercedes Benz someday but I not willing to sell out my friend and fellow American to get one. It’s OK to want more but do we really need it all? Let’s get rid of those treasonous politicians and do what’s right for our children and our nation. The Government does not have the right to destroy our land or people simply to support big business. We have the technology to change our energy dependency but we as Americans must take control of our government and demand those changes and do what is best and right not…what is profitable for a few ultra greedy people and politicians

Craig P. of Texas.

Unfortunately, the United States government, at the beginning of the 21st century, has blatantly ignored the environment and the growingly tragic violations and problems rising with it. One wants to and can blame the president and his administration but it also can be argued that ALL of us are responsible and the sooner we see it the better we are, spiritually, to act.
Instead of encouraging other forms of more sustainable energy sources, the administration keeps giving up to corporate powers and is oblivious of the public. The late mining law serves as another painful example. Every honest person should rise against it.
Still, I am heartened to see that the time is not far when environmentalists and religious sectors in our society will form a powerful alliance based on the preservation of the Earth (for whatever reasons) - the only one we have.

Frankly,I'm glad to see the Christians taking on an issue other than abortion and gays. Refreshing. They voted for this president based on those 2 issues it seems and now they are stuck with his horrible policies. I guess the base is finally waking up. I hope they can make a difference. Nothing will change until the people change. We need to conserve and we need to demand clean coal. The people have the power. Let's use it. Demand that Bush rescind this directive. Bush's record on the environment is dismal. My heart goes out to the people of this little community.

Why can Bush issue a directive to take Mountains down.Why doesn't Congress get a say? If he can do that why can't any president take down anything he seems more like a dictator. Don't let the dictator spy on me. They will start spying for political reasons and companies will buy the data to make money

I am amazed that we can find billions of dollars to conduct a war in the Middle East that should have never not only not been conceived but executed . But does not Bush think he is determine who should live under what rule.
And yet we continue to search for energy at the expense of our Americans. All they asked for was clean water. Yet It took 13 years for the citizens of the West Virginia mountains to get what is their right.
A precious resource piped into their homes so they can drink, clean and wash in clear water.I continue to be horrified at the atrocities in this country that is sanctioned and turned into law by one of the most foolish and ignorant Presidents that has ever been elected-Twice.
We are from New Orleans and have yet returned home to salvage our ruined home.
neighborhood and find our friends. This government has failed so many miserably. I herald the grassroots effort to bring change whether under the flag of Christianity or another flag. If not for the grass roots effort, and wonderful volunteers from all over America, we, in New Orleans would not have made our present progress .
Do not expect our present government to respond to disaster especially if it affects mostly low income people.
And stop the destruction of our environment to find more fuel at the cost of the American people. We have other alternative ways. Let's start now because in 10 more years, we won't have changed a thing.
Thank you Bill Moyers for addressing important issues with passion and professionalism. Issues that mainstram media has ignored or glossed over

Coal makes electricity and the American way of life. Think about it. Quit complaining and move. I DID.

Stop mountain top removal practices now. They're destructive and dangerous and only a short term answer to our energy needs. What are they planning on doing,removing every mountain top in West Virginia, till they run out of coal? How sad.

I'm right there with CONCETTA BOZIC!!!

And I'll add my own P.S.

I am dismayed by the Bush Administration's enviornmental policies and congress' complicity. The destruction of the West Virgnina mountains is another example of big money's influence and our leaders blatent disregard of caring for America's people and land. A lot of money goes into the coffers of Republicans running for office from big business' profits - money they make from ruining our land. I urge you to stop mountain top removal. We must change our ways. The United States must join other developed countries in a rapid move to clean energy.

Honestly, you can't make a difference if youdon't make some noise. That's the bottom line people, contact your local, state and federal representatives and express EXTREME outrage! This is just going way too far!!!

An additional negative that appears to accompany mountaintop removal mining is the extent of deforestation that results. There is a more sensible way of meeting this country's energy needs than allowing more mountaintop removal and more resultant deforestation. One of the US Government's own websites,, states, "it makes sense to use fossil resources such as oil more efficiently to buy time to develop new and better energy sources and to make the transition to these sources smoother and less expensive." Nothing can be quicker to enact and result in immediate, widespread fossil fuel efficiency than for the President to roll back all interstate speed limits by at least 5mph, and preferably 10 mph. According to another US Government website,, "gas mileage usually decreases rapidly at speeds above 60 mph. As a rule of thumb, you can assume that each 5 mph you drive over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.20 per gallon for gas." The savings in fossil fuel usage would be immediate and measurable.

Who said "Thank God I'm an Atheist!" With so-called "believers" like BU__SH__ we don't need traitors. He "talks the talk" but reveals himself by "the walk" - War, Lies, Profits vs. People, etc.
His failed presidency is God's gift and lesson to us.

Bill Moyers tells us we have 60 days to comment about tonight's story on removing West Virginia mountain tops.

Please add the following to those comments:

As bad as the story about removing West Virginia mountains and replacing them with polluted streams and waters is, the bigger picture is even worse.

The issue is more than pollution of our world.

The issue at hand illustrates how awry our system of democractic government has strayed from basic principles.

How do the people of America take back our Government from the forces of Big Business?

Big Business has taken from us the beauty of the land and polluted our environment for us and for future generations and we are powerless to stop it.

This story hits home here in Cumberland County Virginia were Allied Waste has highjacked out County government. We are forced to choose between a mountain of trash or a new school building for our children. Local government signed a pact with the devil, allowed the people a comment period and rezoned the land for a mega landfill which will take 5,000 tons of trash and "special waste" a day. (Special waste is just one step removed from hazardous waste...its special because it requires special handing.) Then our government borrowed 25,000,000 dollars without letting the people vote on it to building the school promising that the dump will pay for the school. Now it's elections time and people have to choose. How are we going to pay for the school if we don't have the dump? I believe this was all orchestrated by the landfill company. Citizen 's have been deprived not only of their peaceful rural countyside, but of the government and their right to choose.

The fight is over the loss of our government.

The National Congress MUST act to restrain the power and influence Big Business has over government.

Carol Wright


I am sure the president has many reasons for stripping mountaintops with little regard for any form of life, just to get resources that can be made elswhere. The naive nature of many of the president's decisions have been influenced by the white house staff that very few voted for. We live in a place where the decisions are made with ignorance as the deciding factor, not life, nor future prosperity, but greed. We live in a greedy nation and it takes a lot from few only to benefit a little for fewer.

As a Christian who firmly believes that God created us to look after the well being of His creation, I am totally ashamed that there could possibly be Christians who are threatened by the promotion of environmental stewardship as a Christian principle. And, didn’t Christ command us through many different parables to be concerned about the health and well being of our neighbor? This story shows why pursuit of money and earthly power are false gods that distract many from fulfilling Christ’s commandments to love and care for one another.

I was moved by the religious conservatives that want to save the health of West Virginians as well as the environment. Though I am not a very religious person, I do believe that it is the religious right that will save this country from money hungry businesses like the coal industry. God bless them!

Our country sure seems like its on a race to destruction of the constitution thereby a race to the deminish the democracy itself.

I am disappointed that our President who claims to be a Christian refuses to acknowledge or care for the natural resources God has given mankind. According to the Bible, God gave man dominion over the earth. If one believes this to be true, we should take this solemn trust to heart and protect the earth - not desecrate it.

The large companies like the one reported this evening are governed by greed. It would seem that President Bush has broken the first commandment and made money his god. His legislative actions do not seem so Christianly.

Whether you claim to be a Christian or not, the natural resources we all depend on need to be cherished. And while coal may be a needed resource for energy now, there are more humane ways of processing it for the concern and care of all.

Ha! That "Act of God" comment floored me! I'd like to ask the president of that coalmining outfit just what part of sludge is God accountable for?

The Bush directive to permitt mountaintop removal must be rescinded. It is an appaling act of selfishness and evidence of the president's total disregard for the environment.

We all should remember this act of stupidity by the Republicans and President Bush or any member of congress that voted for this and probably had his pockets lined by the coal companies.

The best way to stop this is at the voting both.

Ask your senator or representitive how he voted for this or fought against this and kick his butt out of office if he voted for this act.

I affirm that more & more of us NOW, do take the inspiration & information from Bill Moyers into productive action! Each of his causes calls for leaders of know-how, courage & commitment to organize the ground-swell of us who DO stand ready to serve someone we CAN trust to restore our country & our natural land.

The President has overstepped his authority in the desecration of the earth by allowing mountain top blasts of ridiculous amounts of dynamite that shred the land. When the President has a capability of restoring the years of formation and diversity of scenery that Blankenship is destroying, there may not need to be an impeachment on this issue but others.

Stop this brazen abuse of the earth in the name of energy. If the President and Congress could pass stringent conservation measures on auto and truck gas mileage as well a strong carbon tax for both businesses and citizens, we would not this coal.

I couldn't believe it when I heard Bush had approved the destruction of the mountain tops. After watching The Journal segment I am even more outraged. Is there anything Bush thinks isn't ok? The next time I drive though WV will I be surrounded by mounds of dirt instead of beautiful mountains?

On the issue of beheading Coal Bearing mountains. We should tell President Bush 'NO'. It's time he learns that no is an answer we all have to live with, and he should also.

The coal company presidents call it an "Act of God". I call it an 'act of the Devil'. Is there nothing in this country of ours that has not been defiled by this administration?

The money people are not going to take care of the environment and with politicians bought by big corporations it is up to us to protect the environment with any means avaliable. Bush has not done anything and should be thrown out of office. the environment will be here after the jobs destroying it are long gone. Resind the mountain top destruction.

Individuals, corporations and moronic legislation endorsing doing anything to the earth except trying to protect it for future generations are damning us all. Please revoke your support of companies, politicians and any other applicable hypocrites that care only for money and power now, and have no regard for their grandchildren's grandchildren. Thank you for letting me post, and thank YOU - Christians for the Mountains - for presenting a positive Christian face to an extremely jaded, cynical ex-Catholic. The earth does not belong to us...we belong to it. Thank you for fighting so eloquently for us all. My respect, Sue

i am only a teenager in a beautiful mountianous town, and even trying to imagine what it would be like w/out its mounians is close to impossible, not to mention discusting. i dont even know what to say... but if a teenager can say anything (and a yonger one at that) i think it must mean something. just another example of how bush is screwing things up for my generation. maybe we can do something when our turn comes around...

Hey, let's not forget this part of that particular protected "industry" ...
Must we bury more people under 4 miles of Earth before someone says ENOUGH!!!!

Greed and avarice. I used to vote Republican but for the last few national elections I have started making a protest vote to independents. We have to do something about this disgusting practice.

I cannot believe that a nation that has such vast resources (technological, human and educational) we haven't found an alternative for coal. I know we are all too spoiled to conserve. Such a shame that a country that can unite itself against outside threats will not recognize the threat we pose to ourselves.

It's outrageous that in this day and age this type of coal mining is still going on, causing damage to every living thing in its path. The Journal inspired me to write my Senators and voice my protest against this destruction the coal mining industry continues to cause.

I affirm that more & more of us NOW, do take the inspiration & information from Bill Moyers into productive action! Each of his causes calls for leaders of know-how, courage & commitment to organize the ground-swell of us who DO stand ready to serve someone we CAN trust to restore our country & our natural land.

"It is now clear the coal industry and their regulatory and political sidekicks care only about the dollar."

I'm sorry, but you are sadly wrong in this case. Not because that they don't care about the dollar but because they also have a much sinister agenda against the poor and working class of America.

You see, by despoiling and destroying natural resources, they enslave the poor and working class that would normally rely on them by making them pay more for the resources that only they can provide after the destruction has taken place.

It is the work of the Pale and Black Horses of the Apocalypse and will help usher in the presence of the Man of Lawlessness described in 2Thessalonians chapter 2 (also known as the "Anti-Christ").

May the Lord be with those of you who are enduring this evil never cause you to give up hope and your quest for justice.

Perhaps if we sent the mining equipment to Crawford Texas to strip mine the Bush ranch the monkey in charge might finally understand.

I just watched the Journal and saw there are not many days left to respond to President Bush's permission for additional mountaintop removal efforts. I live in Kentucky where removal is also an issue. It's an economic issue and it's a spiritual issue. When "current wisdom" finally agrees that mountaintop removal is a bad idea (and it will eventually come to that) it will be too late because all the mountain tops will be gone. Men don't grow mountains. Men don't "create" in the sense God does. Men use creation to remake the world, and rarely make it better. As a person of faith, I see God in all of creation and destruction of His work as a sin. As a nature lover, I see destruction of natural resources and beauty as a crime. As a grandmother, I lament the beauty my grandson may never see because of economic greed and unwillingness to find less destructive ways of gaining energy security. Can we simply tell the President NO on this issue? It's about time he learned that NO is an answer many of us learn to live with. He can too.

I know God's plan is better than mine, but much more can the American Public endure at the hands of the money-mongering, Bushman. We still maintain he wants to be king. Continuing the obvious destruction of land and life without a 2nd thought is more than atrocious, it's downright evil.

Shame on President Bush!
Capitalism is his God.
The almighty dollar is the altar at which he worships!

"The earth is the Lords
the fullness there of
the world and they that dwell there in."

It does not belong to the exploiters, the greedy and those who try to rationalize their beliefs which are not the Truth!

There is no way in God's heaven that the President can justify allowing the continued exploitation of the people of West Virginia and the land that is God's!

God's Laws are Supreme and one day all those that exploit and manipulate will face God and have to answer for their sins!

There are more important things than capitalism and profit, security and self reliance. Our fear of each other and our appetite for more may be the end of us all.

God give the Christian people of West Virginia the strength to fight for what is right to prevail over the greed of the coal mining companies and destruction of our beautiful country. It's a sin and a shame that GW Bush failed to support the Christian groups of West Virginia and preserve the right to live in a healthy environment and raise healthy children. I plan to build a solar dome home and utilize natural energy to help preserve the environment and minimize use of coal and oil for one.


what an outrageous destruction of our environment and public health hazard to residents of appalachia. let's tell the president NO and force the companies that did the damage to restore the mountaintops. we all need to help those folks by pressing our own congresspersons and calling or writing the president.

I come from the school of thought that clean water, air, and earth is an inherent right for all life on this planet. The issue of clean energy has been wrought with stories of fraud and other types of misconduct, especially within the highest levels of the American scientific community--a community that is supposed to stand for the open-minded quest for the truth about Nature and the application of new discoveries in science toward the betterment of humanity. Our dependence on coal is caused by unethical leaders in our country's science and government. The real emerging science and technology that can put an end to the suffering of these people in West Virginia is deliberately being stifled by unethical government representatives that distort the spending of our hard-earned tax dollars. As a representative of the North American indigenous people, the Cree Nation once stated: "Only when the last tree has withered, and the last fish caught, and the last river been poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money."

"Do not allow coal mining companies to cut off mountaintops to get coal in West Virginia. It is making a desert of the areas, burying streams and polluting air and water." This should be sent to every congressman and senator. Sending it to the President and/or Vice President may be a lost cause. They have indicated over and over that they hate the people but love big business. Business is important but it must not carry on unchecked. Unscrupulous owners
would make slaves and invalids of the people of America for bigger bottom lines. Yet, properly checked they can provide s good life for Americans. It was only a matter of time until religious Christians Discovered this.Noone wants to be harmed so that a few people can reap unspeakable riches.

I wish we could all use renewable, environmentally-friendly resources. I wish our govt and citizens would invest more in the environment now that we're so close to irreversible global warming and the destruction of our only home.
I wish I could navigate the federal government's regulations website to make comments on this mountaintop removal! I have a doctorate and still can't figure out their %$#@ website. Oh well, I'll just email my congressman again so that he can ignore me again.

This is my response to Bill Moyers' invitation to respond within 60 days to the Bush administration's decision to provide the coal companies with greater flexibility in mountain-top removal practices.

Considering the Bush administration's record of supporting industrial desires over environmental concerns, I am not surprised at this most recent blow to the environment in West Virginia.

For a president who prides himself on his religious conversion, it is obvious by his decision to side with the coal industry over the grass-roots Christian movement to make West Virginia a healthier state for all life forms, that his professing Christianity as his guide is conditional and used when convenient rather than to encourage those who feel they are protecting God’s creation.

The president is showing his true character by siding with the money lenders instead of with the meek, who will inherit the earth.

Stop mountain-top removal.

9/11 was carried out to allow the executive branch to become a monarchy, and the war on terror is nothing more than a cover for the real war, the war on humanity, nature and freedom. "Mountaintop Removal" says it all. Our president and the people whose bidding he does have completely lost all connection with humanity, spirituality and nature. Maybe they never had it.

9/11 was carried out to allow the executive branch to become a monarchy, and the war on terror is nothing more than a cover for the real war, the war on humanity, nature and freedom. "Mountaintop Removal" says it all. Our president and the people whose bidding he does have completely lost all connection with humanity, spirituality and nature. Maybe they never had it.

Many thanks for a thought-provoking and important program. Each segment shown tonight represents the kind of journalism viewers rarely see but need in order to understand and act on complex issues.
The problem is that knowing the facts and focusing on the state of our nation and its leaders leaves one profoundly discouraged. I'm politically active -more so than I have ever been. I keep myself informed and write impassioned letters. I engage my adult children, friends and neighbors in dialogue.Many do not share my views, but nearly all are discouraged about the direction in which our President has taken this country.
Most distressing to me is the reaction of each of my children - to the war, the economic struggles they face, their cynicism about the workings of government. My eldest, who's traveled extensively, depises our country and wants to move to Europe. My second child has moved from liberal to angry libertarian who believes citizens must arm themselves against a dangerous and corrupt government. My youngest, at age 20, has no faith that government wil ever serve any authentic purpose, or that politics is anything more than a charade of power-hungry, two-faced people, with their hands in our pockets.
None of my children thinks that this country is a safe, healthy place in which to raise their own children. They have been deeply affected by events in the last 6 years -their coming of age period. They expect to struggle, live by their own wits, and continue to watch our country decline. All are highly intelligent and articulate in their views. They have grown up in an affluent area and enjoyed many advantages.Yet they have no faith that their futures will be as secure.
Mr. Moyers , what does one do with all the anger?

The reference to Chief Seattle is most appropriate. His wisdom is not dependent on Christianity, but simply, on a humble reflection on our planet and the role that we play in our own self preservation. In addition to the pessimism expressed in the quoted sentence, Chief Seattle also states that 'the earth does not belong to us but rather, we belong to the earth; that we did not weave the web of life but are merely a strand in it and that whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves'.
It is noteworthy that this president’s Christianity seems to be most selective, with particular sensitivity to political expediency.
A reaction to the W.Virginia mountaintop mining issue should be required of each of our elected representatives and similarly, of all presidential candidates.

Regarding where to write to protest the proposed rule, I found the following on

You may submit comments, identified by docket number 1029–AC04. by any of the following methods:

Federal eRulemaking Portal: The proposed rule is listed under the agency name ‘‘OFFICE OF SURFACE MINING RECLAMATION AND ENFORCEMENT.’’
Mail/Hand-Delivery/Courier: Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, Administrative Record, Room 252 SIB, 1951 Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20240.

Dennis G. Rice, Office of Surface Mining
Reclamation and Enforcement, U.S.
Department of the Interior, 1951
Constitution Avenue, NW., Washington,
DC 20240. Telephone: 202–208–2829. Email

I don't know if the president will see these comments, but I hope that they do get registered in the 60 day period following Bush's new ruling about expanding mountain top mining restrictions. Aside from the public health consequences, which alone should stop the process cold, the companies should be made to recreate the exact geography of the place they have destroyed.
It is very hard to watch the "money talks" mentality of my own community in Connecticut, as trees are cut down, and asphalt is slathered over the earth, with no regard for replacing the heat-sinking, oxygen-producing, animal and people friendly environments that are taken away. It is hard to look at the scars in West Virginia, and realize that this is their bigger and badder equivalent of our asphalt parking lots. I admire these folks greatly for standing up to the coal companies- we need more of their spirit. And we need the mountaintops back for us all.

It is imcomprehensibe to me that any American, expecially our President, or any other government official, could be so ignorant regarding the importance of the natural world, including clean water in West Virginia, would have the misguided belief that energy from coal is somehow more important.

We will all have to put our bodies on the protest line, write our papers, talk to as many people who will listen about what is happening to the mountains and people and all the living creatures. And then--turn out the lights, unplug the TV, use much less of the stuff from burned coal.
Write our representatives and harangue the rascals. Let's keep learning about this new wretched piece of profiteering. We are the problem and its potential solution.

Business has always ruled and individuals suffer. I have always hoped that reasonable, thoughtful, respectful people would get together and challenge the brawn. Now I hear their voices, and they've brought spirituality into the mix. Maybe there is a God. Maybe it is time we stop polluting our God for a buck or two.

I just hope the good folk of West Virginia remember 2000 and 2004 in 2008.

Don't make the same mistake. Good luck, and keep on fighting.


I agree with a previous post: by: Beverly White McCartt | September 7, 2007 09:59 PM

The Bush directive to permit mountaintop removal must be rescinded.

Jeff Grumley

In the words of a great chief! The white man will parish in the waste he leaves behind. Where is the E.P.A.? My mistake! They're part of the problem! bureaucrats. Where is Bush? My mistake again! He is the problem. Until the american people rebel nothing will change.the politicians just keep robbing & ruining at the behest of big business who keep them in office & filling their pockets.The average american says don't bother me i'm watching T.V. Take away their T.V. & watch the #### hit the fan. If there is a God ! Heaven won't be crowded because of what man has done to Mother Earth. Not even a skunk ####'s in it's own nest.

I'm always impressed with how good the reports of Bill Moyer's Journal are and how important stories are rarely covered by other news sources. It must be so disheartening for the people of W. Va. to fight for their mountains & the streams and then have Bush pull the rug out from under them and their efforts. The religious and the non religious can all agree that this mining method is disgussing and should be stopped. We all should reduce our energy consumption for all the obvious reasons and support groups and politicians that will fight this practice.

This treatment of West Virginia is stupid, inhumane and totally against treating the earth and its inhabitants with consideration,caring and sensibility. Mr.Bush is a disgrace in this instance as in many others. He considers himself a Christian but would a real Christian or even a caring non-religious person believe that Jesus would act in this manner? What about the wonderful commandment about "treating others as YOU, MR. BUSH, would like to be treated". Why don't you and your family try living in this area of West Virgina for a while?
Do you have any compassion for other people? Please resign!!

Just another example of how power corrupts. I am a believer that "What goes around comes around". Mr. Resident-on-Top-of-the- Mountain will be in a deep, deep "valley" one day and he WILL be looking for a drink of water. What kind of monster would deprive a fellow world resident the most basic of things? And our politicians use yet another method to destroy our country for their own comfort and excessive money taking. Gluttons and thieves.

I was born in Williamson W Va in 1939 when the coal companies piled slag above the streams, homes and towns of Mingo county poluting the same streams and water supplies that are being poluted today by mountain top removel. The same excuses and lies are being used today as then to line the pockets of the mining company owners and their cronies in all levels of government while destroying the land and lives of those who live in and love W Va.


President Bush is so concerned about clearing brush on his ranch, how can he promote this destruction in West Virginia? What position has Sen. Byrd taken? Let's all contact our representatives and the presidential hopefuls and see if we can stop that regulation on mountaintop removal mining.

I am always amazed at Moyer's news stories.
I am horrified by the story on the West Virginia mountain mining. I believe this is not just a Christian issue, and am wary of religion trying to influence politics, but I believe that organizing to be better keepers of the land is a necessary and awesome responsibility. Anyone standing up for this issue is to be supported and admired, especially if the stand creates difficulty in their immediate day to day survival.
As a "strong" nation we should be finding creative solutions to our problems, not making immoral excuses. Second only to the war is the land/nature preservation issue, I relate it to the saying "if you have your health...", we are slowly destroying our planet's health. By extension, we are also destroying our own health. People who do not see themselves as being equal to others, are not only ignorant, they are easily able to justify pushing horror upon those "others".

The rape and destruction of this beautiful envirnoment is unconscionable!! What these people have suffered is equally unconscionable!! Of course, with President Bush, every decision he has made since being in the White House is unconscionable!! His giving the go ahead to the coal companies for an "attack" on West Virginia sounds like his go ahead for an attack on Iraq!! Obvisously, there was no envirnomental study done which should bring the courts into this!! What are their representatives at the state and federal government doing?

The coal industry's have a very strong lobby - last I knew mining laws are the same as 1872!!!

Very sad.

Impeach, Impeach, Impeach. This lowlife has deemed himself a dictator and it is high time we get rid of him and all of his minions and make sure none of them see the light of day for the rest of their lives. When we have cleansed the office, all of this country has to get off their "medications" and wake up and vote for a person who holds the Earth's and our well-being in high esteem. Vote Dennis Kuchinich. Read his bio on his website, you'll realize he is the ONLY choice for your futures.

Just makes me want to get down on my knees by the side of my bed every night and pray to God that every Republican in this great United States of America is voted out of office ... and replaced with green-thinking Democrats who will dedicate themselves to cleaning up the mess. Hopefully there's time to still save our perishing planet! I rest assured in the knowledge that George Bush will face God's own Judgment and Wrath when his time comes. Sucks to be you, dude.

To the administration and the government:
Coal and the rest of the fossil fuel’s spigot must be turned off. Coal is bad for the workers. It is bad for the beauty of the lord's creation. It is bad for the community. It is bad for the nation and it is bad for the whole earth. We must not destroy and pollute with out regards to the effects. No price is being attached to the using up of a finite resources. No price is being paid for local polution nor the environmental effects of climate change. Not even the measurable economic effects of the pollution are on the table. Capitalism does not regulate its self properly when all the costs are not included. We are all together on this earth and must share it use thoughtfully. It is not right for those insulated from problems by wealth to just ignore those that are being flooded or those who can no longer feed them selves. It is time we took pleasure in living together instead of living in fear of each other.

I grew up in those beautiful mountains. It breaks my heart that they are being destroyed. Why did it take so long for the people to get someone to listen to them? No company has the right to destroy someone's access to clean water. I'm not surprised that GWB doesn't care about the people. His pockets are well lined and money is all he has ever cared about.

Dear Mr Bush,
In 100 years it wont matter what kind of house you lived in, the kind of car you drove or even the power you carry. But the decisions you have made "President bush" will!

A thinking person does not have to be Christian to be appalled by the destruction of the land by special interests. As a devout New Yorker I care deeply about the world we live in. Blowing the tops off mountains will greatly reduce the ability of the earth to sustain itself. I do wish the program had given the audience some specific actions we could take to alleviate this problem.

This is yet another sad consequence of capitalism without stewardship. The chronic shortsightedness of the Bush administration aligned with corporate greed have destroyed these mountaintops forever. Lack of respect for the earth will have dire consequences. Remember that Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple!

It's so sad that politicians will justify their behavior when it means money for themselves. Pres. Bush is no different than any non-Christian when doing the "right thing" for American citizens, especially when it saves our natural beauty, which
once destroyed is gone forever. He will pay for his actions when he faces judgment and gets his punishment. God Bless
America -- for what is left of it.

On West Virginia Coal mining.
We need Coal, We're damned if we do and damned if we don't.
This country needs the coal industry or we will be at the Mercy of OPEC, and OPEC countries aren't our loving neighbors. They want to destroy our country. I've seen what can be done with mountain top mining you get some of the most beautiful landscapes and golf courses
after they finish mining.
The State of W. Virginia is also building a beautiful road through these areas, this could only inhance the area and bring tourist into the area. I think the enviornmentalist
are over reacting.It looks like Massey is willing to take care of the problems that arise. Beware of those orginizations who want to destroy our coal industry and leave us at the mercy of big oil.I believe PBS should tell the whole story not half truths.

What do we do to stop this? Just how does this self-proclaimed "Values" administration square this atrocity with being "good stewards" of the earth? It isn't just Christians who should be outraged, but every citizen. This administration has no shame and has hijacked all we stand for as Americans and put it in service of it's particularly ugly brand of capitalism--- the real "God" of this Administration. God help us all.

Having just seen the BMJ's airing of the mountain top mining in West Virginia and followed up by reading the entries that preceed mine I am convinced that any entry I post here will be simply preaching to the choir. Where is the petition to be signed by all of us and sent to President Bush demanding that he recind his most recent allowance to the coal companys? We the people can NOT allow this irresponsible behavior to continue. Unenlightened Bush does not our nation make...or even well represent. But until we make a great noise he will continue to blow the tops off of mountains to please his 'friends'. Shout NO...NO...and another NO.

Thank you for presenting the story re Mountain top removal. A few years ago a group of W.Va. citizens came to Nashville to tell their story of this hideous undertaking. We knew of the tragic stories of Kentucky folks enduring coal company disasters. Now it is happening in Tennessee. Save Our Cumberland Mountains, an acivist organization, have worked with legislators for years trying to stop this, but when the coal companies have the money to hand the politicians, they get the voice.This applies to both Democrats and Republicans, but President Bush has taken the destruction of the environment to new heights! What can we say or do to change this? We have written to our Representatives and Senators re many issues, but to no avail. We do know that it is of utmost importance to have Bill Moyers' voice for us.

Dan and Beverly Sweeton

As a West Virginia native and a follower of Christ, it is refreshing to know people of the mountain state are fighting back. My mother grew up in a coal mining town and when she left at the age of 18 for another city in West Virginia, she thought something was wrong with her when she blew her nose and it was no longer black. Every time I drive through the state, I realize how breathtaking and unique the hills of WV truly are.

If President Bush experienced filthy water and health issues due to continual mountain top removal, he might think twice about passing bills to allow more full fledge digging for coal. It makes me extremely angry that our current administration continues to make decisions that are harmful to people whether here in the states or overseas in Iraq. I know the argument is that we live in a capitalist society and people have a right to "move forward" no matter who gets hurt. However, Rome was a similar society and if you reread your history, IT FELL!
If we continue to be a people who cares more about financial success, power, and influence than we do about the quality of life of our citizens, we will be falling right behind Rome.

It is my prayer that we as a nation would stand up for the preservation of our land and recognize that the more we destroy our land, the faster we kill our people.

To the administration and the government:
Coal and the rest of the fossil fuel’s spigot must be turned off. Coal is bad for the workers. It is bad for the beauty of the lord creation. It is bad for the community. It is bad for the nation and it is bad for the whole earth. We must not destroy and pollute with out regards to the effects. No price is being attached to the using up of a finite resources. No price is being paid for the environmental effects of climate change. Not even the measurable economic effects of the pollution are on the table. Capitalism does not regulate its self properly way when all the costs are not included. We are all together on this earth and must share it use thoughtfully. It is not right for those insulated from problems by wealth to just ignore those that are being flooded or those who can no longer feed them selves. It is time we took pleasure in living together instead of living in fear of each other.

I feel very strongly that this mountaintop removal is not according to God's desire for the earth. The use of the coal will only add to the pollution which is causing the drastic climate change and is destroying our environment.
The whole process is done for the enrichment of people who care nothing for the future of our children and grandchildren, much less for the creatures of the earth and the beauty of the mountains.

We need to be good stewarts of the environment for the sake of our children and for the sake of the earth. Mountain top strip mining must be stopped.

What ever happened to, "Do unto others...?"
I am a veteran. My wife and I work very hard and try to live according to God's Word. We have a strong love for the United States. But.... living in a country as amazing as this, we are confounded more and more each and every day by what lengths we (supposedly intelligent) humans will go to to destroy ourselves, our children, our nations, our planet and, as a result of of these actions, our future. We must force the large companies to look into their corporate mirrors and ask themselves, " How much is enough?!?!?!"

Hopefully the religious Right will finally get the message. Republicans represent Corporate greed.

Vote for the environment and yourselves in '08.

It seems our president wants to protect us from "terrorists." However, who is going to protect the people of West Virginia from him because instead of seeking alternative sources of energy he chooses to let their mountains, rivers, wells, land, health be destroyed by destroying these very mountains in which they live. The horror he is allowing to happen is no less deadly than so-called terrorists.

It's time for our government to begin using the billions that we're pouring into Iraq each month, and re-route those billions into alternative sources of energy that will allow us to no longer depend on evil sources of energy such as coal and oil.

I grew up, and am a member in St. Francis of Assisi Church. St. Francis taught us to care for each other, care for animals, and care for our earth. When I was a child, my grandmother had foul water flowing from her tap. She lived in a coal mining area of PA (her husband, my grandfather died young of heart and lung disease caused by his work as a mine foreman). I remember what that water smelled like. I remember what it tasted like. We didn't know then that the water could have made us sick. Now we know that; and no coal company CEO's salary, no coal company profits should ever override the health and safety of the creatures of this endangered earth. No U.S. President should support such immoral, unethical activity. Develop alternative fuels. Make money on alternative fuels, if you must. But stop desecrating the earth. It doesn't belong to the coal company. IT BELONGS TO US. Stop!!!!!

We need to realize that the coal companies and the president aren't doing what they are doing just to be evil. They are doing it because we, all of us, use the energy produced.

We are part of the problem, and we must be part of the solution. We must be active in conservation. We must be active in promoting an economy based on renewal, not destruction. We must be willing to accept some discomfort and difficulty in order to save our mountains, and our polar bears--and ourselves. And we need to start today.

What a disgrace! I applaud the people of West Virginia and can't imagine how George Bush can sleep at night. He has proven, once again, that he supports the greedy corporations; not the people. Thank you, Bill Moyers, for the report.

It is a travesty and an unfortunate harbinger of where our country is heading when we destroy the very land we live on and from. Corporate greed has overcome common sense and decency. The Lord has warned us not to destroy the earth, our homes, our families and ourselves, yet that is exactly what is happening with President Bush's proposal to allow expansion of mountain destruction so a few can increase their wealth. The argument that the destruction and pollution is for the larger good of America no longer holds water (no pun intended). Mr. Bush is ignoring the welfare of his country and it's citizens in order to pay back large contributors who backed his election campaigns. They expect to be repaid, and here's a payment. Our country is like an airplane that is going down, and right now we're brushing the tops of the trees.

The recent Bush decision to allow continued destruction of west virginia (WV) mountain tops for coal mining must be stopped. The "coal trap" must be broken. The people and animals of WV need basic living conditions- clean water and air.This method of creating energy and jobs can be replaced by sustainable cleaner methods. Mr. Bush please rethink this decision.

We, here in West Virginia, will not be able to see the program until 2:00 and 4:00 a.m. We will stay awake to watch!!! Thank you to Bill Moyers and his staff, to Allen Johnson and our CFTM team, and to all of the groups and fellow Americans around the world for championing our cause. We are so blessed to have you all standing with West Virginia.

thank you for bill moyers. this is yet another example of the current administration talking out of both sides of their collective mouth. more shame on them

I think our president should be ashamed to allow more destruction to the mountains of west virginia. Our government has fully shown a lack of concern for the people of West Virginia and their children. destroying their water and leaving them in total suffering. I thought the war and poverty level and the gas prices and lack of employment and the foreclosures across the US was bad, but this totaly proves that our government has sold the american people out to pad their pockets with ill gotten cash. they sold us out ! they filled the U.S with Mexicans and Poverty! But God will one day return and he will judge them not the meek and poor !

We support and applaud Christians for the Mountains. It is unacceptable for human beings to be forced to live with dirty water. We believe that the U.S. Congress should pay attention to this group and similar groups and then should reverse President Bush's loosening of the restraints on mountain top removal. We appreciate the effort that PBS and Bill Moyers are making to bring this issue to our attention.

I have just watched coverage of the mining of coal by blowing off the mountain tops of the beautiful appalachian mountains in west virginia. I will tell others what I have seen of this desecration of the mountains and the concurrent pollution as well as loss of streams. I am so proud of those people, those christians, who in profound dignity have taken this story to the public. Thanks also to your JOURNAL, Mr Moyers. So, I will tell this tale, I hope this will help.

Ginna Ondricek

To destroy our environment is to destroy ourselves. Our Earth does not need us; we need the Earth to exist. God lovingly created the mountains, the streams, the forests, and the creatures that live in them, and then entrusted their care to us. It is not up to Bush whether or not God's creation survives. How can one man do so much lasting harm? Bush's arrogance is astonishing.

Mountaintop mining must be
stopped; it is time for Christians and all others to stand up for protection of the West Virginia environment and quality of life. The banding together of West Virginians must be joined by those in other states where the same methods are being used. The almighty dollar should not dictate a way of life nor should it endanger anyone's quality of life. We must ensure that our leaders understand and subscribe to government for the people as opposed to favoring big business. Thank you PBS and Bill Moyers.

I'm proud of PBS airing this program.I'm sure the big networks would just as soon ignore this (obviously).With or without the church's involvement, what is going on in WV is wrong.I'm sure that even an Athiest would agree.

My wife and I were appalled at the plight of the people of West Virginia and the mountain top destruction. With the recent attention on global warming by the national media why hasn't this story been given more national attention?

Such destruction of people's lives and nature to obtain a fuel that further pollutes the environment makes no sense. This is criminal behavior and must stop.

I'm embarrassed when I see what has happened to the grand and beautiful mountains where I grew up. Now they are logging and taking the trees as well as the coal. It is the rape of WV. What is left is ugly and heartbreaking. Heaven help us!

Where is Senator Byrd? Would mountain tops be removed without his concurrence?

You can log onto and sign a petition against mountaintop mining at this site

I would advise any and all people to contact the West Virgina Representatives! Even if we do not live in that state we can in the future be affected by these same companies. We can also help are fellow humans by saying NO in one loud voice. Standing to gether is the only way.


Where do we sign up to stop this loss of habitat from the Bush ad.?

I count myself as a Buddhist. Blowing off mountain tops is horrible and short-sighted beyond belief. The people responsible (including the president) are either profoundly ignorant or in the clutches of evil.

We now know that we can not simply destroy our earth without paying the price. We now know that we have to include the cost to the earth, in estimating the cost of whatever projects we undertake.And pay it, if we choose to go ahead with the project.

Shame on this Bush administration, and they call themself christians? I am sure they are not, they can not be christians. The don't act with the human kind in mind. Jesus told us to care for each other and for the earth. This is an spiritual issue, and they are in the wrong side.
No to the mountain top mining.

The reality of the expense we are paying in selling the earth's beauty, integrity and bounty in the name of energy (in reality profits for a priviledged few) and still, in this time of expanding consciousness of the importance of the stewardship of our planet, was poignantly and alarmingly edified in this expose of the experience of the people of West Virginia. God bless their good hearts and their brave and worthy efforts.

Is there a website where one can go to sign a petition to end this criminal behavior? We need to contact Congress and the EPA. Writing to Bush is a waste of time as we are all invisible to him and his cronies.

Dear Journal,

I am very pleased to see fellow Christians getting more involved in this and any other environmental issue. Please let me know if I can help by writing a letter to my Wisconsin congressman or senator to help support a cleanup and a stop to this tragic practice of mountaintop removal. I realize we need energy but there has to be a better and greener way.

Thank you for the story.

Eric Slavin

Please, President Bush, the continued of raping the applachian mountains is nothing short of criminal. Have pity of the people of West Virginia!

Impeach Impeach Impeach this president (note lower case) truly operates in the interest of a very few. While covering his actions with an age old political tool called fear.

If one believes in God, and reveres the Bible, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconscionable.

If one believes in God, and reveres the Torah, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconscionable.

If one believes in Allah, and reveres the Koran, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconscionable.

If one is spiritual, but not necessarily a believer in organized religion, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconscionable.

If one is a secular humanist, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconcionable.

It is morally and ethically imperative that we as citizens of the United States, appreciate, applaud, support and honor those who have fought against the destruction of West Virginia's mountaintops.

What else do you expect from this administration? Did you really believe Geoge Bush will ever stand up against big companies? Look at his, and his vice presidents's background.

Most Americans have made idols of our creature comforts thereby allowing coal, gas and oil companies to assume they have the right and even necessity to destroy a mountain, that which only God can create. Now we must protest the President's ruling to make that easier and decide to sacrifice a little of our comfort so that others can have clean water, soil, and air. This is happening not only in WV but also in the west.

You said there was a 60 day comment period but failed to say to whom we should make our comments. I would really like to know so I could express my very negative opinion of mountain top remomovable.
Thank you.

Yes, this is a tragedy. Yes, the president is an idiot. Yes, the coal companies only care about profit.

But we are the problem, with our insatiable need for energy. Hang the wash out, turn out lights, put on sweaters in winter, build a passive solar home that stays cool in summer, pay the extra for wind power, use hand tools, etc.

The Bush administration's move to destroy the mountains and environment of West Virginia should be overuled.

If one believes in God, and reveres the Bible, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconscionable.

If one believes in God, and reveres the Torah, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconscionable.

If one believes in Allah, and reveres the Koran, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconscionable.

If one is spiritual, but not necessarily a believer in organized religion, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconscionable.

If one is a secular humanist, the destruction of the mountaintops in West Virginia is unconcionable.

It is morally and ethically imperative that we as citizens of the United States, appreciate, applaud, support and honor those who have fought against the destruction of West Virginia's mountaintops.

My husband and I wish to express our thanks for the mountaintop removal mining information from PBS. We both are aghast that President Bush disregards the land as well as the health of its citizens. It is urgent that the public unite against this desecrating practice. Instead, how about some conservation America.

the bush administration's directive is another cynical statement that monied interests should trump the protection of the environmnt and the peoples' health. it's outrageous and should be contested.

It's all too easy for people in this country to forget the citizens of the state of West Virginia. They have as much right to clean water and the beauty of their mountains as residents to the Hamptons.
It is a moral issue to keep these mountains safe and pristine. we hve seen too many times how the earth revolts when we violate her.
In the last few years, Christianith has become synonomous with rich powerful ministers and congregations who mobilize to back the Bush administration. I am proud to see these citizens of West Virginia show the nation that Christianity in much much more.

No more disintegration of our environment. Stop mountain top removal. Stop the use of fossil fuel. We must change and no longer depend on fossil fuel energy. We cannot as a civilization bear it any longer. Let the United States pave the way to clean energy. We must set the example for the world and for civilization in particular. Destruction of our earth is next. Depend on it.

The Bush administration's new push for mountaintop destruction must be stopped. I join those Christian groups in decrying that terrible permission. We have to care for God's world.

Tonight's program continues to reinforce that this administration does not represent the people of the United States nor does it believe in democracy.

The intended actions to support easing restrictions on mountain top mining in West Virginia must be stopped. We have been unable to draw the line anywhere in the environmental destruction that this administration is promulgating on all of us. We will pay for this short-sightedness for decades and for what? Dollars in the pockets of the few at the expense of the many.

This administration is using the war on terror and other emotional sound bits to justify actions that threaten the very foundation of who we are. It must stop!

Thanks for your continued outstanding reporting.

We need to make it very clear to this administration as well as corporations that We The People will not accept the destuction of our environment so they can make a buck killing us in the process.

I plan to write a letter to the editor, call my representatives, and talk to my congregation. If we all take action, we can make this a campaign issue. We cannot give into the mood of powerlessness the government has nurtured for the last six years.

Exploitation. Capitalist way. We will have little left to leave to our kids and what remains will not be worth having. When will we ever learn......

No more disintegration of our environment. Stop mountain top removal. Stop the use of fossil fuel. We must change and no longer depend on fossil fuel energy. We cannot as a civilization bear it any longer. Let the United States pave the way to clean energy. We must set the example for the world and for civilization in particular. Destruction of our earth is next. Depend on it.

Where is the environmental movement? All of us should be working to stop the destruction of our country and the planet. Contact your elected officials to tell them to stop the mountain top mining in West Virginia. Call the White House and remind the "Christian" president that he shares the responsibility for preserving the land.

Does Pres. Bush ever do anything right? Why doesn't he or a member of his family live in those coal mountains for a couple of days, then if he had a brain and a heart, he would resind the OK to the Coal Co. This Presidency just gets worse and worse.

I attended college in West Virginia, as does my son. We both fell in love with the state and its people. Though I attended college in the mid 70's, the battle with the large coal companies raged back then. The good people of West Virginia need the support of all Americans, because it is quite obvious that they cannot count on their elected officials to protect them. People of faith have a chance to be heard. Make noise!!!!!!

Is there any thing GW can't get totally wrong and muck it up further....apparently not.

No more disintegration of our environment. Stop mountain top removal. Stop the use of fossil fuel. We must change and no longer depend on fossil fuel energy. We cannot as a civilization bear it any longer. Let the United States pave the way to clean energy. We must set the example for the world and for civilization in particular. Destruction of our earth is next. Depend on it.

As a native of Pennsylvania, this type of pollution by the coal industry is far too familiar. Glad to know that the citizens of West Virginia are standing up for their rights.

I am horrified at the destruction of the West Virgnina mountains, beautiful land that belongs to ALL Americans, for the profit of coal companies. The CEO of Massey coal has an extra $3.5 million to spend trying to affect an election. Does that show why the Bush Administration has made it even easier for coal companies to rape them mountains? Money. Great gobs of money are to be made, and doubtless much of it flows into the coffers of Republicans running for office. These mountains that have stood for billions of years are being destroyed for the profit of a few individualsa,and their ill-gotten money will be spent in a short time. And the future of these mountains? Ruined for all time, unable to regenerate life due to the toxic substances which the coal companies have left behind.

I urge you to contact your elected officials about the West Virgina issue which is really an issue for all of us.

show tonite invites me to vote on Bush's choice to destroy the mountain and the water in exchange for his stupid "black gold." is THIS where i do that? where do i go to register the WRONGNESS of Bush's action?

No more disintegration of our environment. Stop mountain top removal. Stop the use of fossil fuel. We must change and no longer depend on this fossil fuel energy. We cannot as a civilization bear it any longer. Let the United States pave the way to clean energy. We must set the example for the world and for civilization in particular. Destruction of our earth is next. Depend on it.

How can we help in this effort to stop the coal companies? How can we enlist support for the West Virginians? How can we stop this wholesale destruction of our beautiful mountains and the destruction of the people living around them.

My husband and I were very moved by the story of the people of West Virginia and their fight for clean water and conserved mountains. I drove through West Virginia in 1981 (a long time ago!), and was simply awed by the glory and beauty of those incredible mountains - and the friendliness of the people.

We will write the president and tell him that we are in support of the people of the fine state of WVA...we must save those mountains!

Thank you!

What a surprise that President Bush would be on the side of the mining companies.
Blowing the tops of mountains-- I had no idea this went on.
The devastation it has already caused is bad enough. It should not be allowed to continue. I hope whatever can be done is done to reverse President Bush's position.
These people are so brave. They never should have had to fight for 13 years just to have clean water in their homes!

Mountaintop removal is being done for 10 more years of money. It is not profitable to mine in the old-fashioned ways, so the coal companies are doing it this way. Then it's over. And the enduring beauty of West Virginia will have been sacrificed for a few temporary pieces of silver. Thank you, Robert Byrd.

West Virginia led the way for unionization of the mines to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the coal miners. It is right and fitting that the legacy of Matewan be continued through Christians for the Mountains. And it is not only wrong, but Sinful, that our government continually fails in its stewardship of the land and our natural resources.

The Bush directive to permit mountaintop removal must be rescinded.

Wow! Right on, people of West Virginia. The greedy and irresponsible corporations will stop at nothing to make a profit- no matter how many people they kill or disable.

The only way is for the people to get smart and not be complicit in their own self-destruction just to earn a living. (For example, miners don't go where you know you can be killed because of safety hazards.) Stand up like these West Virginians. Your unity can be much more powerful than that of corporations that have no morals. Stand up, you have righteousness on your side!

Then they lie with con adverising.

I'm relieved to see some Christian groups standing up at last for Christian principles, rather than for hatred and exploitation. The faith -- like our nation -- has spent far too long under domination by extremely nasty sorts, pretending to righteousness.

So why is it unreligious to desire to keep your own house clean, and share resources with your neighbors? Even the hamsters can handle that one...

Chief Seattle's statement(1854) to the U.S. government, says it all-"His appetite will devour the Earth and leave behind a desert."

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