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Around the Nation

Here are some of this week’s arts and culture stories from public broadcasting stations around the nation:

jsf_book.jpg– Author Jonathan Safran Foer’s latest release is Kindle-proof. Studio 360 goes inside the pages of the author’s new literary sculpture. [via Studio 360

– With the possibility of a vote on The DREAM (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors) Act this week, activists are gearing up and Southern California Public Radio looks at art inspired by the movement. [via SCPR


– The latest production to debut at the American Repertory Theater in Boston is play, musical, film, and art exhibit all rolled up into one. WBUR talks to co-creator Jim Bauer and actor Meghan McGeary about their work, ‘Blue Flower’. [via WBUR

– Minnesota male vocal ensemble Cantus recently took a tour of the Wabasha Caves in St. Paul.
[via Minnesota Public Radio

Listen to the nine-member ensemble sing in the unique atmosphere:

– New York artist (and art blogger) Paddy Johnson turns to the LP for inspiration. WNYC reports on her latest project which turns sound recorded in New York City art spaces, museums and galleries into music. [via WNYC

– Does smiling sell? That’s the thought behind the recent trend in advertising called ‘joywashing’. New Hampshire Public Radio talks to brand strategist and market researcher Ingrid Fetell about the trend in extremely positive advertisements. [via NHPR

– From Andy Warhol’s soup cans to Starbucks-bashing performance artist (and consumerism activist) Reverend Billy, San Francisco’s KQED traces the use of food and drink as a popular subject for modern art. [via KQED

– Franco Pagetti has photographed conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, East Timor, Kashmir, Palestine, Sierra Leone and South Sudan. Need to Know’s photo essay collaboration, VII The Magazine, features a video diary from the war photographer. [via Need To Know

– In honor of Hanukkah, which begins Wednesday night, WNYC looks at the art of the dreidel, with some exquisite examples of the traditional children’s game. [via WNYC

– Texas band Brownout combines funk, hardcore and latin sounds in a highly danceable fusion. Watch them perform on KLRU’s Satellite Sets, a stage for up and coming musical acts touring through Austin, Texas. [via KLRU

Watch the full episode. See more ACL presents Satellite Sets.

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