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Around the Nation

Here are four arts and culture videos from public broadcasting partners around the nation.

From POV: “CatCam”

“Mr. Lee is an adopted stray cat who routinely disappears from his North Carolina home. Where does he go? An engineer straps a camera to the cat and inadvertently creates a media sensation.”

Watch CatCam on PBS. See more from POV.


Idea Channel asks, “Are MP3’s and Vinyl Better Than Live Music?”

“If you’ve ever talked to a vinyl purist (or are one yourself) you know that people can be pretty passionate about what format is king when it comes to music. And based on how much people like to brag about what band they saw live and how many times, we clearly value the authenticity of the live performance above all else. So which is the most authentic, recorded music or live performance?”

Watch Are MP3’s and Vinyl Better Than Live Music? on PBS. See more from Idea Channel.


Off Book looks at “The Rise of Competitive Gaming & E-Sports”

“As games have increased in sophistication, they have become a stage for ever higher displays of human skill and brilliance. The result is a tier of the gaming world filled with startling disciplined, talented, and highly competitive players. Born out of arcade tournaments and LAN parties, the world of competitive gaming is now entering a mature, global phase.”

Watch The Rise of Competitive Gaming & E-Sports on PBS. See more from Off Book.


PBS’ series “Pioneers of Television” explores the world of superheroes: “Superheroes crosses many eras: Superman in the 1950s, Batman in the ’60s, Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk in the ’70s and The Greatest American Hero in the ’80s. They all fought villains, rescued the innocent and became role models. The episode features in-depth interviews with Adam West, Burt Ward, Julie Newmar, Lynda Carter, Lou Ferrigno, William Katt and others.”

Watch Superheroes on PBS. See more from Pioneers of Television.

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