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Around the Nation

Here are four arts and culture videos from public broadcasting partners around the nation.

From the PBS series “Shakespeare Uncovered,” Henry IV & V with Jeremy Irons, who researches the playwright’s history plays as well as the differences between the real history and the father-son drama that the Bard creates (See our interview with Irons here):

Watch Henry IV & V with Jeremy Irons on PBS. See more from Shakespeare Uncovered.


Idea Channel asks, “Is Futurama the Best Argument Against Transhumanism?”

“Transhumanism is a scientific philosophy that says technology will solve all our human biological constraints and that immortality is right around the corner (well not RIGHT around the corner, but WAYYY closer). They envision a world of endlessly euphoric robo-humans that represent the next step in evolution. And while this sounds super awesome, we had to ask, will this really make us happy?!”

Watch Is Futurama the Best Argument Against Transhumanism? on PBS. See more from Idea Channel.


From “NYC-ARTS,” a look at American history: “In celebration of the upcoming Presidents Day, we devote this evening’s program to American history as expressed in the form of painting, architecture, the decorative arts, furniture and sculpture. Everything featured here can be seen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art–in the American Wing Galleries.”

Watch Full Episode: February 14, 2013 on PBS. See more from NYC-ARTS.


From “Chicago Tonight,” a profile of Norma Gatto, a woman who has turned her house into a “glass mosaic masterpiece”:

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