360-video: An up-close view of a miniature world’s tiny tourist destinations

The world is a big place, but one Manhattan tourist destination managed to shrink it down to size.

Gulliver’s Gate — an elaborate, miniature world just two blocks from New York City’s Times Square — features 300 scenes from around the world scaled down to one-87th their real life proportions.

“It’s our interpretation of the world in miniature,” Founder and CEO Eiran Gazit said. “It enables you to see, feel and experience places that maybe you’ve been to, maybe they are on your bucket list or maybe now they’ll become part of your list, all in one afternoon.”

The $40 million dollar, 50,000-square foot attraction was crafted by 600 model-makers and other craftspeople from eight countries. In addition to a miniature Panama Canal and Eiffel Tower, Gulliver’s Gate features 1,000 model trains, 10,000 cars and 100,000 miniature people.

“It just makes you smile and that’s the whole idea,” he said.

You can virtually experience Gulliver’s Gate in the 360 video above.

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